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  1. stratjacket

    On consignment in Atlanta

    Hit me up fora better deal if anyone interested in the Atlanta area. Have these on consignment at Atlanta Discount Music. Bogner Shiva 20th Bogner Uberschall Rev Blue...
  2. stratjacket

    Nashville guitar show NGD First Les Paul

    Wife and spending the weekend in Nashville (actually Franklin) and checked out the Nashville Guitar Show. Pretty cool event with done reasonably priced guitars. Had a great time and walked away with my first ever Gibson Les Paul. Been a super Strat guy my whole life, but you only live once so...
  3. stratjacket

    Any thoughts on TC Electronic Plethora X5

    Seems like something I see some folks searching for (myself included) to be able to have time-based only (delay, reverb, amps) multi effects - simple easy to use Loop multi effects pedal. - includes all TC Electronic Toneprint pedals, up to 5 at a time. - FX include Hall Of Fame 2...
  4. stratjacket

    NGD Synergy SYN2 and question

    So after hemming and hawing for months, fearful of the rabbit hole, I pulled the trigger on a Demo SYN2 from Sweetwater. I also purchased 3 preamp modules. So I got the SYN 2 in and I received 1 preamp today. 2 remaining preamps are on the way. Question: Can I play the SYN2 with only 1 preamp...
  5. stratjacket

    Finally, Studio all setup!!

    Long saga, but finally about done. Back in early December I posted a crazy shipping story about a lost Studio Desk. Ordered last April, long ass ordeal, but finally got it on December 21. That thread here for posterity sake...
  6. stratjacket

    Ibanez 2022 lineup released I may be wrong, but seems a little light on new models from prior years? Anyway, I like the 3 RG poplar burl top Guitars, just not sure about the Premium range made in Indonesia. Nothing against Indonesia or Guitars made anywhere...
  7. stratjacket

    Happy New Year Fuckers, 2022 it is!!!

    I guess we’ll see, but hope 2022 is better than 2021 to you all!!! I mean it is 2022 now and we’re still rolling around in little boxes with 4 wheels, so not much core change in hundreds of years, but we take it in stride, imagine how modern our world is and press on…
  8. stratjacket

    Help. Thinking about a Les Paul

    Never owned a Les Paul. Never owned any Gibson, not because I have anything against Gibson, just don’t like any of their designs. I love Super Strats and that’s pretty much all I go for. However a few years ago I branched out and tried PRS and really liked them. Recently I’ve been thinking hard...
  9. stratjacket

    Crazy shipping story - Miracle update, found and received

    So frustrating it’s comical, thought I’d share. In April of this year (2021) I ordered a Studio XL desk ( from Buso Audio in Hungary. Chatted with them, all was fine, did a lot of research. They said it was taking longer, about 9 weeks...
  10. stratjacket

    To Synergy or not to Synergy

    That is the question…. A little background: In April I purchased a new Studio desk from Buso Audio (in Europe). They build them from scratch and the desk just arrived last week (yes 6+ months to build). Since the desk has two 8u racks, I’m looking to do more rack gear for the convenience. I...
  11. stratjacket

    Do you play more in Fall & Winter?

    I do. Its not a conscious thing, but I usually play very little from late Spring until start of Fall. When it starts getting cooler I start looking forward to playing and spending time in my little studio, I get the itch more. In the Summer months, I still play a little but not nearly as much...
  12. stratjacket

    New song and video

    Actually wrote this tune about 4 months ago for the YouTube channel, Gear Gods song writing competition, but part of the contest was to keep the song unpublished until he reviewed it. He played it today, so I figured I can publish now. Anyway, had a lot of fun making it.
  13. stratjacket

    Manufacturers & Stores Price Fixing??

    Ran across this article and seems pretty relevant to several topics we regularly have here. Not sure what to make of it. While it’s a new suit just a couple days old, it covers several instances between 2014-2018, so not current price fixing. Anyway, makes you wonder how much the current price...
  14. stratjacket

    SOLD - Lakland USA made Guitar

    SOLD Roasted Birdseye maple neck Pau Ferro fretboard SS frets DiMarzio Fortitude/ Satch Track/ PAF 36th Ash body Burl top Gotoh 510 tremolo (dive only) Gotoh Magnum Lock tuners
  15. stratjacket

    FS Bogner Helios Eclipse - SOLD

    Well that’s was quick…
  16. stratjacket

    Sweetwater new retail music store

    44,000 square feet and over $100 million of in store inventory. I might have to make a pilgrimage to Fort Wayne Indiana...
  17. stratjacket

    New tune - gear gods song competition

    Not sure how many of you check out gear gods YouTube channel, but he’s giving some some cool stuff for a song writing competition. I figured what the hell, made me actually put something together and thought it would be fun. It was. Anyway, here it is. It’s unlisted which means you need to hit...
  18. stratjacket

    NGD Lakeland guitar

    Picked this up in a local trade last week. Totally unexpected quality. This is a really well built guitar. Plays and feels great. I don't think I had ever heard of Lakeland Guitars, but looks like their USA models are made in Chicago. Very nice guitars. Roasted Birdseye maple neck Pau Ferro...
  19. stratjacket

    Unexpected night - return of live music !!

    Drove down from Louisville to Knoxville TN this weekend, my son drove over from UAB in Birmingham and met us there. Just a get-away weekend to attend some college baseball games. Went to see Kentucky vs Tennessee. Had a good time. Anyway, after the game we went to eat somewhere. Stopped into the...
  20. stratjacket

    Blackat 7 string- Price drop

    Blackat 7 string guitar. I had this made back in 2013. Blackat is a small builder out of Poland. Swamp Ash body. Plays and sounds really good, powerful and chunky. Comes with hardshell case Locking Gotoh tuners PM for more pics. $1550 $1350 shipped and PP'd $1200 local in Louisville area...