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  1. RaceU4her

    Jose preamp clip

    this is that 3monkeys jose preamp i grabbed, its my kelly with an invader strait into the loop of my randall 1w with a d2 on a T75. i gotta get this into a full mix very soon
  2. RaceU4her

    Ceriatone Gargoyle?

    one of these popped up on my craigslist, anyone try one?
  3. RaceU4her

    what are your go to summer jams??

    i want to know what songs you roll the windows down in the iroc-z at a red light and sing to the high heavens on a nice summer night. for me its easy and just happens to be about an endless summer night, what a ripper!!
  4. RaceU4her

    what are your guys thoughts on this??

    i thought he banged britney but otherwise its pretty accurate
  5. RaceU4her

    Jose preamp

    anyone try one of these?? one popped up for sale near me.
  6. RaceU4her

    Hetfield is "insecure" and needs hugs

    this is fucking terrible. the almighty thrash god up there crying the fucking blues. i was gonna buy the metallica whisky thinking id drink it and feel bad ass like hetfield in 86 or something but now im afraid ill drink it and order a coloring book...
  7. RaceU4her

    Got some Mullards :D

    cant wait to try these fuckers
  8. RaceU4her

    mic comparison clip

    this is my DSL 100h with everything at noon, each mic is right on the center of a T75 in the 1960. i changed nothing but the mics, just two raw tracks left and right. the order is: 57 D2 D4 421 Uni57 samson Q7 audix i5 hope this helps some of you out...
  9. RaceU4her

    rock jam with the cam!!

    put together this catchy number this morning with my shit cheap kelly with a duncan invader, my cameron mig and my 1960. tried a different mic, this is my MXL v67 condenser ive used on vocals, it sounded good doing that so i figured id give it a shot on guitars. i think i like it...
  10. RaceU4her

    P90s and a Marshall clip

    picked up my jaguar with P90s this morning, plugged into my DSL100H, wrote a riff and hit record. hit the strings real hard. really digging that p90 jangle. im kind of curious about the emg P81's.
  11. RaceU4her

    Ola does the Black album!!!

  12. RaceU4her

    recorded a cover of the best band in the world this afternoon

    you all know who it is. was scared to even attempt such a cover for fear of fucking it up but i like living dangerously. i used my Lowel SG and my DSL into the 1960. might cover wonderwall next cause i know you all love that song
  13. RaceU4her

    30 years old!!!

    Happy birthday you old fuck!!
  14. RaceU4her

    Triple G recto clip

    this is my first go with my Stam SA-V72 preamp ive had sitting here for a while, its a clone of a telefunken preamp from the 50's the beatles used at abbey road, of course i wanted to write a beatles inspired jam so i hooked up my triple rec to my 1960 and went to work. this preamp is two...
  15. RaceU4her

    quick Monomyth mix

    wanted to put the origin in a mix after that shootout i did a few days ago. i love this amp guitars
  16. RaceU4her

    That White jvm

    Looks sexy. Snoops band got good taste lol
  17. RaceU4her

    happy 25th birthday to this classic!!

    what a classic. Nu metal at is absolute finest. this shit makes me so happy. what incredible tones and recording
  18. RaceU4her

    battle of the heavy weights clip!!

    here are raw tracks of my amps in this order.. 1. Hermansson Carlsbro 2. Cameron Mig 3. iic+ 4. Monomyth Origin. cab is 1960, mic is audix D2 and im playing my godin with an 81. these are raw tracks with no eq or processing, i tried to get them as close to the room sound as possible, curious...
  19. RaceU4her

    Cameron mods

    recorded a clip this afternoon of my cameron Mig into my 1960a and thought id share with you fine folks. mic is a unidyne 57