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  1. locoed

    Charvel Joe Duplantier

    2014 Charvel good shape. Never gigged. I need something else for my hot dog fingers as the neck is to small for my hands. Comes with the original hard shell case. Not many miles on this. I think the serial number is 40, it’s hard to see it. $1900 shipped Not looking for trades unless you have...
  2. locoed

    Tubes- What’s the best place to buy?

    I’m not looking to go broke re-tubing my amps. I’m looking for 6L6 and preamp tubes for a Mesa Mark V and Mark IV. I’ve been out of the game For a little while and lost all my info. Thanks in advance Jerry
  3. locoed


    Does anyone have experience with interface? Does it have latency issues? How does it sound?
  4. locoed

    FS Gibson LP R8 Plaintop (Partial Trades) $3200 obo

    2016 R8 literally unplayed. Tea burst. Pickups looked scuffed, Gibson’s way of making It look old? Who knows. Case candy, everything that came with it. $3200 obo would do partial trade for an ESP USA Horizon with the cock stock, hardtail.
  5. locoed

    Sold please delete

    sold Please delete $1300 no trades please
  6. locoed

    Kemper Question

    Would a tube power amp affect the tone in a good way? Or wouldn't it matter, and should I go with a SS amp instead? I'm thinking about using a tube power amp for volume issues, so I can blend.
  7. locoed

    Mesa Mark Question-Date 12-84

    I have this old Mesa Mark amp but I don't have a clue of what it is, can the REAL Mesa guys chime in Please? I'll try to post pics, I've been having problems.
  8. locoed

    Hot Rails Question

    How does a Hot Rails pickup sound? Compared to a standard humbucker, is It a full sounding pup or is it thin sounding? I put a stacked Anderson single coil in my Tele but I'm not digging it. And I'd like to try something else. I'm avoiding carving a bigger hole in my guitar.
  9. locoed

    Telecaster Hardtail conversion Help

    Need a little help, I took one of my Tele's and pulled the bridge pup out, so I could Install a humbucker, my question is, has anybody done this but installed a hardtail instead Of the Tele humbucker bridge plate? I don't want to use one, but if I can't use a hardtail I'll use The plate thing...
  10. locoed

    NOS Tube Store?

    Has anybody ordered tubes from these guys? Are they safe? Reliable? Any problems I should Know about?
  11. locoed

    Jackson RR-1 with a Kahler?

    Has anybody seen an RR-1 with a Kahler? Is it stock on the 80's version? I have a Floyd on one of mine, but I've never heard of this. Anyone familiar with these?
  12. locoed

    3 Songs/Clips Give me your opinion

    The songs are metal,not speedy etc. I demoed some songs before i go into the studio. Trying a new approach to music and i actually think this is a better way to do it. Cuts down on studio cost. Let me know what you think.
  13. locoed

    Why Does Mark Day.....

    Every time i see/hear a Mark Day clip it's oozing uber tight crunchy mids,how come i can't? Is it some magic trick? Is it in his picking,palm muting? Style? Either way i wanna know. From Brads Herbert vid to Marks CAE+3 to the CAE PT,it all sounds killer. I want to know dammit! :thumbsup:
  14. locoed

    Guitar falling forward/ Neck heavy

    I'm sure at some point somebody has had this problem? Normally a guitar will slide/dip down neck first. Nylon strap is a no no,I've tried leather,suede etc Etc etc,I have more straps than guitars. The guitar is an Explorer,I have a few Explorers but this one Is giving a beating. How do you fix...
  15. locoed

    LTD Elite Series???

    Has anybody actually touched or played on of these guitars? ESP says they are made in Japan? I'm wondering if they are re-badged Edwards? They look nice,i almost want to buy one since i love ESP/Edwards Snappers.
  16. locoed

    Faber bridges?

    Has anybody used a Faber on their Gibson? If so,do you like it? Does it help keep your guitar In tune? I've been using Tonepros and I like them But the price of them is high,I'm just looking for OEM Looking parts that are quality. I've always had tuning issues with my Gibsons and now I'm...
  17. locoed

    Please Delete

    Fixed,nothing major :thumbsup:
  18. locoed

    Weber amp kit?

    I had a Metro 12000 series that my drummer and i built,and i'm not kidding it sounded HUGE,and i regret selling it :no: So now that Metro is out of the kit biz i'd like to find something a little hotter to build,like an SLO Clone. Anybody know of a decent company that does this? I've heard...
  19. locoed

    Twin Jet Tubes?

    Right now there's stock Chinese KT-88's and I think their old,the lowend is floppy,so I'm looking for something that's going to tighten it up,I'm a little confused because one cats says EL-34's are the way to go,and another says KT-88's are the ones. So what's the tube that'll give me the tight...
  20. locoed

    Gibson serial number re-fin HELP!!!!!

    I'm having a 1984 Explorer re-finished from one of the guys at Heritage guitars. But when he removed the paint the serial numbers were wiped off,they weren't very deep to begin with,and he said I would have to get them done from Gibson and they need it for a few months and we all know what...