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  1. Devin

    Vai playing the Hydra

    So epic....
  2. Devin

    Crazy NGD

    It's a Fret-King Danny Bryant signature guitar I've been on the lookout for a traditional-style strat, but as soon as I saw the pile of pickups on this thing I had to have it :D Obviously I'm a fan of unusual gear lol I don't even really know who Danny Bryant is, but it's actually a...
  3. Devin

    Sound City Master Lead 50 + Sobbat Drivebreaker 1 iphone vid

    Finally just got the matching 4x12 for my Sound City head a couple weeks ago and been having a blast with it; as expensive as it was i’m fuckin lovin it Here’s me fuckin around playin Pat Travers riffs; Both input gains jacked (plugged in to high normal) with the Sobbat Drivebreaker 1 set low...
  4. Devin

    Jason Becker's gear on A Little Ain't Enough?

    Anyone have the inside scoop on what Jason used to record his guitar parts on A Little Ain't Enough? I love the fuck out of his tone on there; It's Showtime and Drop in the Bucket rock so damn hard :inlove: :worship:
  5. Devin

    AMT R/S Lead preamp pedal clip

    I'm a huge fan of AMT and recently got their R/S Lead (recto/soldano) tube preamp pedal (which is fucking AWESOME) and yesterday I recorded my first little test clip with it. Bauer Longboi (26" scale length Kramer Pacer inspired axe) tuned to drop C > AMT R/S Lead (set to Soldano mode) >...
  6. Devin

    NGD: 26" scale Bauer Pacer

    Got this incredible guitar last week and thought some of you guys might dig it. Hand built by Eric Bauer (Endtime on the GGF forum) It's his take on a Kramer Pacer 26" scale length, mahogany body, roasted flame maple neck and fretboard, Gotoh Floyd and a Duncan Custom that he further...
  7. Devin

    First recording with new BG Darkbuckers and Yamaha THR10X

    Hamer USA Diablo loaded with BG Darkbuckers and Warwick Corvette $$ direct in to Yamaha THR10X. Drums were programmed by Overdriven, he posted them up on GAB a while back :love: Zero post eq/fx What do you guys think? :rock: ... bucker-jam...
  8. Devin

    Any Starfield owners out there??

    I know these things are pretty damned rare, but they are amazing! One of the greatest things Ibanez ever would be amazing if they reissued them. Just curious if there are any other Starfield owners here.... Here's my babeh, LACS Starfield Cabriolet built by Mace Bailey :)...
  9. Devin

    Fender Prosonic clip - Testament Souls of Black cover

    Hey guys, haven't posted here in a bit but I wanted to share a clip of an amazing amp that flies under the radar - the Fender Prosonic!! This clip is a collaboration - Killzone from HCAF provided the killer bass and drums and my buddy Adam Denoth did the solo using his Rocktron Prophesy/Mesa...
  10. Devin

    VHT Deliverance 60 + Cartharsis impulses clip

    I'm feel like I'm finally starting to get decent direct tones using impulses. Here is my first test with the Deliverance and Catharsis impulses; what do you guys think of this? In case you guys were wondering, my D60 was modded with an fx loop ;)
  11. Devin

    New Blackstar HT-5 clip

    I was bored earlier so I decided to record a quick clip of my lil Blackstar HT-5. Let me know what you guys think of the tone. ... ssy%20lips
  12. Devin

    What are these spots on my power tubes??

    I noticed these spots recently and I'm not sure if this is a cause for concern or not - sorry for the crappy pic but you can see the iridescent looking circles near the right side of each tube. Amp is a Deliverance Sixty and still sounds perfect; tubes have about a year and a few months of use....
  13. Devin

    Here's an amp you rarely hear clips of - Peavey Prowler

    I recorded this a while back; I figured some of you guys might enjoy hearing it. For an amp I paid $150 for I dig the hell out of it :D
  14. Devin

    Acoustic guitar track I recorded - any percussionists here?

    I recorded this a while back - don't think I ever posted it on HC. Anyways, does anyone here play bongos or djembe? Wanna play on this track? I have a djembe but I never think about working on this track when I'm playing. Eventually I'd like to turn it into a full blown song and it would be cool...