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    Show Us Your RigTalk Battle Stations

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    Is RigTalk okay? (Ft. Yngwie)

    I never insult you guys as you give me tons of street cred. The only reason I come here is when you guys post a clip and everyone's all "WOW great tone! Or NICE CHOPS YOUR KILLER!" I show it to people in real life and tell em it's me. They think I'm a god on here.
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    Metallica getting canceled

    James admits in this song that he "even sucked an old man's cock" I would think the woke crowd would be overjoyed at this revelation and counterbalance any discomfort they have been caused by james other actions. In fact I would go so far as to hail him a trailblazer for today's modern liberal.
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    New pedal day! Any guesses???

    I actually have one I use for guitar ambient stuff when recording. It's pretty cool. Got it at a yard sale for 5 bux so why not.
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    New pedal day! Any guesses???

    Dod bass flanger?
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    Metallica getting canceled

    Wait til tik tok discovers Slayer or GG Allin.
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    If you could have any guitarists Abilities who would it be?

    Kurt cobain, he can shoot shotguns with his toe while wearing shoes and high as a kite in heroin.
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    Your Most Bizarre and Awful Band Tryouts, Past Members, Etc - Post 'Em

    You guys should have ran a forced train on him. If he was still down afterwards you have a drummer for life. Also, he would have probably cooled out on the jokes after that.
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    Dan has passed

    I'm very sorry to hear this. I know I dont interact with you guys much but I read this forum everyday and always enjoyed his input. He genuinely seemed like a good dude that was funny and easy going. My best to his family.
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    Pantera Tour

    Fuck zakk. Hes been trying to cling to dime, Eddie, and anyone else relevant for 20 years now.
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    That is badass man. Grats.
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    Anyone Else Tired of Dealing With Morons When Trying To Sell Gear?

    I used to flip a lot of gear and quit for the reasons mentioned. That being said, my wife sells high end collectables (think rich old lady shit), she has none of these issues. I am at the conclusion that its the client base. Alot of "musicians" are fucked up, scumbag, pieces of shit.
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    Kramer Nightswan's

    I've owned a couple of the 80s ones. The middle pickup looked cool but is a novelty imo. The neck is the best shape I have played to this day, very comfortable. I love them but always moved em on cause the headstock sticks up in your face constantly like a dick. It bugged me.
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    Selling on Reverb

    I've never bought shipped items through facebook. My wife does but I guess I'm just getting older and tired of packing guitars or dealing with shitty shippers. Last guitar I bought (87 lp custom lite) some scumbag at ups tried to put in his car and steal. Luckily I know people that work there...
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    Selling on Reverb

    The problem with that logic is: the best Colombian bam bam comes only from Columbia. Or if your me you live in the sticks and have to drive 4 hours to even see a gibson. That being said I rarely buy anything anymore due to the hassle and almost never sell.
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    Sell your mark IIC+: the black album was a mark 3.

    Goddamn! Motherfuckers get pissed over some amps. My bored at work contribution: I've had 5150s and have a c+. Both kick ass but I'll take the c+ to my grave its just that good. Plus it does way more than just metal and does it really well.
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    NOPD: Boss DD3 Japan

    This is my delay of choice as well. Fantastic condition too, enjoy!
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    Damn Ray liota died.

    RIP Tommy Vercetti.
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    Best place online to look for members for working band?

    I would personally start by looking on the gear page. That's where the cream of the crop hang out. They know literally everything about gear. Are mostly woke so they are hard to offend and easy to get along with and quickly admit if they are wrong. They often exhibit playing skills far above...
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    Guitar Room Ideas

    What he said: buy or build some sound panels and treat that room. Makes for better sound and also keeps the cops away. Also thick carpeting. An ISO booth if you have the room