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    EMG Pickups Better Suited To Mahogany Body?

    Yeah, I personally like it extremely close to the strings. I was just setting up an ESP Eclipse and actually had to remove the bridge 81 to cut a few coils off of the springs between the pickup legs and the pickup ring. Otherwise, the spring couldn't compress enough to let the 81 close enough...
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    Is there something more cringy than ...

    Maybe I'm not super old but I lost my mind when I first heard a Billie Eilish song: See Me In A Crown. I thought it was like a killer Nine Inch Nails song, and I generally like her other music too. Depends on my mood. I was listening to Lamb of God's Redneck earlier today.
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    Things that bug you about gear

    I'm pretty sure that instead of loving guitars and amps, I actually truly hate them because it seems I'm never really happy with whatever it is.
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    Main differences between Marshall 1959 and 2203

    FWIW I had a '69 plexi panel 1959 and a '71 1959, and I vastly preferred every master volume JMP I've ever had. IME the master volume models had more gain and were tighter and more immediate. But I prefer the masters set lower (2 or so). To the the 1959 into overdrive, the master is 8 or over...
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    Main differences between Marshall 1959 and 2203

    Our ears are more sensitive to certain frequencies than others; so it's possible that one amp can seem louder than another even if they are outputting the same watts, if one of the amps is pushing more midrange frequencies, for example.
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    EMG Pickups Better Suited To Mahogany Body?

    I have not noticed a difference but I won't claim to be an expert on it. Never really paid attention to what type of 81 I had at any time.
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    EMG Pickups Better Suited To Mahogany Body?

    IME the 81 wants to be set as close to the strings as possible without hitting them. It gets thinner sounding as it's backed off from the strings.
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    Main differences between Marshall 1959 and 2203

    You can get the amps in the same ballpark for sure, but they'll always sound and feel a bit different. IMHO i prefer the 2203/2204 with the master somewhat low (around 2ish) while the 1959 needs to be at 8 or more. The big difference to me was that the 1959 always seems a bit stiff and was...
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    Whats the best solo of the 2000s?

    The solo for Big Wreck's Ladylike is killer IMHO. I think that's from the 2000s. I love that song.
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    Whats the best solo of the 2000s?

    Cantrell has done some pretty cool solos here and there. I like the solos for Hollow and Stone a lot. They fit the songs well.
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    Whats the best solo of the 80s??

    Going to go with something by Gilmour or Gary Moore
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    WTB: 6505+: FOUND

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    Most Overrated/Underrated Tone

    I kinda want to Adam Jones for both over and underrated. I feel like it's underrated because that type of tone IMHO sounds killer with any genre that would use overdriven guitar, not just obsessive Tool fanboys. But it's overrated because of the absurd lengths people will go to try to get it...
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    Just a heads up regarding "Guitars for Sale" group on FB

    That's absurd. People complain that PayPal is too buyer friendly; I guess this swings completely the other way.
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    Flying V vs explorer style guitars

    I don't think I've ever played an Explorer while sitting down. The Explorer has that upper wing: I can anchor my right elbow to it and shred on an Explorer better than any other guitar shape. With my elbow fixed in place, my wrist could be completely relaxed and just focused on the smooth...
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    Misha Mansoor Reverb Shop

    I would love to have the Floyd HT7. Some dude will probably snap it up within seconds for some insane price.
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    Randall and Synergy?

    So for these modules, the V1 tube is not actually in the module: it's in the docking unit. Synergy's biggest trick is that the docking unit has three sets of V1 circuit values to pick from depending on the module used. The older Randall and Egnator docking units/racks/heads don't have that...
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    John Petrucci was affected by body building

    Can't wait for videos trying to guess Petrucci's cycle.
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    That's a nice guitar. You always have cool stuff.
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    Dirty Tree Huggers, in here

    I've given up on chasing new and fancy drive pedals. I had a few of the ones with a lot of hype around them and thought they sounded fine, but always drift back to an SD-1. So I just gave in to it.