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  1. War_in_D

    Any love for the Ampeg VL 1002?

    Been researching these VL heads, and aside from the normal issues with the molex connectors and such.. What's the general consensus?
  2. War_in_D

    If anyone is looking for a 594, I returned that PRS 594 and it's back up on the GC website. Would be a good one for anyone interested.

    Ended up returning it becaue I didn't like the 58/18LT pickups, and the neck profile was a bit thick for me (Pattern Vintage), but a really nice guitar otherwise and the price is pretty reasonable for a PRS 594 @ $2499. Super light at 7.6 lbs and it will show up in much better condition than...
  3. War_in_D

    PRS 58/15LT pickups and Splawns didn't mix.... at first.

    I recently picked up a PRS McCarty 594 with the stock 58/15LT pickups in it. Everyone raves about these pickups, especially about the "vintage" tone they have.. yada, yada, yada. Played the PRS through my little 1x12 tube practice amp and it sounded really chunky, with great sustain. Granted...
  4. War_in_D

    This one should appeal to the "tan pants" crowd.. NGD

    Yup, it's a PRS. Been jonesing for another PRS here lately, and finally settled on the McCarty 594 since I find myself playing my LP's a bit more lately. But, I'm a cheap bastid and didn't want to pay what folks were asking for them, and the patience finally paid off. This one popped up on GC...
  5. War_in_D

    What's up with Bogner?

    Website has been down now for at least a month, and no new posts on their FB page since August of 2021? Are they done?
  6. War_in_D

    How do you roll?

    Tubes, that is? I was curious as to how others rolled tubes through their amps. Let's say that you're starting from scratch, what is your process? Where do you start? Do you work your way through the preamp tubes first, and then on to the PI? Or, do you start with the PI and then go back...
  7. War_in_D

    Love/Hate thing with Les Pauls.

    I have this love/hate thing with Les Pauls. I've always known it.. I"ve always had it, and I guess I always will. After 30+ years of playing I think it's time for me to come to realization that the Les Paul shape just isn't my preferred body shape. I've always been way more of a double cut...
  8. War_in_D

    Vintage/NOS preamp tube haul!

    I may have gone off the rails a bit, since the vintage/NOS tube bug bit me. But, in addition to the various RCA/GE/Telefunken 12ax7's/at7's/au7's and GE/JAN 5751's that I already had. I recently managed to pick up 6 more smooth plate Telefunken ECC83s, four NOS Ei ECC83's and four GE long...
  9. War_in_D

    If Splawn and Bogner had a baby..

    Splogner!! Maybe?? Nah, that doesn't sound right at all?? :ROFLMAO: Anyway Got a screamin' deal on this Nitro about two years ago. Since I got such a good deal on it, I ended up sending it back to Splawn to have the "Fully Loaded" mods added to it and I also had him switch it over to...
  10. War_in_D

    Perfect transaction with John4021

    Shipped extremely fast, and packaged extremely well! Would not hesitate to do business with again. Perfect! Thanks John!
  11. War_in_D

    I know I'm late to the party.. but "vintage" and NOS tubes? I didn't know what I was missing!

    I picked up an old Hickok 800 tube tester late last year/early this year and along with the tester, there were a ton of old used and NOS tubes. Mainly radio and TV type tubes, but there were a few RCA 12ax7's, at7's and au7's. A couple of GE 12ax7's and even a Motorola 12ax7 (never even knew...
  12. War_in_D

    Switching Nitro from KT88's back to EL34's... not so cut and dried.

    I finally got around to pulling the chassis of the Nitro out of the headshell to see what would be involved in taking this amp back to EL34's from KT88's. A little background first. When I bought this Nitro, it was originally EL34, and I sent it back to Scott to have the "Fully Loaded" mods...
  13. War_in_D

    What would you choose?

    I've always heard the saying "Beware the one gun man." Meaning, that if a person only has one gun and uses it all the time, they know that gun inside and out. It's more an extension of them, and are probably very good with it. In keeping with that theme, if I were to only keep one of these...
  14. War_in_D

    Found: Carvin TS100 Power Amp

    Anyone got one they would be willing to part with? I currently use my Fryette PS to provide power to my Kemper rack mount, and want to free it up to use it as it was intended. **Found one!**
  15. War_in_D

    Perfect trade deal with bwgintegra!

    @bwgintegra was looking to trade his Fryette PS2 for a PS100, and I offered mine up in trade. Great communication, super fast shipping and an all around perfect experience. Would not hesitate to do business with Brett again! Thank ya sir!
  16. War_in_D

    Mesa Boogie experts, is this normal?

    I pulled the chassis on one of my Mesa's today, and noticed what looks to be little cardboard spacers under the transformers. Is this normal? They look like they belong there, but never noticed that before. I was able to get a picture of one of them, but the other one is way up underneath but...
  17. War_in_D

    I think Ebay finally nailed this shillin' MF'er!!

    Somewhat anyway. The jackwagon is still listing items with BIN's, but hasn't listed an auction listing since the beginning of January. Makes me think that Ebay at least slapped this jerk on the hand and suspended his ability to list anything as an auction. This guy was one of the WORST shill...
  18. War_in_D

    Cyndicate.. The REAL Deal!

    Flawless transaction with Cyndicate! Amp was packed really well, super fast shipping and great communication during the whole process. Would not hesitate to deal with Cyndicate again! Thanks man!!
  19. War_in_D

    Anyone using the Babicz Full Contact Hardware Gibson TOM bridge? Got a question for you.

    I recently ordered two of these bridges from a seller on Ebay that was blowing them out at like half price. When I received them, one bridge has these really nicely machined rounded and smoothed points on the eCAM where the string would break over, and the other one looks like vampire teeth...
  20. War_in_D

    Finally fixed!

    My 22 watt QR has been made whole again! Original Damage. The corner of the head shell was hangin' on by the shredded tolex After the replacement head shell arrived and everything swapped over.