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    Great swap with alund!

    Easy to deal with!Swapped a Gary Moore inspired LP for a Jackson. Great guy, fast shipping, etc. And he has a SLO! Old Guys Rule! Thanks Pal! Appreciate you! Enjoyed talking gear!
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    Ok, I’m sold on digital modeling! First gig was great!

    Did a camp ground gig last weekend with my Boss GX100 for the first time..powered by a Quilter 45 into a pair of Bogner cubes! No muss, no fuss. Killer tones and a tuner at my feet. No worrries of shitty power to fuck with a tube head. I’m sold!
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    NGD ESP USA Porn

    Just a killer axe! Def a different feel with the stainless steel Frets. Plays unbelievably good! Reminds me of a Suhr modern I had years ago.
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    I’m done buying gear! Well, ok..just one more guitar

    Seriously..the plan was to sell one of my Les Pauls and catch up on some bills..maybe buy a motorcycle. 🙄 couldn’t pass up this MIA ESP M2 FR. Tomorrow night can’t come soon enough to snag this thing!
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    Mesa Lonestar Classic 2-12..any good?

    Got a trade offer on one. I already know how bad 2-12 Mesa’s are to move! Loved my Tremoverb, but it was a tank. I’ve read they do decent crunch sounds, but more vintage voiced? Are they like a Stiletto, meaning a hard sell? Thanks in advance!
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    Boss GX-100 is killer!

    With a few rehearsals under my belt, I’m super impressed! Using it this weekend for a private event. So nice to have a bunch of great tones at your feet with easy setup. GX-100, into a Quilter Powerblock 45, into a pair of a Bogner cubes! Even seems to clean up well with the guitars volume knob...
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    Trade Deal Pending Reduced 59 Burst “Gary” Replica $2500 Free MXR Carbon Copy

    My favorite LP of all time! Luthier built 59 “Burst”, old growth mahogany body and neck, killer flame maple top, real Brazilian Rosewood board, Kuston locking tuners, Bare Knuckle Pickups, a Mule in the bridge, and a PG in the neck, 50s wiring, vintage Russian caps, Faber bridge, aluminum...
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    Any drag racers here?

    yet another expensive hobby.
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    Friday Night Guitar Porn

    covers a lot of bases. Trying to turn the gas off and be happy with what I have. I find when things sit in the case for too long, I see $$$ I could be paying bills with. So I decided to spend my night playing them all to change my perspective.
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    GX100 Incoming

    Wanted a cheap backup, as well as something to bring to some gigs instead of a head. Anyone run one of these and care to share some settings?
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    NGD San Dimas

    Never been a shredder type guy, but couldn’t pass this thing up for a killer price. Graphite nut and saddles, single coil split, Wilkinson PA F type pick ups..Pretty impressed.
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    Good transaction with Krueger

    Good communication, and fast payment. Amp arrived via UPS with a blown fuse and a wire off. Was sick to my stomach and ready to go to war with UPS to make it right, but being smart he troubleshooted and got the issue resolved. Much respect!
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    Tell me about Redplate amps

    Never heard of them, and was offered one in a trade. A CS2. Any comparisons besides Fender circuits?
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    Love me some Mini stacks!

    Yes, nothing sounds as good as 4-12's, but when your old fucks like us, this is how you roll!
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    Les Paul Replica Reduced to $2300 local

    I go back and forth on this one. Bought this from Tom Paul from Arizona. It was his personal guitar I bought unloaded. Faber bridge, alum tailpiece, brass studs and wheels, Russian caps, Emerson pots, 50s wiring, Seymore Pearly Gates, Brazilian Rosewood board, etc. it sent my last Gibson down...
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    Bogner XTC 25 $1750 SOLD!

    Killer sounding head! 3 channel, direct out with mic sim, footswitchable boost and loop, EL84's, upgraded headshell. would love a in person sale to avoid shipping/paypal fees/1099 bullshit. $2,000. Located in Albany NY.
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    Finally bought a Jackson PC-1

    Very impressed. Never been a Jackson guy as the necks were always too flat for me. Phil did a great job with the neck profile. I'm a fan!
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    Mesa Mark 5 25 Head FS/FT $1300

    Located in Albany NY..Just fishing to see what’s out there…guitars or amps equal value to possible $$$ on my end.
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    Jackson PC1..Thoughts?

    Been gassing for one of these. Sustainer looks like fun, and I like a chunky neck. But the prices put it in territory of some killer guitars. Anyone own one? Thoughts?
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    Mesa Boogie Single Recto Value

    have someone interested in trading for my Mark V 25. Probably just pushing money across the table, but curious what everyone’s thoughts are. Rev 2. $1,000 value?