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  1. Metalhex

    Convince me that Jake E. Lee is still a guitar god post Ozzy era

    His stuff with Ozzy is legendary, creative and unique. I've heard a couple songs from Badlands......meh. I haven't heard too much of RDC. Just seems like a regular bar band to me with average everything. What has he done even remotely close to his Ozzy Era god-tier playing?
  2. Metalhex

    NGD: Epiphone Prophecy SG!!

    I wanted an SG so badly, so I got one that's geared towards metal. It is a beautiful guitar. The only minor thing I notice is a couple of dead fret spots mainly on the B string. Does that mean it needs a truss rod adjustment or perhaps the nut slot is too low? All the other strings and frets are...
  3. Metalhex

    FS: Ormsby GtrX 6 string R. Handed Grold color

    I bought this guitar from the Austrailian company early 2021. It is practically flawless. No dings dents or scratches. What you see in the picture is light dirt specs. It is currently set up in drop B with .011 to .054 strings on it. Everything works as should. It just doesn't get much love...
  4. Metalhex

    I plugged into my 6505+ yesterday and this is what I noticed..

    I've been using my Bluguitar Amp1 Iridium for the past months. I love it. It sounds great. It does sound and "feel" tube-like to me. My 6505+ has been sitting there for about a year so I decide to fire it up. I immediately noticed, it has this fuzzy, hairy texture on the lead channel for chugs...
  5. Metalhex

    Albums that desperately need to be re-recorded/re-mixed or even re-mastered

    This production on this album is beyond disappointing...and musically, it is a masterpiece! As far as I'm concerned, with inaudible bass, this is only 75% of a complete album.
  6. Metalhex

    Check out my band Fatal Wound

    We released this EP called Playground of Fear, in late 2019 incase anyone cares. It's like blackened melodeath sorta. I recorded all the guitar tracks but I only wrote about 50% of the guitar parts. The solos are all mine. I used an Axe Fx 5150 with my EMG loaded LTD m1000deluxe. So cross me...
  7. Metalhex

    Any SG's with a 25.5 scale length?

    My band plays in drop B and a Gibson scale length just gets too muddy with .011s or .012s in that tuning. I owned an Epiphone SG Prophecy and it was awesome but with 24 frets and a 24.75 scale length, it was just too crammed in the upper frets. Even though the frets were crammed, the upper fret...
  8. Metalhex

    Truck full of diseased monkeys crashed, women turns ill Holy fuck this could turn really bad!
  9. Metalhex

    Radial Twin City ABY switcher. Thoughts? I've never had a switcher before to switcher back and forth between amps but have always been curious. This one seems like a great one, and you can also blend and play both amps at the same time...
  10. Metalhex

    Am I missing out on anything with boutique amps?

    All the amps I own are less than $1000. My favorite three are Peavey 6505+, Valveking 100, Bluguitar Iridium. I absolutely love playing through any of these amps. The 5150/6505+ is one of the legendary gold standards, and should be a staple in everyone's stable of amps. What am I missing out...
  11. Metalhex

    Michigan School shooting and media sensationalism

    1. Since the suspect appears to be white, CNN has already called this a terrorist attack, but not for the parade plowing, because the driver was black. 2. The majority of articles I've read on this so far all use the term, "semi-automatic".. probably because it can trick most people into...
  12. Metalhex

    Peavey is bringing back the Vypyr series combos

    Sorry if this has already been discussed here.. I've had the Vip 2 back in 2015 and it was killer, but had shoddy digital controls The digital bass control stopped working after a few months where it was always set to max and wouldn't move. Eventually after a...
  13. Metalhex

    Really long songs....yay or nay?

    In a rock context, I will set the bar at 20 minutes +/- a few. To me, the best band to pull it off is Pink Floyd. Who do you like or dislike? Dream Theater? Symphony X? Rush? Sometimes I feel, when bands make really long songs, that they should rather be chopped up into 3 or 4 different songs...
  14. Metalhex

    Ever since Facebook shut down..

    Not only am I getting more unwanted and annoying ads on my timeliness, but now they are mostly ads about anti-capitalism, and pro-vegan. I never used to get these. Many new ads per day.....ever since the "shutdown". For those of you that still have Facebook, have you noticed this too?
  15. Metalhex

    Which modeller should I get for live/PA use only?

    I'm kinda gassing for a modeler when I think of playing live. (If we even play live, just thinking ahead here and have cash burning a hole in my pocket). Either for my main rig or at least a backup rig. My main points that I'm looking for are, 1. Has to be able to edit and tweak do everything...
  16. Metalhex

    Want some vaccine in your salad?
  17. Metalhex

    Line 6 HXFX, can you download more effects to it?

    ...Or whatever comes stock on it, is all you get? I would love a sitar sim effect, is it possible to get something like that on my HXFX?
  18. Metalhex

    Which humbuckers should I buy for my Agile guitar

    I have an Agile guitar that I bought used and love it. It's such a nice and sturdy "beater" guitar. Had it for several years now. I think the model is a septor but not sure which version exactly. Its a super strategy that has a bolt on neck, and the cheap WMI stock passive pickups. The sound I...
  19. Metalhex

    Why dont snares sound like snares anymore?

    In most modern metal albums within the last 10 years, it seems the snare drums sound like plastic buckets. I've noticed that trend, and don't care for it. I decided to check out the new Maiden album and lo and behold, the plastic bucket sound. I let it irritate me to the point where I cannot...
  20. Metalhex

    Darkane's Rusted Angel gear? I NEED this specific tone!

    Does anyone know what amps/cabs used for this album? I know they used Savage 120 for some time after this album at least... Check out their tones starting at about 3:45 I love all the tones. But the one I am lusting after is the bit at 4:05. I know there are many variables including the video...