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    VHT 2150 Bias Question

    Please forgive me in advance if this question seems newbish. I’m not a tech savvy guy. So I got recently a 2150 and want to now try out some of my various vintage 6550’s I’ve got in it. I know how to bias amps (have done it many times now), but am just trying to be more cautious now when I do it...
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    Blackback Advice

    So I’m considering giving blackbacks a shot and wanted to ask which version you guys like best? I didn’t actually like the way they sounded in the comparison clips I’ve heard of them vs other stuff, but I know a lot of guys here (including Larry) really love them, so wanna give them a chance. I...
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    SOLD: 1995 Naylor SuperDrive 60

    Here’s a 1995 Naylor SuperDrive 60. What you see in my pics is the chassis from the 212 combo it came in. I’ve always had it outside like this because it was just too much of a pain to carry around as a bulky 212. I’ve got also 2017 SD 100 head I’ll be selling (lots of great gear that I gotta...
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    SOLD: 1979 Marshall JMP2203

    Here’s a 1979 JMP2203 in quite good shape for its age. You can see from the pics it’s been modded in the past, but is totally stock now and had my tech go through it a year ago to make sure all is good with it (one of the best techs in the country in my opinion). The red light on the powerswitch...
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    Just got a rare, killer amp from Frontline205 and he was great to deal! Excellent communication the whole way through every step, very friendly and shipped/arrived very fast all the way from Colorado to New York. Would gladly deal with again!
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    FS/FT: Mullard XF1 EL34 Pair

    Selling a pair of XF1’s. One of them is missing a guide pin, but both functionally fine. I can include a replacement guide that can go over it if needed. Asking $195 shipped Would consider trades for the following: EL34’s/6CA7’s by Bugle Boy, Valvo, GEC, JAN Philips ECG, GE, Raytheon, Sylvania...
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    McInturff Glory Standard

    Here’s a McInturff Glory in Tiger Eye finish. It has lots of dings, scratches and wear as you can see in the pics and so is priced accordingly. Great guitar though in terms of sound and playability. Sent packing a Nik Huber Dolphin I used to have that would be more than twice the price. I have a...
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    SOLD: HH V800 Poweramp

    I think you guys already know what this is. Very transparent, high headroom vintage Poweramp. Known for taking the tone of whatever you put into it and making it bigger without otherwise coloring the tone much. Asking $675 shipped all in
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    McInturff Carolina Custom

    Selling my Carolina Custom. It has some little dings and wear that you can see in the pics, mainly on the back and the edge of the headstock, but otherwise in great shape. This one is a growly beast. I first got interested in these when I AB’ed the Carolina they had at Rudy’s vs 5 different Nik...
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    Preamp Into Poweramp Question

    Just wanted to double check since I haven’t done it in a while. If I want to run just the preamp of one of my amp heads into the just the Poweramp of a different amp head do I go from the send input of the amp I want the preamp for into the return of the amp I wanna use as the Poweramp? Does the...
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    Charvel Screws

    Do any of you guys know where I can order those small black screws Charvel’s use on that plate above the electronics and pickup rings? I’ve lost a few of them and need more. Didn’t see them on Philadelphia Luthier Tools website
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    Big Tube Selloff: Vintage 6L6’s & other tubes

    Raytheon 5881 Pair ($95) Sylvania EL84 Quad ($135) GE JAN 6SL7 ($16) Sylvania 6SL7 ($29) Westinghouse 12BZ7 ($25) Raytheon 12BZ7 ($25) Nu National 12BZ7 ($25) Philco 12BZ7 pair ($35) Union 12BZ7 ($25) Hoffman 12BZ7 ($25) CBS 12BZ7 ($25) CBS Hytrob 12BZ7 ($25)
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    NGD: Etherial Zatha

    Got this Etherial Zatha last week and have been quite impressed! It’s unlike anything I’ve had yet in both sound and playability. The body & neck is all carbon fiber and the the fretboard, frets and nut is all stainless steel. Weighs just 6.05 lbs and sounds very tight, punchy and even. Wasn’t...
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    NPD: Fortin modded Maxon OD808

    So I bought this pedal just to scratch that itch since I wanna try them all and am surprisingly impressed. Was expecting to just try it, sell it and move on, but it’s looking to actually be a keeper along with the 5 other boosts I’ve kept (of over 140 boosts I’ve been through). Besides this...
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    Website To Order Shipping Boxes/Supplies

    Hey guys, I’ve got a lot of guitars and amps I’m planning to put up for sale soon and am running low on packing supplies. Wanted to ask if there’s a website you can recommend for guitar and amp shipping boxes that isn’t too pricy and also for that foam. I used U-Line I think it was called years...
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    Naylor Bias Question

    So according to their website Naylor’s like my 2017 SD100 should be able to take EL34’s or 6550’s. For those who’ve tried it, do I just simply put the tubes in and set the bias pot within the recommend numbers range on the website or is there anything additional that needs to be done? I’ve tried...
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    Amp Help Tech Question

    So the other day I was in a bit of a hurry (had an appointment to go to) and was turning on my Naylor SD100 for a very quick run before leaving and accidentally put the speaker cable into one of the fx loop jacks rather than the speaker ones. I was like why is there no sound and quickly caught...
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    Brazilian Ebony Warmoth Neck

    Here’s a neck by a Warmoth made entirely out of Brazilian Ebony, which is even a bit harder and denser than the Gaboon or Macassar Ebony typically used on fretboards. Included are some screws and installed with hipshot locking tuners. This neck will add some serious chunk and heft to your...
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    Replacement Guide Pins For Tubes

    Can any of you guys send me a link where I can buy those replacement plastic guide pins (those center pieces) for tubes? I bought some vintage 5U4 rectifier tubes dirt cheap that are functional, but missing those guide pins. Thanks in advance!
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    Bias Range For ‘60’s Plexi

    Hey guys, so I’ve been going deep in the tube rabbit hole lately since the summer, exploring each type as thoroughly as I can and finally getting into trying lots of different vintage EL34’s and 6L6’s. So I’ve got some EL34’s and 6CA7’s coming in that I wanna put in my ‘67 Marshall Tremolo 50...