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    5150 and Diezel Herbert. What a deadly combo!

    Herbert outside, 5150 inside, 100/100 70/70 Mesa trad cab 57 only Maxon od808 on both 5153 on leads
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    All That Remains Fans: this calling cover reuploaded

    Working on mixing a cover of this. It’s still rough right now but it’s gettin there. I REALLY love the leads tones I got at the 2:25 mark for that type of lead. Not my playing, could definitely be tighter but it’s honestly fun to try and make things work that are less than ideal. Maybe took...
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    Control room/Studio build progress pictures!

    Hi everyone, I finally began my studio build after months of prep, and getting all the materials and pieces of the puzzle put together. This was a build designed by Roger Darcy , a legendary studio designer from the UK who has done over 1200 studio builds I believe in 35+ years. He is a co...
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    Your DI matters: heavy tones with minimal processing.

    I can’t stress enough how much a DI Matters. I’m constantly reamping tracks from others with absolutely piss poor front ends: dead strings, terrible guitars, terrible leveling on the way in, garbage conversion. And the amount of work I have to do to get it to sound decent is exhausting. These...
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    Gojira STL controlhub mix! New studio build.

    I was fortunate enough to get asked by STL tones to try out their new controlhub plugin prior to launch, and I of course was happy to do so! It’s a fantastic plugin that models entire signal chains from producers, some absolutely KILLER stuff in there, as well as more to come. My studio is...
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    I apparently LOVE API EQ’s! Clipzzz

    I am not really a fan of API preamps on guitars, never have been. But recently I bought a UAD satellite 2 to run UAD plugins on my Mac, as I believe their plugins for compression especially are above and beyond others out there. So before my satellite got here, I decided to try a free trial of...
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    6 (Six) brand new Celestion Marshall Vintage G12 Speakers.

    6 brand new Marshall vintage speakers. I will do better here on rig talk for anyone that wants all, a few, a quad, or whatever. Thank you! Chris...
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    Morin Marshall Unboosted, EVH 4x12, OC18!

    I know I’m flooding with posts and clips lately but I hope you guys dig some of these tones between the XTC and now my morin modded Marshall. I don’t believe I’ve ever done a clip of this amp unboosted OR without the gain knobs on the amp pulled. Well, here it is in all it’s raging glory. It’s...
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    Bogner 101B, EVH 4x12, SD-1. Yes this rules!

    Tones on tones on tones with this setup to me! Bogner XTC 101B blue channel boss Sd-1 Austrian Audio OC18 EVH 4x12 BAE 1073 preamp No way this setup sounds bad! Love this tone l, this amp, and this mic! Enjoy !
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    Waves Omnistrip mix. Real drums.

    Since another thread was talking about this plug, I thought I’d mix something I’m working with almost nothing but it. This is 95 percent that plug, the rest are stock pro tools plugs, minus the master buss ( ozone that’s it) this was a bitch because it had everything in the world wrong with it...
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    75 watters suck! Or do they?

    loving 75s lately with my morin modded Marshall. Not surprising really, as Marshalls from This era as we all know were pushing cabinets with GT75s in them. Just a solid sounding clip, old school death metal feel. Jackson SL2 with EMG 57/66 set Morin JMP 2203 Peppers dirty tree Bogner Uber...
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    Power amp GAS: fryette 2/90/2 vs PS-100

    Has anyone used either of these as a power amp and been able to compare them? I’m sure it’s a long shot, but I’m curious. Sure, the PS-100 can do more than the 2/90/2 can, but if it doesn’t sound the same/as good as the 2902, im not interested. I had a 2902 over 10 years ago and it was...
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    New cab day: EVH 4x12. Gojira full mix inside!z.

    This cab rules. Big shocker here, it sounds amazing with my 5153 EVH EL34 100 . These guitars have virtually no post EQ, minus a high and low pass. Some 330hz pulled out about 1db. That’s it. ESP horizon EMG 57/66 EVH 5153 EL34 100 watt BLUE channel EVH 4x12 Unidyne SM57/ AA OC18 mix BAE...
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    FS 4 ( Four) Warm WA-73EQ preamps! Brand new, in the box!

    I have 4 warm audio mic preamps for sale. These were used for a project in 2018-2019 ( Havok V record) and have sat unused since. These are shipping with the original boxes, original packing etc. i will cut a deal for those who want to buy multiple. These are absolutely fantastic, and dare I say...
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    Amp slaving: what setups have you enjoyed?

    I don’t know why I haven’t tried this yet with some of my amps, but I’m going to make some clips later today with some amp slaving setups. Mainly using my driftwood for the power amp, because it’s an absolutely amazing power amp that I know people have used for slaving with other amps preamps...
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    AMAZING new microphone day! Sm57 killer? Quite possibly!

    After listening to colin Richardsons tonehub pack, something new and unique captured my ear. What the heck is that tone? I’ve never heard this color from a microphone before!? The Austrian audio OC18. Austrian audio for those who don’t know, is a byproduct of the unfortunate closing of the...
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    WTB: st. Rock: react IR

    Let me know if you are willing to part with yours, thanks! :)
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    Who said the driftwood purple nightmare can’t do heavy tones?

    No one…. Literally no one has ever said that… ever Was originally trying to diagnose a guitar problem and was sending a clip to a friend, turned into monsterous Meshuggah vibe style tones… enjoy! Driftwood purple nightmare Pepers dirty tree Marshall 1960BV Creamback/Marshall vintage mix...
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    101B does the 80s!

    After showing what this amp could do ( that many, including myself thought it couldn’t) i thought I’d do something alittle more familiar sounding. PRS custom 24 101B blue channel Marshall 1960Bv Unidyne sm57/TUL G12 mix BAE 1073 pre’s Maxon 808 Enjoy...
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    Who said the XTC can’t do the heaviest of tones? Let’s see!

    I know I sure did… Had a friend grab a 101B. I just wanna say first of all, this is bar none one of the greatest amps ever made…. I know, it’s a real shocking revelation. But it’s the first time I’ve actually sat down with one in a studio in a long time. Just literally one of the best sounding...