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  1. jlbaxe


    Happy Birthday !!!!
  2. jlbaxe

    Mesa Mark 3 60 watt rack head no eq fair price?

    I have an ‘86 60w no GEQ with reverb And I got this pedal last week 🤘😎🤘works great in the loop
  3. jlbaxe

    WTB parallel system mix plus or similar

    Looking for a rack mount parallel line Mix like a Digital Music Corp System Mix plus or Mark L version. If there is a CAE or Axess version im interested in hearing about them And open to them also.
  4. jlbaxe

    Triaxis quad 2:90 3 voicing switching question

    Anyone have a Triaxis mated with a 2:90 or similar Mesa amp with the jacks in the back for 1/2 power, modern etc features? How is the tone compared to a quad preamp or Mesa Mk series amp? Is there a way to switch the 2:90 amp features without a triaxis? Like using a RJM amp switcher? Might...
  5. jlbaxe

    WTB Egnater

    COd EG3/4 Erect modules un mod’d
  6. jlbaxe

    WTB Suhr ISO line out box

    Just what the title says. Thanks
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    Möbius Timeline incoming. Do I need an H9?

    Möbius and Timeline incoming. Do I need an H9 Max to complete my effects loop? I have my boost, OD, delay and comps for front of amp.
  8. jlbaxe

    Synergy Amps and Bogner

    Synergy amps announced they are officially working with Bogner on Facebook today. :D Think I will definitely be buying a syn2 or a couple and the SLO, Bman, T/DLX and hopefully a Bogner XTC Blue/Red. Now to pick out a power amp :doh:
  9. jlbaxe

    Pedals on top of (mixer) Rack ???

    Been thinking of getting a mixer rack with vertical 8 space for rack Monster Power, Dunlop SR2 wah, maybe a few synergy 2 racks, Amp and 2 space drawer. The top has a slant 10 space (17” deep by 19” wide) that I would make a Velcro board for pedals. Mount my voodoo lab P2’s under it and a RJM...
  10. jlbaxe

    WTB: EG3/4 COD possible other RM M4

    Looking for a couple Modules. Also interested in Randall RM100 dual and M4
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    Got bored ...Mesa combo Mk III...bad reverb tank

    Tired of carring a Friedman cab and Mk III head with guitar and a couple pedals to friends house. Soooo I built this today and stained it weather gray.
  12. jlbaxe

    Mini pedals ???

    Anyone here use them and have favorites and why? Looking to make a smaller pedal board with the mini Dunlop wah and some mini pedals. Any good delays? Tape delay ? Comp? Saw a few Mooer pedal reviews on YouTube that look good. Black secret, green mile.
  13. jlbaxe

    Update: Fender blues junior 3 or hot rod deluxe 3????

    Ok I think I have narrowed it down. Gave up on the mini head idea, 1)because most do not have a loop 2) they cost as much as a small combo 3)still taking up as much room as what I have. Want an amp with fender clean and good with pedals. Really like the Blues Junior III but there isn't an...
  14. jlbaxe

    Lunch box amp questions...for Motor Home pics

    Looking for one.... What I have: Mesa Mk III Dunlop rack wah Pedal board Bogner/Friedman cube w/ 300w EVM BLS speaker Guitars: Les Pauls, Tele and strats I had a Bogner 20th XTC that I miss but do not have room for. I moved into a 37' Newmar Motor Home :D I was wondering about the EVH...
  15. jlbaxe

    Acoustics..Played yesterday, Gibsons,Martin,Taylor and then

    So My kids 19th Bday is today and :lol: :LOL: yesterday He wanted to go put a Line 6 Spyder IV on layaway at GC ($99 amp :lol: :LOL: ) So he played some LP studios while I checked out a few LP's ......Then I ended up in the acoustic room playing some $3000 and up Gibson's, Martins and I really...
  16. jlbaxe

    New pedal board build

    Built this last night and taped it off and painted it today. Panted some extra wood for padded up risers. Size 32x18 3 rows of 5-1/2" 5/4 board. Took me about 15-20 min to gather up some scrap wood left over from some jobs :lol: :LOL: 2 voodoo pedal power 2+ get mounted under the board. 50' of...
  17. jlbaxe

    Where do you buy a patch box for a pedal board?

    Looking for a patch box so I can have a snake all the same length and disconnect it easily. Need to effect loops in/outs exp pedal I/O guitar I/O and tuner I/O. Tired of the crappy cables all at different lengths :lol: :LOL:
  18. jlbaxe

    Les Paul headstock thickness hmmmmm

    So my 07 blonde beauty is in the rack next to my new 14 Les Paul Classic and I noticed the thickness of the headstock is noticeably different the 07 is about 1/8-3/16 thicker :confused: anyone else notice this on their LPs ???
  19. jlbaxe

    Two Notes RELOAD Demo using Bogner Uber and Cameron Atomica

    Nice review :rock:
  20. jlbaxe

    xtc pedal comparisons Bogne Wampler

    Just curious if anyone has A/B'd the Bogner xtc pedals with say Wampler xtc pedals or anyone else who makes a version of it.