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  1. 1meanplexi

    NAD 100 watt hybrid

    This is now my 6th Wizard. I have to say, this one is flat out amazing.
  2. 1meanplexi

    WTB - Jim Wigle purplex head.

    Looking for one of these. 100, 50 watt, modded, not modded. Doesn’t matter. Thanks everyone.
  3. 1meanplexi

    What’s it worth? Marshall Slash AFD

    Hey Crew! Been a while since posting here. Still a resident lurker though. I have in my position a Slash AFD limited edition Marshall. The seller has a number in mind but I honestly do not know what a fair price/offer would be. They are ALL over the map on Reverb. I know Reverb is not an...
  4. 1meanplexi

    I’m back…Wizard MTL

    This is my 4th Wizard. Like most gear nuts, I was always selling, buying blah…blah….blah. I finally have my rig. MTL, Wizard 4x12 and 2x12. Yes….I’ll still flip gear but this Mother Fu$&er is staying.!
  5. 1meanplexi

    Wizard Cabs. Unloaded?

    Hi everyone. I gave up looking for a used Wizard cab. Does anyone know if Rick sells his cabs unloaded? I sent him several messages and have not heard back. Thanks.
  6. 1meanplexi

    1979 Marshall 2203. Fair asking price?

    Sure seems like the waters have muddied up on these things. I have (the above mentioned amp) and was reaching out to you guys on a fair asking price. Not only the head, I would also include a Legendary tones hot mod V2. Head shell is in good condition. No mods done. Thanks in advance.
  7. 1meanplexi

    Found One - Wizard cab.

    4x12....2x12 doesn’t matter. Thanks in advance.
  8. 1meanplexi

    Aldrich modded 1959 SLP - Clips!!!!

    Just got this and whew!!!!!
  9. 1meanplexi

    Replacement knobs. What size?

    I have a Marshall 1959 reissue head. What size are the shafts for the pots? Thanks.
  10. 1meanplexi

    NAD - Not planned!

    A good friend of mine is a tech at a local shop here in Milwaukee. He knows what I like. I asked that he looks out for anything that I might be interested in. Well.....I went to his shop and walked out with a Morris British XSII. I heard of Morris and that was about it. The build quality is just...
  11. 1meanplexi

    Come on feel the noise - NGD

    Hi all! After years of wanting one and forgetting about it, I finally picked up a project Washburn A20. This is going to be a slow build. The original parts are very difficult to find. I have the tremolo but that is it. If anyone out there has (parts) or can point me in a direction on locating...
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    Looking to see who has used this as payment for a purchase. I have a seller who is all but insisting on it. From what I can tell, it offers zero protection for the buyer. Thanks and I am looking forward to your responses.
  13. 1meanplexi

    WTB - M I Audio Head/Amp

    Hi, Looking for a M I Audio amp. I want the Duke but will consider other offerings. They all sound incredible anyway. Thanks
  14. 1meanplexi

    Inline Locking Tuners

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade my stock tuners. I hit the trem bar and goodbye tuning. Which brand do you guys recommend? Thanks in advance.
  15. 1meanplexi

    Wizard KT 75. 1st one made. Clip

    Hey Crew, I have a Wizard amp that is like no other. This guy can take KT 88's, 120's or 90's. Check out the clip.
  16. 1meanplexi

    Bogner Twin Jet Bias mod. From EL34 back to KT88's

    Hey crew I hope all is well. I have a question for our tech guys. I have a Bogner Twin Jet that had originally came with KT88’s. It was modded to run EL34’s. I attempted to mod it back by piggybacking (in the 402 position off the bias pot) with the original resistor that was removed...well, the...
  17. 1meanplexi

    2018 Wizard KT-75. Clip

    Hi Crew. So for those that are wondering.....yes! This is Reza's former amp. Unlike him, I take critique quit well :D !!!!! Anyway, nothing special here. I-phone, room volume (it was loud) no pre or post processing. Cab has a X pattern of Wizard 20 watt rock speakers and Fane F70's. Guitar is...
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    Great deal and quick shipping on a pair of Fane F70’s. Packed perfect!
  19. 1meanplexi

    Guess the amp!

  20. 1meanplexi


    Hey Crew, Couple of new horses in the stable. Wizard MCII KT75 loaded with KT88's and of course the one we all know, the Framus Cobra. I really never keep more than one rig but both of these sound so damn good that I have to keep them both.