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    Suggestions for speakers in a 212 for high wattage heads

    Hey guys, Just picked up a Bogner 212 which came loaded with a greenback and g12H. Don't think this will handle my 101, KSR Gemini or Hagen safely. What would you guys recommend for predominantly rock gigs. FYI, I have an oversized Reinhardt cab loaded with a V30 and g12h for home use volumes...
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    Hagen purchase

    Had a great transaction buying a Hagen from texmarkmusic! Could not have been a smoother transaction. Would buy from him in a heartbeat. Chris
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    Aldrich replacement

    So yet another pickup question on the forum. I have a suhr modern very similar to Yngza, limba body, pau ferro neck, ebony board. I really like the clean sound but through the drive channels on my Shiva 20th there's a high mid spike that doesn't get softened that much by the tone knob. Its like...
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    Rainbow Guitars - great sales guy alert! - Jackson Content!

    Agreed, I bought my Charvel Govan from him! Got a great deal and never felt any pressure.
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    New Friedman designed pedalboard incoming!

    Looking forward to the video!