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  1. overthemountain

    Def Leppard @ The Whisky last week…

    Not the biggest DL fan but dig the earlier stuff through Pyro. THought they sounded great here!
  2. overthemountain

    Max Norman Interview: Making BOZ, DOAM & BATM

    Great interview!
  3. overthemountain

    FS: Edwards White LPC

    They do indeed! I should probably try to sell my old Epi instead come to think of it. Blah. This one is sold pending payment!
  4. overthemountain

    FS: Edwards White LPC

    I'll probably regret this as I love white LP's, but also need to thin. So, for sale is my Edwards LPC in excellent condition. Picked up here less than 2 years ago. Super clean. Neck is very comfortable and plays well. No dead spots or intonation issues. No volute or taper. Spot on in every...
  5. overthemountain

    Vid from my KISS tributes gig this past weekend

    You guys sound killer!
  6. overthemountain

    Majik Box Rocket Fuel

    I was underwhelmed with the RF (going into a Marshall). Liked the Koko, original Guv'nor, and TS better
  7. overthemountain

    WTB: White Les Paul Custom

    I have a white, Rhoads'ed-out Edwards LP Custom if you're interested in that type of option
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    Everyone here knows what this beast is - 2004 Soldano SLO-100 in excellent condition. You may remember seeing this one on R-T before. It has the factory Depth mod. Dave Friedman fixed the loop so it plays well with pedals now. Per Dave "it is a great one". Otherwise stock and roars like you...
  9. overthemountain

    FS: Neunaber Inspire chorus

  10. overthemountain

    What is the easiest floor multi-effects/modeler?

    All, would like to get some input from experienced folks. What is the best floor multi-effects and amp-sim unit for live use? For me, "best" means easiest and fastest to learn and use while still sounding great. Am generally not much of a tweaker so don't need endless tweakability - just want...
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    FS: McNaught Nitrous XD Rattlesnake Burst w/ Diamond Quilt

    Putting up this amazing McNaught Nitrous XD - purchased here from the esteemed Senor ibzprestige! Fantastic guitar in all respects. Excellent condition. Just looking to thin the heard and return my focus to LPs. Not really looking for trades but might consider a vintage LPC Silverburst. New...
  14. overthemountain

    FS: Pedals- VFE, Himmelstrutz, Project X

    Trying to clean out a few pedals since I've been on too much of a spree lately. Hard to find prices on some of these so feel free to make an offer. No trades. All prices shipped/PP'd. Project X wah - small custom batch order built by an R-T member 10 years ago. Unfortunately it's long...
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    Diezel Fokker sold, motha fokka
  16. overthemountain

    WTB: 24 fret 6-stringer w/ trem

    Need to pick up a reasonably-priced fiddle for my new project. Requirements would be: 1)24 frets 2)prefer 2 pups. wouldn't mind actives but passives are fine too. 3)trem, either floyd or kahler 4)shape-wise I don't really gel with V's. love explorers, LP's, strats ok too 5)Prefer necks on the...
  17. overthemountain

    Help me decide on a cheap(er) practice amp

    All, so I'm having trouble making a decision so thought I'd solicit input from more experienced members of the group. Me and the boys are gettin' the band back together lol, and we are rehearsing at my drummer's dedicated space. I'm looking to get a relatively inexpensive head or combo that I...
  18. overthemountain

    Dokken Reunion - live footage

    Some fan footage of the Sioux Falls show. George, Jeff and even Mick sound great, Don completely sucks.
  19. overthemountain

    Friedman Modded 50 Watt Marshall 1987X

    Loved my Friedman Marshall... need to find another one.