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  1. geetarmikey

    Metal backing track in E Major

    Won't spam with every new one I do, just trying to get them a bit more attention. Let me know if it's good to jam over! Thanks, Mike
  2. geetarmikey

    Pop Rock backing track in D

    Have a go over this! Thanks, Mike
  3. geetarmikey

    Different use for the EQ on a Boogie

    So I have a Boogie Mk5 25w and the way I use the EQ isn't to do the classic U-shaped mid scoop thing, I use it as an in-built boost for solos (Along with a Blues Driver), but also as a boost for the 2nd and 4th pickup positions which tend to be quieter on the clean channel which is really handy...
  4. geetarmikey

    NGD, first LP in over 10 years

    Don't ask about the specs haha, the shop I bought it from didn't have them, but it's a 2018 matte red finish and it sounds exactly like a LP should and plays like a dream! So excited to gig it soon! Oh and check out my original music and backing tracks - Mike
  5. geetarmikey

    Funk backing track wot I done

    Give it a go! Plus a like and sub if you're that way inclined :D Thanks, Mike
  6. geetarmikey

    Original track (Buckethead vibes)

    Hope you like it! Mike
  7. geetarmikey

    I have a YouTube channel now - instrumental rock/metal/jazz

    Here's one I recorded recently and there's more coming if you're into it, give me a like and subscribe! Thanks, Mike
  8. geetarmikey

    New original instrumental rock - Satriani-esque

    If you like riffs, solos and cool parts then you might like my new one, let me know what you think! Cheers
  9. geetarmikey

    Useful/interesting pedals for function/party bands

    I play in a couple of wedding/function bands as the only guitarist and besides the usual delay/reverb/chorus that comes in handy can anyone think of any other pedals that might fill out the sound a bit when needed. Maybe something like a POG or one of those Electro Harmonix pedals that sound...
  10. geetarmikey

    Loudest boost pedal that doesn't need to go in the loop?

    I'm back to a valve amp after years using modelers and I'm looking to kick in the classic "bit more gain and a big volume boost" using my Boogie MK4 25W head on the rhythm channel with a good amount of gain. Not been paying attention to the most popular pedals for the job, but I've hear the TC...
  11. geetarmikey

    Valve combo or mini head w/speaker sim for gigging?

    What would you guys suggest now we're back to gigging? I've been using a rack/midi board setup, but fancy something a bit simpler now. The Blackstar combos don't look too back and maybe the smaller Mesa heads look handy. Having speaker sim out would be ideal too. Thanks!
  12. geetarmikey

    More instrumental rock (Slight Buckethead vibe)

    Let me know what you think!
  13. geetarmikey

    Instrumental rock track (Nuno influenced).

    Used the free Fluff 5153 and Ignite amp plugins for the rhythm and my Kemper Soldano profile for the leads. Got a few other songs on there too, let me know what you think!
  14. geetarmikey

    First track made on laptop Used Reaper, Ignite Emissary (Great amp sim), Steven Slate Drums and the onboard EQ, reverb and compression. Let me know what you think!
  15. geetarmikey

    Really bad tuning problem with my Suhr. Please help!

    Hi, I've been experiencing big tuning problems with my Suhr Modern. If I use the Gotoh whammy bar and dive it the notes go very sharp but if I physically bend a note past a tone it tends to go very flat. This is happening on every string no matter how much I stretch them out. I have the trem...
  16. geetarmikey

    New neck p/u for my Suhr Modern?

    The JST SSV is nice, but it can sound a bit "single coil-y"; what p/u do you think would work well with the SSH+ in the bridge? Going for a more liquid, creamy sound. Thanks!
  17. geetarmikey

    Help me with my JMP-1 and GSP1101

    Recently bought a JMP-1 exclusively for my amp sounds and I want to now use the GSP for effects. How do I hook these up, so for example Channel 1 is a straight unaffected clean sound and Channel 2 is clean, but with effects from the GSP? I'll be using a Behringer FCB to switch everything too...
  18. geetarmikey

    Why doesn't Vai like the Legacy 2?

    I've seen a few videos recently where he's discussing his tone and how he's using the 1 and 3 on stage and how his new Legacy pedal gets the sound of the 1 and 3 very accurately. What happened with the 2? I assume he designed it, so why doesn't he use it does anyone know?
  19. geetarmikey

    Blocked off the trem on my Suhr Modern

    It was floating but never added much benefit in the up-pull and I must say the playability and sustain has increased a bit, or at least it FEELS like it has! I blocked it by just screwing the trem to the body tighter, so can still divebomb. Has anyone else had similar results on their Suhr or...