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  1. Bardagh

    The audio equivalent of the "cinematic look" to video/movies

    The problem is in your monitoring. If you have decent monitors, the problem may be how your workspace is set up (i.e. where are monitors set up relative to your listening position and the walls), room shape and lack of treatment causing hearing inaccuracies, and there's also something to be said...
  2. Bardagh

    Let see pictures of your pets

    5 month old boxer-labrador mix. HE WON’T STOP FARTING. 🤢
  3. Bardagh

    Control room/Studio build progress pictures!

    Very slick looking. You’ve got lots of good absorption, nice amount of space too. Looks like new construction?
  4. Bardagh

    Shipping problems are out of control

    I’ve had a lot of problems with FedEx in particular. Shipping estimates are consistently wrong by a couple days and don’t update u til the day after they missed their own deadline. Even worse are the delivery people they employ these days and their absolute minimum of effort and giving of fucks...
  5. Bardagh

    The best 5150 ever made?

    Agree 100%. I had an awesome one and I sold it when I tried to go Kemper and I miss it. I've tried most other iterations of the 5150 and none of them do what the red channel on the original 2x12 combo did.
  6. Bardagh

    The Ugly amp thread

    I remember this shit. It was like the first thing Peavey did with the Budda brand after buying it, the goddamn retards. I would love to know how this idea went from brain fart all the way to production - a signature amp for a FOOTWEAR DESIGNER that looks like it's encased in a foreskin.
  7. Bardagh

    Current used market

    Ok about $1200 and probably about $1250 after tax. Weren’t these around $800 new a couple years ago?
  8. Bardagh

    Current used market

    Look at the fucking DSL’s! The DSL100HR is now around $1300 I think.
  9. Bardagh

    Current used market

    I don’t know that the world has seen that the Russian military is weaker than estimated, although certainly it looks weak compared to the propaganda. If you think Putin is a “madman” who is dedicating all the Russian military to DESTROY UKRAINE and become Russian Hitler or whatever, then the...
  10. Bardagh

    Current used market

    No, no, we’re transitioning now, remember. First it was Putin’s fault and nothing to do with policy, but now we are “transitioning” away from fossil fuels - just in time for “pride” month! :) Exactly right. Two things that are deeply related allow the US to essentially cash blank checks without...
  11. Bardagh

    Where to find a peavey 5150 ribbon cable?

    If you find out, let us know. My 6505 had the burned connector problem and I couldn’t find the right kind of parts even though I’m sure they exist. I just hardwired those two connections and it has been Ok as far as I can tell.
  12. Bardagh

    Current used market

    I know, like so many things it looks like satire, buuuut….
  13. Bardagh

    Current used market

    You’re right, we’ve moved on from Putin. It’s all your fault!
  14. Bardagh

    Current used market

    Putin’s used gear prices!
  15. Bardagh

    Humidity and Electric guitars

    You know, all guitars will be susceptible to changes in humidity but you will find some are way moreso than others. I don’t know if some woods specifically or just varies guitar to guitar, but in my experience maple necks SEEM less prone to extreme shifts than mahogany, but I still definitely...
  16. Bardagh

    Humidity and Electric guitars

    There are worse places. I spent several years as a kid in Florida but the absolute worst humidity I have felt was in Louisiana. Like no contest, it was noticeably more taxing to breathe the air it was so heavy with moisture and fucking hot and still.
  17. Bardagh

    what are your guys thoughts on this??

    Imagine the twin guitar attack of Durst and lil Wayne if they ever joined forces.
  18. Bardagh

    5150 Iconic ** NAD **

    To each his own but the “clean” channel on the Stealth 5153’s is probably my favorite thing about them.
  19. Bardagh

    I have Tele GAS - Who's sportin' one for harder rock?

    Well there are Telecasters and then there are guitars that just have a tele body shape. I personally love a real tele with the traditional bridge plate and brass barrel saddles, twangy/edgy single coil bridge pickup and the fender “deep C” neck profile. I currently have an American Pro II Tele...
  20. Bardagh

    Mike Soldano/ George Lynch shooting a video! UPDATED

    I don’t know but whatever he used to record that Dirty Shirley album sounded amazing. Huge, open tone that doesn’t sound like anyone else.