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  1. 311splawndude

    Things that bug you about gear

    Face it, we all love gear or we wouldn't be here. Well....most of us anyway :LOL: What are some things that bug you about gear outside of GAS? Things like: Guitars/bridges/strings going out of tune too fast. Software versions on FX systems going out of date too fast. For me: Tubes: We all...
  2. 311splawndude

    What Is Classic Rock? On AXSTV

    For those that have AXSTV cable channel. I just watched this show 'What is Classic Rock?' Excellent. They talk about the roots of R&R. How different genres played into it. What is Classic and what is not. They talk metal and punk and blues etc. It has parts with Bruce Kulick and Gilby...
  3. 311splawndude

    Whats the best solo of the 2000s?

    ?? (crickets) :lol: JK - I'm sure there are a few. Hit me.
  4. 311splawndude

    The Mailman delivered!

    I didn't know Dan the Mailman like some of you did but I think most of us are still trying to process this. Every time I see his avatar or one of his posts I get choked up. I mean damn, he was three years younger than me but seemingly - has been through so much more in his lifetime. The way...
  5. 311splawndude

    US Festival Day 3 special /// Skid Row on Reelz 7/17 4pm CST

    FYI Not the whole concert - it is just a special. Hoping to see a little VH
  6. 311splawndude

    Van Halen

    I'm making a Van Halen tribute thread. Just random pics and videos. I may reserve a post for gear related stuff but I'm no authority on the matter so if peeps want to contribute that kind of info - I will stick it there. (your favorite video here - post 'em so I can see 'em)
  7. 311splawndude

    Happy Father's Day!

    To all the Dads out there. Make it a good one and stay free. :cheers:
  8. 311splawndude

    The Ugly amp thread

    Thought this might be fun or entertaining. Maybe not. What is the ugliest amp out there? In your opinion? This is the amp that prompted me to make this thread. japetus thought it was the best ever :) Here are few more to kick this off-
  9. 311splawndude

    Top 50 Rock Songs evar!

    So I thought I'd share this for two reasons. Discussion/Debate but also because I took the time to document it. Every Memorial Day weekend KSHE 95 in St. Louis, MO plays the top 500 rock songs of all time. There is NO statistical or empirical data that goes into it. You may ask why if it is...
  10. 311splawndude

    Memorial Day remembrance ...Thank You to all our current and former military personnel!

    Thank You! We appreciate your service :yes:
  11. 311splawndude

    Pedals you've never heard of that are egregiously expensive

    Like this one? Anyone ever heard of this? Chase Bliss Brothers OD/Fuzz. Only $400. It comes in a wooden box so you know it's good. What else?
  12. 311splawndude

    Kyle abusing a Slawn

    Really good stuff here :yes: Kyle Bull from Brushido Code - full demo. He goes thru all the Gears and gain changes with each and with and without a boost pedal. Intro good 5:50 he starts the demo 11:50 starts what I love Punchy He didn't do the OD1/OD2 comparison. OD2 is where it is at...
  13. 311splawndude

    The Official Epic Pics / Gifs / Vids & Riffs Thread

    Yep. Bout time. I've wanted to do this for awhile. Post 'em if you got 'em. :yes: MonkeyMan/Mods - please do not move this to Off Topic. We will keep this clean enough an political free. If we move it there it will get destroyed :D Plus we need something here that is light hearted and...
  14. 311splawndude

    For those that celebrate

  15. 311splawndude

    Western Electric USA considering expanding their tube operations due to the current global pandemic

    The Tube Shortage Pandemic that is :D Sorry, just trying to get your attention. I saw this on the Mesa Boogie FB page and thought I'd pass it along. Can y'all click on this and add some amp tubes to the list?
  16. 311splawndude

    Happy 311 Day!

    Pics later
  17. 311splawndude

    Post your favorite cell phone amp clips

    Not trying to be a dick :lol: I respect TheGreatGreen and his opinion. I do think they have their place though. Maybe not so much for official demos- But for an in-room approximation I'm down. Let's see :yes: An ABY comparison would be even cooler.
  18. 311splawndude

    I see a lot of new faces here

    I see a lot of new faces here. Just wondering why? Dudes with 10 - 200 posts that I just don't recognize. Curious if you dudes are posting more on R-T because TGP is lame? Is it because you feel like you can express yourself better here without backlash? Is it because you dudes are just...
  19. 311splawndude

    Thank you RaceU4her! Mimiq doubler In-Room

    Thank you RaceU4her for the idea to get a TC Electronics Mimiq doubler. :cheers: Also, thank you for your inspirational clips. They have forced me to up my game. For those that don't know anything abut this pedal it uses a very slick algorithm to mimic multiple tracks. Now @RaceU4her has...
  20. 311splawndude

    Who here has been banned from Rig-Talk R-T?

    Recently? Do tell.