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  1. Norton666

    Looking through the classifieds……

    Jesus Murphy! It seems as if everyone is finding the highest price they can find online and kickin er up an extra 20%. Keep in mind, I’m an old school forum trader/seller from back in the Harmony Central days, but it feels like it used to be a place to connect with other musicians, make friends...
  2. Norton666

    Marshall Cabs cost more than Bogner Cabs??

    As a dealer, I was furious to see the gigantic price increase as of Jan 1. I was proud of Orange, again as a dealer, for not following suit, and they just announced this week that their UK based gear is all basically doubling in cost. While I love both lines, $6-$7k for a half stack is ridiculous
  3. Norton666

    Is this the end of the tube amp?

    I can say, as a music store owner and an amp repair tech, it’s a big deal. I can’t get anything. Some of the amp lines that I’m a dealer for won’t even accept warranty repair returns because they don’t have tubes. It’s not the end of tube amps, but it is definitely hurting the people who repair...
  4. Norton666

    Impressive plexi clips from the Marshall JVM 210H

    Absolutely my favorite high gain amp
  5. Norton666

    Is the slo all it’s cracked up to be ?

    I didn’t like mine at all.
  6. Norton666

    Charvel new guitars

    I spoke with my ESP rep yesterday, and he is 99% sure that they are doing away with the E-II line this year
  7. Norton666

    David Lee Roth is Retiring After His Last 5 Upcoming Shows in Las Vegas

    Just like Ozzy…..KISS…..and Crue. He’s not retiring, just selling more tickets
  8. Norton666

    Forget it/FT--Digitech 2101 w/Artist software & Control 1 $450

    I think we ALL have owned one of these! Definitely takes me back. Hundreds of gigs with this, my Mosvalve and my vertical 2x12 ADA Cabs.
  9. Norton666

    WTB: Digi 003+

    Looking for another 003. Let me know if you have one. Cheers!!
  10. Norton666

    Tech help. DSL 100 has lost all of its volume. Please

    I have a newer DSL that blew the 630ma fuse. I replaced the fuse and it works, but even at max volume, it is whisper quiet. I’m thinking re-tube, but any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks!
  11. Norton666

    Where is everyone buying their tubes?

    I haven’t had to buy tubes in quite some time, but I have a DSL that needs a full retube. Where is everyone going for their tubes nowadays? Thanks!
  12. Norton666

    Best Friedman

    Every Friedman Ive played sounded great. That being said, Im always left feeling like I could get the same tone with a stock Marshall and a dirt box. Just my opinion of course
  13. Norton666

    1986 Marshall JCM 800 2203

    This is correct
  14. Norton666

    NAD: BAD SLO100 & Cab Question

    I’ve owned an SLO on two different occasions, and I could not get along with them either. To me, they fall into the same category as a Recto...completely unusable for me without a boost. At any gain level. Just my opinion of course
  15. Norton666

    Mesa Mark IV price check

    Mik III and IV prices are out of control right now. Same goes for JCM 800s. Crazy expensive!
  16. Norton666

    NGD: 2018 LPC

    Looks bitchin! I wish my black LPC had chrome hardware. My ‘78 Wine Red has nickel and I love it
  17. Norton666

    Lynch 1989-90

    Maybe I’m the odd man here, but one of the things that I always loved about Lynch, is his lower gain tone. Compared to other players back then, his tone was clean and articulate. There was no hiding behind a wall of gain with him. Same goes for Paul Gilbert, in my opinion
  18. Norton666

    Germino Lead 55LV in route, cab/speaker suggestions?

    Those are fantastic amps. I personally love them with Greenbacks.