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    NEXG (smart guitar)

    Enya-Music’s NEXG may seem a novelty at first, but this is a quality instrument with excellent sound. It’s similar to the Yamaha silent guitars, but there are more features and flexibility with the NEXG, besides its onboard speaker system. In respect to playability, the action is very good for...
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    CROWN (non-water Waterphone)

    One of the more unusual instruments is the Waterphone, known for its creepy and chilling sound as a violin bow strokes the metal rods. If you’re unfamiliar with the Waterphone (which resonates due to a water tank in contact with vibrating metal rods), do search for it on YouTube. This is one of...
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    Sonicake's Octaver (with demo)

    An octaver goes back to the 1960s, originally designed by Roger Mayer for Jimi Hendrix. As applicable for the bass player or keyboardist, an octaver adds breadth, depth, fullness and a hint of eerie edginess to a tone. Certainly, an octaver plays a role in make a smaller band sound much larger...
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    TriceraChorus by Eventide (demo/review)

    Not everyone likes the sound of chorus, but when applied sparingly, it can give depth and thickness to a tone. But enough pandering. Eventide has a solid reputation for producing studio-quality effects, and the TriceraChorus may be the most versatile chorus available, ranging from iconic 80’s...
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    METAL by Hagerman Amps (with demo)

    Direct from Hagerman. I haven't tried the other two. I've been interested in the Rev, but after three ignored emails on certain products, I've given up on the company. Too bad... we're both in Canada.
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    Source Audio ZIO pedal

    Obviously, I did not understand the initial marketing behind that pedal.
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    Source Audio ZIO pedal

    Thanks... I understood it incorrectly when I read the marketing info upon its release.
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    Source Audio ZIO pedal

    Thanks... wiring may not have been the right term, but I thought there were dip switches or 'things' that allow you to create different effects with some customization.
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    Source Audio ZIO pedal

    Maybe I'm thinking of a different pedal... doesn't this one allow you to customize it, so that it would have different functions, depending on how you wired it (or made the connections)?
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    529X - Best in Class Power Supply

    This can power a Line 6 HX Stomp or Boss GT-1000!
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    Band-in-a-Box 2022

    PG Music updates this every year. This is a short demo using one of the new 'styles' for a short composition:
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    Jamming with TL Pedals

    A short composition combining 4 TL Pedals
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    MTN-Bass (Mostortion for Bass) review/demo

    The MTN-bass is a spin-off of the popular MTN-10 (improved Mostortion) for lead/rhythm guitar, with eight adjustments to make it bass-friendly (and to work within that frequency range). The possibilities of this amp-like drive/distortion pedal are beyond distortion, however. With the gain low...
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    Amp Rescue (Lounsberry Pedals)

    There are a few ways to describe the effect of the Amp Rescue, and it depends on whether you’re playing a clean or dirty signal. When playing clean, it’s as though a ‘flatness’ is removed from the signal and replaced with a clean chime, or even a bell-like response. The notes ring out quite...
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    Hagerman DRIVE (Muff-style silicon)

    I don’t mind fuzz pedals, but I don’t use them often. I’ve demoed them, used them here and there, but frequently had to do some EQ adjustments or add some type of treble booster, etc., to really get the notes to sound more defined and harmonically rich. Hagerman Amps’ DRIVE is a different and...
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    Hagerman Amps ONE WATTER

    Hagerman designed a low watt amplifier for the primary purpose of a practice amp, in order to avoid using and burning up a larger stage amp at home. I can expand on that premise to suggest that many times bands leave gear in a particular location, to prevent having to haul amps, cabs, etc., back...
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    Demos coming soon...
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    REACTIVATOR by Hagerman Amps

    Enjoying both. My Majesty (four times the price) plays better, but should for the price. La Flaca sounds good for basic rock and some hard rock stuff (Majesty better for metal). Great pickups in the La Flaca, although a touch dark (I never turn my tone down and have to give a slight treble bump...
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    REACTIVATOR by Hagerman Amps

    Wouldn't you like to know.