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  1. bhuard75

    Mesa Boggie MK3 DRG BlackStripe

    FS: Mesa Boogie MK3 DRG BlackStripe $2000 PP F&F + actual shipping. Continental U.S. only. Amp sounds and functions as it should. Not looking for trades unless your sitting on a JP2C with Schumachers. PM me any questions.
  2. bhuard75

    1U Rack FX only unit

    When we getting a 1U rack fx only unit?
  3. bhuard75

    FS: Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp

    FS: Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp $1100 F&F + actual shipping. Preamp is in real good cosmetic condition. Functions and sounds as it should. Not looking for trades at this time.
  4. bhuard75

    WTB: Peavey Classic Series 120/120 Power Amp

    PM me price location and condition. Thanks in advance.
  5. bhuard75


    Why do we have a massive Thomans add taking half the screen during the site loading?
  6. bhuard75

    FRYETTE 2150 2022 RUN INQUIRY.... DEAD

    I emailed FRYETTE yesterday directly asking about their plans for a FRYETTE 2150 run. They have talked about it. They are not doing it. You have to imagine this power amp will at least be $3K. How many people here have $3K to slap down on a 2150 today? Do we have enough legitimage...
  7. bhuard75

    FS: Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 (2019)

    FS: 2019 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 [Core]. Neck profile is "pattern". $2800 PPG. Buyer pays shipping. Guitar was bought new from a PRS dealer this past June, 2021. Not a single scratch, dent, mark on the guitar. Has polish swirl marks in the clear. Smoke free, home use only. Hardshell...
  8. bhuard75

    Anyone watching UFC 266?

    What fights you liking or anticipating the most?
  9. bhuard75

    MCP wiring

    Just double checking, Wade always used the green for the hot wire right?
  10. bhuard75

    This FAKA'n clip needs a bump.

    Some FAKA'n Errrrrl anyone?
  11. bhuard75

    Stripping a guitar finish.

    What is entailed in stripping a guitar for refinishing that has a burst/dye finish on a maple cap. Strip the poly with chemicals then light sanding to remove the dye of the maple?
  12. bhuard75

    How long do you give Reverb buyers to pay before busting their balls?

    Guy on reverb sent me an offer on a piece of gear I was selling and I accepted it 24hrs ago [13:00hrs yesterday]. Hasn't paid yet nor replied to my initial message. How much patients do you guys exercise with these types of buyers. At this point I am getting the feeling I need to cancel the...
  13. bhuard75

    Two Notes crap discontinued or what?!

    Has the Torpedo Studio and Live been discontinued? Anybody have an idea if this line will continue in a rack format, particularly the studio?
  14. bhuard75

    Have the Torpedo Studio and Live been discontinued?

    Have these units been discontinued? Are there rack unit products to take their place?
  15. bhuard75

    Home Brew Electronics Detox pedal

    Are there any other pedals on the market that do the same thing as the "Detox"?
  16. bhuard75

    FS: Boosts and ODs

    FS: Overdrive and Clean Boosts. Pedals are in excellent to mint condition. Prices are PP'd and shipped to your door. Cont US only. supa-boost $old Cusack Screamer $110 micro amp $50 CAL MK4.23 $OLD Shiba Kiko $130
  17. bhuard75

    Does your reactive load box emit noise?

    Do you guys have particular amps that make the unit emit noise from the load box itself? I got a Torpedo live and wanted to know if other brands did this as well. Thanks in advance.
  18. bhuard75

    SOLD: Fryette 2/90/2

    SOLD: Fryette 2/90/2. PPG and shipped. Continental US only. MFG date is 2018, bought in 2019. Not a single mark on this amp ANYWHERE. Ships in factory Fryette box.
  19. bhuard75

    Marshall 412 replacement casters??

    What are you guys replacing your cheap Marshall 412 casters with. The plastic caster bases on my 412 need to be replaced. Anyone using the fender swivel casters with socket base?
  20. bhuard75

    All Saints inside