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  1. IntenseJim

    Gol Damn Jon sounds like shit...

    I haven’t read this thread in it’s entirety so I’m not opposed to nor surprised getting my ass kicked in by my own doings in this post: For every person saying that Jon can’t sing well (including Jon himself) and suggests he’s doing it only for the money, there are legions of fans that would...
  2. IntenseJim

    The Guitar Guru Network (The fake tracking number scam goes on)

    Hello Gents. Long time no see. I saw this thread here and posted on the gear page. My post includes screenshots of my messages with subhuman POS Keith on...
  3. IntenseJim

    SOLD. VHT 2150

  4. IntenseJim

    SOLD. VHT 2150

    Behold the hammer of god.... $2500 +s/h No trades Pm or email
  5. IntenseJim

    The Guitar Guru Network (The fake tracking number scam goes on)

    Comes to being a piece of shit, Keith is tops. Or should I say bottom.
  6. IntenseJim

    SOLD: Kauer Banshee.

    That is insanely awesome.
  7. IntenseJim

    SOLD----BK Cold Sweat 50mm bridge f/s Happy to work out something special for fellow RTs. I've been off the grid for quite a while. Trades: Prefer to sell. in stark...
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  9. IntenseJim

    SOLD -------------Furman PQ3 preamp equalizer -f/s

    SOLD Album of photos : ... pq3.12818/ - works great; sounds killer -rare -recently tuned up by Andy Fuchs and is quieter now; better S/N -missing ground on plug -balances in /out jacks are missing $299 OBO....includes shipping in CONUS No trades
  10. IntenseJim

    SOLD —-> Mezzabarba Skill w feedback control F/S

    Mezzabarba Skill 30 with Feedback control ... t=32613858 SOLD $1775 shipped in CONUS No trades If you’re reading this you probably know about Mezzabarba. In my opinion this head sounds virtually identical to the Soldano SLO, of which I have had many. It’s...
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  12. IntenseJim

    sold———-SOLDANO SLO F/S

    Soldano SLO Clean, no mods, works fine. Only selling because I have ....three of them. The amp itself is bone stock. Headshells are from Brit-Tone. I have two headshells from Brit-tone. You can choose either green snakeskin or magenta metallic alligator/lizard. (The boa b/w was sold along...
  13. IntenseJim


    SOLD on Reverb in 2 hours. Fortin Cali head mint footswitch original packaging carton no issues no trades These new are selling for $3300 + shipping + bank wire fees. Fortin does not accept Paypal. Can you say Paypal Credit?
  14. IntenseJim

    Alan67 - outstanding seller

    viewtopic.php?f=6&t=204063 Prompt shipping. Followed through. Exceptionally well packed. Fantastic guy. :rock:
  15. IntenseJim

    Walnut Jackson PC1 Phil Collen SSS - opinions?

    Curious what you all think ? Personally i would like it sans the extra switches for the Fernandez unit. And no two—eh—make that three color Floyd bridge. Price is a bit exorbitant.
  16. IntenseJim

    R.I.P. Steve_k

    These anecdotes of Steve's grandeur and kindness ..tragic loss. Seems like he was a model human being. RESPECT. RIP.
  17. IntenseJim


    SOLD BAD CAT LYNX $1300 or best offer. Nooooooo trades Sorry for the massive size photos. NOW ON EBAY WITH LOW STARTING BID; PRICED TO MOVE ... 3756495721
  18. IntenseJim


    About 10 months ago I heard Michael Soldano might be closing shop and if I ever wanted a custom order it had better be soon. I ordered my SLOr from Mike in 1990 after hearing one in Roger Sadowsky's old NYC shop and after that several modification/upgrades over the nearly 30 years. I specified...