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  1. RedPlated

    1982 JCM 800 2204 MOAB mod YouTube clip - RT member build

    Just completed this killer 2204 for a Rig Talk member. Came out fantastic. I really like the results with the 50w circuit. Super punchy mid gain settings in this clip. It’ll get higher gain and more modern. This is just a good, percussive tone with lots of clarity and attack.
  2. RedPlated

    SOLD Bare Knuckle Mule set double cream

    Outstanding condition. Full length leads. Box and all original packaging included. Long leg, 4 conductor. $SOLD shipped PPG
  3. RedPlated

    WTB - JB Antiquity bridge pickup

    Any color bobbins are fine
  4. RedPlated

    WTB - Duncan Nazgul/ Sentient set

    Trem spaced bridge. Can be direct mount or standard. Need to be all black bobbins.
  5. RedPlated

    Jason Tong from Headfirst on Tone Talk live....

    GREAT show. watching it now. Very tech oriented.
  6. RedPlated

    New Hellion PCB design coming soon…

    I posted this on my FB page, so I’m going to cut and paste it here: A big shout out to Jason Tong at Headfirst Amplification. He and I have been working together for a while developing a fully customized PCB for my Hellion builds. This will be next level. A fully-inclusive board with a...
  7. RedPlated

    Friedman JEL blackout

    I know people like red head shells but I am not a fan. I had sourmash build me a black shell that centered the chassis. I like it much better.
  8. RedPlated

    Stock 1973 Marshall Super Lead with PPIMV clip

    I picked up a 1973 Super Lead today for a buddy since I was close to the seller's location. The seller had owned it since 1980. He bought it with the MV installed in one of the extra speaker jacks. Otherwise it's stock. I haven't opened it but I saw gut shots and it's good to go. It has a 5000pf...
  9. RedPlated

    Wall O’ Marshall

    I re-organized these amps today. They look pretty killer in the $35 IKEA bookcases. This is the way to go for amp storage. I have black ones too on the opposite wall with all my non-Marshall amps. Updated arrangement thanks to...
  10. RedPlated

    Ground Zero Dirty Bomb - clips added

    Here’s a 74’ Super Lead that I previously modded with a 3 gain stage Jose circuit. I spent all day re-doing the circuit with updates and a switchable 4th stage a la the Hellion. Also experimented with a couple new tweaks that worked great. It also received one of my Hellion flat panel LED...
  11. RedPlated

    Master Effects PMEQ...Master of Puppets studio EQ pedal

    This looks pretty legit. Anyone have any experience with one? Thinking about getting one for my IIC++. I like the tones at around 6:00 mark.
  12. RedPlated

    Yes way, Jose... Bucket list grail amp incoming

    Well, I've been searching for one for years and now it's happened. An all-original Jose Arredondo 1971 Super lead is coming home. Can't tell you guys how excited I am to have been lucky enough to grab one. My good buddy found two Arredondo 71' Super leads locally in Los Angeles. Makes sense to...
  13. RedPlated

    R.I.P. Howard Dumble?

    Read on FB (LA Vintage Gear) that he passed away today. Sounds credible but I haven’t heard any solid info. Anyone else hear this?
  14. RedPlated

    1969 Super Lead and PS100

    I always laugh when I plug into this amp and re-realize how much gain these have for a 50+ year old amp. Not high gain by today's standards but it's a decent amount. This is the sound that all future Marshalls tried to achieve at lower volumes. Amp is totally stock and really clean. No extra...
  15. RedPlated

    Interesting Wizard experience - yes I "altered" one

    Just want to say...this isn't intended to be a negative post about Wizard at all. But an informative post that may give some useful info to other Wizard owners. A buddy of mine wanted a depth control in his MCii/ MTL hybrid. I determined the best way to do it without putting the depth in a...
  16. RedPlated

    GZA Hellion 4 stage circuit clips

    Here are a couple clips of the most recent build, completed a few days ago. It’s a beast. 483 plate volts. Very mean. In the first clip it starts on 3 gain stages. Switched to 4 stages about halfway through. I even throw in some cleans from the neck pickup for a second or two. I’ve got the 4th...
  17. RedPlated

    I couldn’t resist…

    It was nagging at me so I had to try it. Added 4th gain stage to the Hellion. And it sounds really amazing so far. This will probably be standard from now on. The stages are cool enough that it doesn’t get dark or overbearing. But adds just enough punch and grind. Still dialing it in but I don’t...
  18. RedPlated

    Good deal on a couple Marshall DSL’s in LA area

    These could be a great buy for someone in LA. I had a 50w years ago and it was decent. Better than the 100w I had later on.
  19. RedPlated

    Ground Zero Hellion 100 completed pics…

    Finally finished it up with front faceplates and logo. Should start building the next one soon. Updated photo:
  20. RedPlated

    Rocky George is seriously underrated...

    I've been into Suicidal Tendencies since High School. It took me a while to really realize it but Rocky is amazing. His solos specifically are just insane. I love the feel and melody he incorporates into them. I just listened to "Which Way To Free" from Art of Rebellion. That solo is so good...