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  1. Mailman1971

    You old guys Remember ‘we are stars’

    Stumbled across this. Forgot all about this gem!!
  2. Mailman1971

    Happy Fourth of July!!!!

    Independence Day. No major plans here. Been so damn hot here. Some the kids are coming over Gonna order pizza. Watch a movie in the ac. Haha 😂 This movie still blows me away. I think it hits combat vets little different. But it’s a classic Let freedom fly!! (Even though gas is $6 a...
  3. Mailman1971

    How Old are Ya Guys?

    Was reading a thread earlier. Said Lot of us live in nostalgic mind frame. I’m 51. So yeah I’m gonna be a 70s 80s guy. Barely know anything from the 90s on up. Just want some feedback. Not saying nothing bad came from 90s plus. Any one can post for sure. 4 year old child to 100 year...
  4. Mailman1971

    Saturday night jam session. KISS

    Well it was a Saturday night. 9 years ago!! Haha. Really miss jamming. Haven’t played in probably 3 years 😔 Just watching old vids. Ton of them on my channel. Love or hate. Enjoy!!
  5. Mailman1971

    What the fuck ?!?! Is this obsession with Kardason?’b

    Jesus fucking Christ I click on news every morning. This fat fucking horse ass cow Is like the top line?!!! Really making me want stopp reading this news. Who gives a shit bouts this horse ass bitch. Really ?’v
  6. Mailman1971

    Bon Scott. Greatest front man ever.

    This guy just brang ROCK!! Fuck plant. Fuck David Lee. This dirty son bitch. Oooozed it. Hands down. To me..... greatest front man ever!!
  7. Mailman1971

    Damn Ray liota died.

    One the best rip
  8. Mailman1971

    Metal gods the movie. Great feel good show

    Just watched it. Had halford in it. Ian. Hammett. Really cool old metal movie. Netflix. Anyone else watched it? Reply now before my thread gets moved and buried in off topic. Discuss
  9. Mailman1971

    Razor is dead

    Man I’m behind a bit. Maybe someone else posted it. Razor Ramon Scott hall died. Fuck. Loved him growing up watching wrestling. Rip razor.
  10. Mailman1971

    Think this is rig talk?

    Just bought a new stereo setup for my truck. 1000 watt power amp. Two 2x12 jbl sub. Jvc stereo. Rockford speaker upgrade from stock. Power amp is Rockford as well. This set up just SLAMS!! Really a noob to all this car stereo stuff. Got bout $800 total into it. Guess these rigs gets...
  11. Mailman1971

    What type of epoxy for cracked headstock?

    Hey guys. Got a guitar that stays in tune plays fine but has a crack in the headstock. I want to put epoxy on it and then sand down till smooth. What brand you recommend?
  12. Mailman1971

    Holy shit!! Thought I’ve seen all AC/DC clipps

    This one is the best
  13. Mailman1971

    Do not remove this. God bless the Usa!

    Lots shit went down. Thru the years. I took a bullet to the chest. Killed 3 guys in combat. 1 inches close. Would of been dead. SO YES!! God bless America!! I have damn near died for this day!! Not a selfie. Just a buddie that almost died that day. Wanted to see the wound. This!! Is...
  14. Mailman1971

    Learning to play.... tell your story

    Was watching a ace Frehley interview. He was talking bout first picking up the guitar. Trying to learn a song. Playing it over and over slow at first. Then progressed little faster to tempo. I honestly remember that moment. 13 years old. Copy of guitar for the practicing musician...
  15. Mailman1971

    Ever fall out of love playing guitar?

    I played like a mad man. From 1982 to 1990. Would skip school to play. Joined the navy. Got married. Had kids. I stopped for bout 10 years. Came home after serving 20. Had my best bud bring his drum kit over and we jammed like rock stars. Like 8-10 hours every Saturday. We made...
  16. Mailman1971

    Cool post!!

    Hope to keep Halloween alive. Watching Myers play is almost good as his killing. Does anyone else enjoy Halloween? Liked the clip!!
  17. Mailman1971

    Anyone see Kansas Live?

    They are coming to my city in March. They never played my city. Ever. Love Morse!!! Going don’t care what it costs. But looking bout 100 a ticket. No opening act. They play 2 hours solid. Any feedback? Hear they rock live. Can’t wait.
  18. Mailman1971

    Lead singers / frontmen

    Been reading threads bout lot of 80s lead singers. Roth. Dokken Pearcy... Love them guys. But to me the real front men were Bon Scott. Robert plant. Brian Johnson. Roger Daltrey. No thrills or glam. Haha Discuss