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    EVH 5150 III 100w EL34 - Blue Channel - Dynamic, Overdriven Clean clip

    sounds fantastic brother!
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    Axe fx fm3 with extras

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    SOLD - Mesa Simul-Class 2 : Ninety Power Amp

    Sorry, not sure what happened. COVID’s been a bitch in our fam.and everything a been a bit crazy. Can you PM your PayPal info amd I’ll send over payment immediately. Thank you!
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    WTB Mesa Boogie 2:90 power amp

    Let me know what you are thinking?
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    WTB Mesa Boogie 2:90 power amp

    Thank you!
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    WTB Mesa Boogie 2:90 power amp

    Can you guys PM me price you're looking for? Im in CA
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    WTB Mesa Boogie 2:90 power amp

    Fairly self explanatory. Looking for good condition mesa 2/90 simul class power amp.
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    For The Metallica Fans

    Fucking embarrassing.....
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    WTB Mesa Boogie TC 100

    Looking to pick up a clean Mesa TC 100. Open to TC 50 but prefer TC 100. Whatcha got!
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    KSR CERES Pre Amp Pedal SOLD

    Selling my brand new, mint KSR CERES Pre Amp pedal. Only used once for five minutes. Great pedal, just really doesn't have a place in my rig. $OLD
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    Mesa TC vs JP-2C

    So, been gassing for a Mesa Triple Crown for a while now but haven't been able to try one. Presently I've got a JP 2c and a Mark V. Love both and will likely never sell. I've also got a Friedman BE and a Marshall Jub which i will also likely hang on to forever. All of them do different things...
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    WTB: Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue 2555x

    Hit me up if you wanna move one!
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    WTB EVH 5150 III Stealth

    Looking for 6l6 version . Hit me up!
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    ESP Standard Horizon NT7. Plays effortlessly and sounds huge. Just purchased end of last year. Thought I'd try the 7 string thing and found out it's just not my deal. One nic near the pickup selector that I had my tech repair but is still slightly visible. Pickups upgraded to EMG 57/66 Full...
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    SOLD Friedman Dirty Shirley Pedal

    Mint. Original Box, Bag, Paperwork. SOLD
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    FS PRS Dragon II Pickups--REDUCED AGAIN

    Chrome covers. Pickup rings. Mint. $160 shipped con US.
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    SOLD Suhr Aldrich

    Bridge and Neck. Chrome covers. Excellent condition. Sorry, but the pics aren't great as they are picking up reflections of the lights above. Chrome covers are mint. PM me for more pics. SOLD
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    SOLD Neunaber Stereo Wet

    Barely used, mint Neunaber Stereo Wet Reverb Pedal Original box and cable. SOLD
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    SOLD Strymon Timeline Delay

    Excellent Condition all original box and power supply. SOLD