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  1. skoora

    Bogner Shiva 20th or Uberschall...well neither

    Went to my favorite Atlanta store and after trying the two above decided the clear winner was.....a Marshall Origin 20 I'd been dancing around getting one for a long time, for fun and this thing just rips. Even though the Shiva got a great classic rock rhythm tone, didn't care for the...
  2. skoora

    Is There A Way to Find a Song on XM if you know time it played?

    Trying to find a song I heard this morning titled Hear Me Now from the 50's on Bakersfield Beat Channel and online searches only bring up a modern song. Any website that archives what was played because the Sirius website doesn't seem to have the feature?
  3. skoora

    Top Hat just killing It

    Have always liked where Brian’s head is at on his amps. For the juiced plexi realm this just ticks all my boxes. Really interesting with the 4x10 cab. When he ups the gain in the 2nd half, noice.
  4. skoora

    SNL reruns always....

    Have the superior musical Last Saturday, new episode..latest in a long run of mumble rappers Re-Run...Rollins band, just sounding big, angry and jammin' hard. Henry looking a total beast. Does SNL not like rock anymore? And I don't mean a rapper who a distorted guitar or...
  5. skoora

    Audio Question for YouTube clip posters

    So for those of you who are recording the amp separately from what’s shooting the video what are simple and easy ways to mix the video and audio. Just edit the vid in YT replacing the audio? Wouldn’t mind posting clips with non cell phone sound but don’t want to go crazy on investment. I already...
  6. skoora

    What Are Y’all Using to Re-Amp?

    I was looking at the Radial stuff like the J48 DI box and one of their re-amp boxes. Looking at over $400. Any cheap solutions that actually work well? I’m using a Focusrite interface with Mac/Logic.
  7. skoora

    Belated RIP Hank from Turbonegro

    I must be living under a rock! I had no idea Hank had passed away in November. Have loved his era of Turbonegro since I first heard Ass Cobra. Only 49.
  8. skoora

    The Ultimate Brown Sound

    I laughed, I cried, I checked my shorts.
  9. skoora

    Crap! Another Mesa. Non Metal edition. Now vid works.

    Wanted a little cream in the mix. Shitty playing but patience wore thin for a NAD spurt!
  10. skoora

    Lars, Just

  11. skoora

    R.I.P L-G Petrov

    Wow, Just found out he passed away on the 7th from Cancer. He was my favorite metal singer for a good chunk of time in the 90’s and early 2K when I was an Entombed freak.
  12. skoora

    Alternatives to Gunbroker?

    Nothing wrong with Gunbroker, just trying to find a gun that’s not listed their currently.
  13. skoora

    New favorite show for laughing and such

    Any Letterkenny fans in here. My new favorite show. Looks like it’s just on Hulu in the States but I discovered it on YouTube. Pure comedy genius.
  14. skoora

    First time Range shoot

    Did the newbie safety class and we got to fire about 10 rounds at about 10 ft, using a Glock 19. There used to be an orange sticker My wife did great as well and was close with one being a total bullseye. Looking forward to doing it again. subscript copy and paste
  15. skoora

    Question about Mesa Bass 400+

    Would this be one of their power amps combined with a bass voiced preamp. Just wondering what a guitar pre would sound like going into the FX return, giving it a cool double duty.
  16. skoora

    A Spoonful of Death Metal helps the Medicine go Down

  17. skoora

    Awesome version of S.O.D.

  18. skoora

    Japan brings it again

    Just came across this band on YouTube. Had never heard of them before and they’ve been around since the late 80’s. Just this awesome mix of Budgie, Sabbath and Rush in places. CbI79e5iZKs
  19. skoora

    Bruce still Bringing it

  20. skoora

    Recommend me a Guitar wireless

    Looking for an inexpensive wireless, <$200, that I can use for living room playing so I don’t need to have a cord lying across the floor. Any recommendations? USB chargeable is a plus. Do the 2.4Ghz ones mess with your 2.4Ghz internet wifi?