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  1. Zachman

    Dytronics CS5 Tri-Stereo Chorus

    Hi guys... I'm considering listing my Dytronics CS5 for sale, and was hoping to pick the brains of those in the know... What are these things in near mint condition going for nowadays?
  2. Zachman

    Considering selling the Big Rig

    Hi guys... It's been awhile. Considering putting my Big Bradshaw Custom Audio Electronics Rig for sale. I wanted to get your guys' take on the notion. I have all the original documentation for EVERYTHING. The rig is a 20 Space A&S Shock Rack 2" foam front/Rear Rack Rails, on casters. W/D/W...
  3. Zachman

    Having fun learning an old tune

    This is fun!!! The solo is so challenging for me
  4. Zachman

    Mesa MKIII Coliseum Simul-Class No Stripe

    Found some old footage using my Boogie live, and thought I'd share. I bought the amp new in '86. Still have it and I love this amp fJc9ijhgaLk Qw_VN9W3Odo
  5. Zachman

    Fun w/ the Cameron Atomica NAMM Proto

    I Love this amp!
  6. Zachman

    Mark Cameron non-gooped Marshall SLP 100 watt w/ fx loop

    Mark Cameron modified, non-gooped Marshall SLP 100 watt w/ fx loop, High gain/Low gain Jose mod. I was told this is a 2005 donor amp. This amp sound fantastic, looks stock (but it's not :D ) and is in great condition, w/ Marshall Amp cover. $3K obo + shipping. :thumbsup: I changed the head...
  7. Zachman

    Any Ibanez Jem DNA fans here??

    I have an original everything Jem77 BFP, w/ original HSC (I'll post some pics later today), The guitar is in amazing condition but for a fadded neck plate-- and I haven't kept up on the popularity of this guitar. This is where you all come in... Pros/Cons, comments and suggestions-- anything to...
  8. Zachman

    Tom Holmes pu's. LOVE them

    I just stuck a Tom Holmes pu set (450 neck/455 bridge) in one of my LP's, and it was a good decision. KILLER
  9. Zachman

    WALL of gear pics... So Fun

  10. Zachman

    Mentoneman (Watso) I FINALLY put it all together, and WHOA!!

    Aloha everybody! It's been a little while since I've been able to relax, and just hang. Anyway, I FINALLY decided to change up my rig a bit, and replaced and added a couple of things-- I replaced the EVH-90 for an MXR Script logo Phase 90 w/ an LED and a power receptacle. I replaced my Marshall...
  11. Zachman

    Check it Out, Guitar Shop

    So... I have been managing a guitar store in Hawaii (established in 1983), for around the past 5 years. Best, most fun job I've ever had. I started giving guitar lessons part time, then filled a full time spot when one of the sales guys moved, also still giving lessons. Then I ended up Managing...
  12. Zachman

    MXR Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Series, Univibe

    So, I just got one of these and am really having a lot of fun with it. Sounds good :thumbsup: Ct_M32OVMM0
  13. Zachman

    NGD Yay...

    Just won this tasty little morsel: I remember seeing Lukather use one like it back in 85 on his star licks video, and always loved the way it looked.
  14. Zachman

    Fun videos noodling w/ the Atomica

    XDm09NUCmh4 TqmApuu6Xtw
  15. Zachman

    GMW Appreciation-- Just got the newest arrival and WOW!!!

    More pics added later on-- down the thread. I ordered another guitar from GMW Guitar Works... :yes: :thumbsup: I decided that for my birthday, I would treat myself to this guitar. I had been looking at it on the GMW site for some time, but didn't order because I wanted it a bit...
  16. Zachman

    Dytronics CS5 Tri-Stereo Chorus incoming-- WooHoo

    VERY stoked!! FINALLY got a Dytronics CS5 in REALLY nice condition, coming in from Dave Phillips at LA Sound Design. Thanks Dave... you RAWK!!! :rock: Will post pics and clips ASAP. The rig is almost complete. Before: Replacing the Rocktron 300G w/ a DBX 160A Compressor Replacing the...
  17. Zachman

    2012 Rig Upgrades... Crazy? Over the top? I think so and ...

    Like the idea of being TOTALLY over the top: Things being replaced: Lexicon PCM80 (Died) Replacing w/ PCM81 Old Furman PL8+ w/ newer model Replacing the MXR 10 Band EQ (which I nearly NEVER use) w/ an Ethos Drive pedal Considering replacing the Korg DTR-1 w/ a Peterson VR Strobe tuner. Things...
  18. Zachman

    I had to do it.... New guitar Day GMW VH2 guitar

    I just had to do it. I didn't need another, but I really like the GMW's and so... It ships Tuesday My Charvel body w/ GMW neck VH2 guitar will likely get repainted (not...
  19. Zachman

    Thanks Kage!!!! LOVIN the GMW Floyd Paul

    I have it at my guitar guy's shop, installing the Sustainiac System, leveling the frets and getting it in Tour condition. This thing is SICK!!!!