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  1. squealie

    How Old are Ya Guys?

    I feel a lot better knowing I'm cussing out dickheads who are my age.
  2. squealie

    How many Marshall straight/1960Bs were made vs slant/1960A?

    That's why the straights are so much more desirable. B/C you can't find them. I'd trade half of my junk for another 90s blue 1960AV.
  3. squealie

    Hamer Diablo

    That is cool! I've got a beat to shit USA Diablo that I bought in 94. I break it out and look at it every once in a while.
  4. squealie

    The audio equivalent of the "cinematic look" to video/movies

    OK, here goes. A lot of us, that have been playing forever...have a sound in mind. The pursuit of that, is the journey that can (but mostly wont) turn into A sound that makes you happy. Kids that don't have a mental catalog of sounds they're 'perusing' ... can make killer sounding shit...
  5. squealie

    Metal head on a budget

    5150/6105s are a motherfucker of an amp. All generations. Deliverance? That's a brutal amp that takes a brutal man to play it. If that's you, then more power to you. Rectos with a SD-1 boost are my fave. What is the 'metal' you are going for?
  6. squealie

    How Old are Ya Guys?

    It's quite true that there wasn't a better time to grow up as a white boy with grandparents that had pensions and insurance. Rock on.
  7. squealie

    FS: Friedman JEL-100 - Jake E. Lee Half-Stack | No Trades - NEED TO SELL

    Yeah, I want this too. $670 and a gallon of 2005+ sperm? Good luck man. Such a cool amp.
  8. squealie

    How Old are Ya Guys?

    52. JFC. First rock show without mom, was Ratt/Bon Jovi on the Invasion tour. On my 16th birthday.
  9. squealie

    Pickup recommendations for Charvel

    I'm digging CustomCustom, Custom 5, and of course...JB! Also really like the one the comes in the DeMartini whatever the fuck that is. No experience with the exotics, but let us know!
  10. squealie

    Your DI matters: heavy tones with minimal processing.

    This will quickly turn into a goof thread. But I remember recording bass with a cheap-as-fuck Pro-Co DI. And when we got a dollar, we bought a Radial. All of a sudden our bass sucked. DI's definitely matter.
  11. squealie

    New speakers - 8 or 16 ohms?

    Ugh. I can't believe I've been listening to guitar-nerds for 30 years and this has never come up until recently. Just let me have my shitty 16 ohm, cold-biased, Chinese tube, Floyd-Rose, Indian Rosewood sound in peace.
  12. squealie

    Tracii Guns

    I prefer rockstars who don't have a fear of rockstar things. Fuck this.
  13. squealie

    Just had to share... Incredible talent.

    JFC. Awesome. What a killer player.
  14. squealie

    There is not a single Cameron in anyone’s backline

    >I played the 5150 II in my signature all through my teens I think you should count yourself exceedingly lucky to have played such a nice amplifier through your teens. This is not a dig, just saying that some of us were stuck with SS peaveys and crates until our 20s.
  15. squealie

    So I have 4 Boss SD-1’s

    I have a 2000's MIT that I love. Been through several old TS and Rats. Count me in on SD-1. I'd love to find a good DS-1
  16. squealie

    There is not a single Cameron in anyone’s backline

    Is this about the Cameron branded amps, or the modded Marshalls? The modded RI plexi I had was god-like. If you were allowed to play at space-shuttle volumes.
  17. squealie

    Wanted: Mesa Boogie Halfback 2x12 w/metal grill

    Good luck on search. My old Boogie halfback 4x12 (C90s, EVs) is just beastly as a live box.
  18. squealie

    Can anyone tell me where to find Charvel knobs?

    Volume knobs. Charvel style. I have a fucking garbage can full of junk that mfrs claim to be 'charvel hardware'. Where y'all getting this stuff?
  19. squealie

    Which Modern Players have a voice?

    I'm old as fuck. I listen to the new crop of metal/progressive/djent/whatever bands and my mind is blown. For about 60 seconds. Then it all starts to sound like: Syncopated drop Z chugz, followed by inverted close-interval slurred arpeggio, back to chugz, then similar arpeggio but with taps...
  20. squealie

    Hetfield is "insecure" and needs hugs

    Didn't read thread. James is a beast at metal. He's a pussy at the rest of life. Embarrassing even.