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  1. gman1951

    SOLD: Metropoulos SuperPlex...Rare and Mighty!

    Here's one we just don't see every day! Up for sale here is a Metropolous SuperPlex in Very Good to Excellent Condition. I just received delivery of this beast and, although the gain channels sound incredible, I just can't dial in a "Clean" clean channel, which is a necessity for me. The...
  2. gman1951

    SOLD: Furman M-8x AR 15 Amp Voltage Regulator in Mint Condition

    Up for sale here is a Furman M-8x AR 15 Amp Voltage Regulator in basically brand new condition. I bought this unit for my studio, installed it and, a couple of weeks later, upgraded to the Furman AR 1800 so no longer need this. These are great units that is a a surge protector/power conditioner...
  3. gman1951

    Glaswerks SOD-II in Near Mint Condition...Traded

    I know, I know, what's an amp like this doing in a place like this!? Well, ya just never know where a closet D-style amp lover may lurk. At any rate, I keep going through various D-style amps and have finally come to the realization that they are just not for me. This beast is 100-watts, has...
  4. gman1951

    Perfect Transaction with Meeotch

    Excellent RT transaction experience. Highly recommended.
  5. gman1951

    SOLD: QSC Touchmix 30, with Extras, in Mint Condition

    Up for sale here is a 2021 QSC Touchmix 30 with a dust cover, rack ears, and a SKB 3i2222-12QSC iSeries QSC mixer case that is custom made for this mixer (and over $500). The mixer and case are both in Mint condition and I just got the mixer back from my tech who confirmed it's at 100%. The unit...
  6. gman1951

    Rdodson is da man!

    Excellent communication, fast payment, flawless transaction. Great Rig Talker! Hope to do business with you again.
  7. gman1951

    SOLD: Synergy SYN30 Head in Mint Condition

    Up for sale here is a Synergy Syn30 Head and three modules (all are sold) in almost brand new condition. I bought the head a few months back and have used it a total of maybe 5 hours. The modules are in much the same condition only with even fewer hours on them. I've recently made a few amp...
  8. gman1951

    SOLD: PRS Custom P24 in Excellent Condition

    Up for sale/trade is my PRS Custom P24 with a beautiful Faded Blue Whale flame finish in Excellent Condition. This jewel plays and sounds as you would expect from a PRS. She does have the Piezo pickup for an added "acoustic" dimension that adds a very cool color capability and a very comfortable...
  9. gman1951

    SOLD: Fractal FM3 with FC6 and Extras in Mint Condition

    Up for sale is a Mint Fractal FM3 with a brand new FC6 along with a Moog expression pedal and custom Studio Slip Gig Bag. I received the FM3 in a trade a while back but I haven't been able to make the time to delve into its capabilities. In the meantime, I also bought the FC6 and the gig bag...
  10. gman1951

    SOLD: EVM12L in Brand New Condition

    Up for sale here is an EVM12L in basically brand new condition. I installed this in a 1x12 Mesa cabinet, played it for about an hour, and I guess my ear is just too attuned to Celestions for this to really float my boat. I don't have the original box but it will be shipped in a Celestion speaker...
  11. gman1951

    Sold: Celestion Redback Speaker

    I have a 16 ohm Celestion Redback in excellent condition (maybe 3-5 hours on it). $125 each to your door.
  12. gman1951

    SOLD! - 2019 Suhr PT-15IR

    [mod edit] Please read the rules mate. Title fixed according to rule #15. Up for sale is my 2019 Suhr PT-15IR in Excellent Condition. I've used this amp as my main gigging amp since things opened back up and it's never let me down, has a small footprint (I'm 70, so it counts!), and sounds...
  13. gman1951

    J.W. Van Nashville-Style Telecaster in Mint Condition

    Up for sale here is a one-off, truly unique, hand-built custom Nashville-style Telecaster from J.W. Van. This guitar is in absolute Mint condition and was built by Travis, the owner of J.W. Van Guitars. I replaced the middle and neck Bare Knuckle Cobra pickups with Seymour Duncan Stacks and...
  14. gman1951

    Shout Out to Redfulcrum

    Wanna thank Redfulcrum for going above and beyond for this transaction. Transaction couldn't have gone any smoother and an Excellent amp at a great price! Buy/trade with confidence.
  15. gman1951

    SOLD: Mesa JP2C in Mint Condition

    Up for sale here is a Mesa JP2C in literally brand new condition. Not much to say about this magnificent beast that you don't already know. Suffice to say that it will do anything you want and will not disappoint! I bought this in October of '21 and it has never left my studio and has only...
  16. gman1951

    Sold: PRS 509 in Mint Condition

    Up for sale here is my Mint 2018 PRS 509 in an Orange Tiger finish. This guitar is amazing! With its numerous pickup switching options, it's capable of getting 9 distinctly different tones. The quality of craftmanship, fit, and finish is nothing less than stellar, as we have come to expect from...
  17. gman1951

    SOLD: Engl E656 Steve Morse Signature...Price Drop

    Here's on you don't see everyday! Up for sale is my Engl E656 Steve Morse Signature amp in Very Good condition with a brand new Z-9 midi foot controller. I bought this mighty beast on an impulse but I simply have too many amps in the barn right now and have these tones covered with other amps...
  18. gman1951

    No Longer Available - Two notes Torpedo Live

    Don't see these come up often. Up for grabs here is my Two notes Torpedo Live in excellent condition. I bought this a while back with the intention of integrating it into my Synergy rig and for use with my other amps. Well, I've since pared down my Synergy gear and bought a Captor X that has the...
  19. gman1951

    SOLD: 2020 Fender Nashville Telecaster in Dead Mint Condition

    Up for sale here is my like new, Fiesta Red Nashville Telecaster. Not much to say about this, it is MIM but plays as good as any Tele I've ever played but with a wider tonal pallet because of the added middle pickup. This guitar has barely been played and comes with a hardshell Tele case from...
  20. gman1951

    No Longer Available...

    Up for sale here is an exceptional example of the impeccable work done by Travis Walker, the owner of JW Van Guitarworks. I got this as part of a trade and, while it's an incredible sounding and playing guitar, I just have these tones covered with other guitars in the barn. The guitar is...