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  1. Markedman

    Mr. Mistake, I play an AMP!!!

    So, I get a call from our new singer, "Hey, do you want o play a set today at a party?" I'm like, cooool, sure, I'll pack my amp and guitar and meet you there. "You have to use the amp that's there, it's a Marshall! We'll play a set in-between my other band." Um, o.k., I suppose, what model...
  2. Markedman

    Fender lawsuit

    hit by class-action lawsuit alleging it overcharged millions of guitarists - Yesterday Fender has been accused of overcharging millions of guitar players for instruments, in a new class-action lawsuit being brought by a UK consumer advocacy group. The claim comes as a result of a...
  3. Markedman

    BECOS on-board booster Does anybody have any experience with this particular booster?
  4. Markedman

    Super High Gain Pickups

    They are not for everyone but I love them! There’s something about a pick up with more gain, it’s the way it grabs the note and really pulls it out. For most players they are too smooth and lack tonal coloration from the guitar itself. One of my favorite tones is Vivian Campbell’s tone on...
  5. Markedman

    Lace Sensor Pickups 💥👍🏻🎸😎

    I just discovered a lace sensor pick ups. I needed mini humbuckers and I saw they had something called the drop and gain pick up meant for drop tuning and high gain music. I was finally able to use my guitar with the lace pick ups in it at band practice yesterday and could compare it to my Paul...
  6. Markedman


    Traded my 2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional straight up for this 1996 PRS CE22. I've had two SE PRS's that I kept for a couple of weeks and traded those off, but they were the imports, not the USA model like this one. I had bought the LP in April and loved it until I played the 1974 Deluxe LP I...
  7. Markedman

    Sober - my band coppin some Tool New singer for us.
  8. Markedman

    Donner Guitar Strings - super cheap, um, inexpensive I mean.

    $10.99 for a 5 pack. If you go through strings like I do, it would be nice to save some bucks. I've been paying $12- $18 a pack for high quality strings but they don't last more than a week (25 hr.s +/-) so I'm going to try these and if they're not bad, I'll stock up. Is there any other cheapo...
  9. Markedman

    Interesting '72 Gibson Les Paul is actually a 1980 LP, now an ‘81!
  10. Markedman

    WTF? Say what? This is crazy.

    Complain complain complain
  11. Markedman

    Alex Lifeson gives all his guitars away! I think this is a great idea, although I would never do it. This is so selfless and generous of him and really the right thing to do, I couldn’t do it. Fuck that, no fucking way.
  12. Markedman


    I loving Yngwie, but I could only watch a couple of minutes of this. He’ll be headed this way so I’ll go see him again, it’s a lot better in person.
  13. Markedman

    DR Black Beauties - coated guitar strings

    First of all, these string are stiff right out of the package like nothing I've seen. They are super straight, stiff, different. They are also very bright sounding, perfect for heavy metal chugging. I like them so much that I bought more today and threw them on my other guitars after playing...
  14. Markedman

    Non-Boogie tubes in a Boogie?

    I have a quad of 1970 RCA 6l6 tubes that I tested, they tested very strong and matched. So I put them in my boogie 50-50 power amp and I was blown away at the difference. I had to turn down the treble and the volume was perceivably louder. I was overjoyed until I realized, I’m not supposed to...
  15. Markedman

    Marshall and Boogie together

    I just got my Marshall back from Hopkins Amplification. Dave did a phenomenal job of modifying my amp exactly how I wanted it. I start out a few seconds with the Marshall alone and then switch over to the Boogie alone then I play the two together and I hit the Mimiq pedal. Bedroom volume level...
  16. Markedman

    BTBAM Colors II

    Self described "Polka-metal" A better description - Chef Frank Zappa mixes in a large bowl, one cup of Lamb of God, one cup of Children of Bodom, a quarter cup of ELP, a quarter cup of Yes, and a quarter cup of Dream Theatre, in a separate bowl mix a quarter cup jazz and country, mix until it...
  17. Markedman

    Once again, to insulate or not, 4X12 cabinets? It's been debated here before but I'd like to know what you guitarist think? Back insulation only? What type of insulation? The best research I could find leads me to doing the work myself to see what I...
  18. Markedman

    Why is your rig the best?

    9/13/2021 by John Bazzano, on Flickr *First of all, I play metal so if you play country or jazz, you will have a totally different set of guidelines and can go start your own thread about haunting mids, tan pants and woody warmth.* This rig is the best there is and here's why in order of...
  19. Markedman

    Christmas Give-away Tesla EL34 quad

    1-99 pick a # and post it, I'll let you know around 5 this afternoon what # it is, good luck to all. Nice quad of tubes. I have 8 tubes so I can let the winner choose the available mA. I'll even pick up the shipping. Merry Fucking Christmas to all. Here's the quad...
  20. Markedman