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  1. skoora

    Bogner Shiva 20th or Uberschall...well neither

    Went to my favorite Atlanta store and after trying the two above decided the clear winner was.....a Marshall Origin 20 I'd been dancing around getting one for a long time, for fun and this thing just rips. Even though the Shiva got a great classic rock rhythm tone, didn't care for the...
  2. skoora

    What pedal is Scott Ian using here?

    Spitz may have been a dwarf next to Crosby but his playing made him a giant. Really unsung guitar player amongst other metal notables from back then. I wonder when Scott got with Meatloaf’s daughter if he told her he would love her ‘til the end of time?
  3. skoora

    Is There A Way to Find a Song on XM if you know time it played?

    Thanks, I actually tried that before amd missed the option to load more. There were so many ads I couldn't tell what buttons were just leading to a link in the ad. h
  4. skoora

    Is There A Way to Find a Song on XM if you know time it played?

    Thank you so much…that is the song! You guys should check it out. What did you use to get that history?
  5. skoora

    How Old are Ya Guys?

    Pub life in Australia in the 80's was epic. Especially when you start going when you're 14. Driver's licenses were just a piece of paper with no picture so if you looked too young you just had to memorize you're older cousin's star sign (favorite trick question from bouncers back then)
  6. skoora

    How Old are Ya Guys?

    Fiddy Two in Sept. Actually wish I had been born in 58 or so. To be early 20's around 1980 would have been my sweet spot. But early 20's in '92 wasn't too shabby either.
  7. skoora

    Is There A Way to Find a Song on XM if you know time it played?

    Trying to find a song I heard this morning titled Hear Me Now from the 50's on Bakersfield Beat Channel and online searches only bring up a modern song. Any website that archives what was played because the Sirius website doesn't seem to have the feature?
  8. skoora

    Megadeth - We'll Be Back

    I wish the drums sounded more natural. I know it’s a drummer but sounds like software. Dave’s voice sounds great.
  9. skoora

    Anyone using greenbacks for high gain stuff ?

    Another longtime greenback user for the heavies here. Lately I’ve really got into a Fan F70 I got from Avatar years ago. Really takes fizz off the top end with a great mid voice.
  10. skoora

    There is not a single Cameron in anyone’s backline

    Forget about the amp, that technique he shows in the vid is cool as shit.
  11. skoora

    Interesting '72 Gibson Les Paul is actually a 1980 LP, now an ‘81!

    ‘85 Corporate move, but they opened a plant in Nashville in ‘75 (maybe ‘74) to ease production demand on Kalamazoo.
  12. skoora

    Interesting '72 Gibson Les Paul is actually a 1980 LP, now an ‘81!

    Serial clearly shows it’s an 81. First number is an 8 and 5th number is a one. The body was a hold over from late 80. By the time it was put together and stamped it was in 81. I dig Eighties necks, had an 83 custom that was damn nice guitar. Your’s looks to be stamped Jan 5, 81 and the 716 puts...
  13. skoora

    '72 Marshall Super Lead '68 Specs + Variac

    Is the preamp filtering the same in a 72 vs a 68?
  14. skoora

    The best 5150 ever made?

    The OG combo gets a great classic rock tone just turning up the clean channel. But yeah, heavy as fuck. Imagine your two guitar band uses that and either a Mesa T-Verb 2x12 or Heartbreaker combo. It could be called Hernia Albert and the Tijuana Brass.
  15. skoora

    Mark 2C+ modern metal tones

    CH1 pre on 8, pulled Treble (I think) at least 8, mids in middle somewhere, but pulled for deep (they don’t really have much effect), bass fairly low, lead drive is at 3. Graphic V shape varies depending on guitar. It has a shit ton of gain, don’t need the lead drive all that high. I haven’t...
  16. skoora

    Mesa Stiletto Deuce II

    Found this older vid of my deuce. Crunch setting with a boost from a sparkle drive.
  17. skoora

    Mesa Stiletto Deuce II

    Love my Deuce. It’s not harsh if you turn it up. I never found it harsh initially. Just bright. At low volume the treble and presence controls don’t get much above 9-10 O’Clock. With the volume up top end EQ gets more towards noon and sometimes higher. I’ve used an attenuator with it for years...
  18. skoora

    Mark 2C+ modern metal tones

    Got my Quad off GC Used a few years ago (pre-Covid) for what I thought was a fair price that was below 1K. Honestly I wouldn’t sell it for twice that which they are more than twice that now. It just gets a sound that I don’t get out of my MKV. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the V for a long time...
  19. skoora

    Mark 2C+ modern metal tones

    Who needs to gamble on bitcoin when you own an old Mark Mesa…lol
  20. skoora

    Triaxis and 2-ninety??? Is it any good??

    I just really appreciate that someone with a user name Fret Shredder can actually shred How many frets could a fret shredder shred if a fret shredder could shred frets