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    Mystery illness struck me down. Anyone have one like this?

    You should go see a doctor ASAP. In September 2020 I had the worst illness I've ever had. I had migraines, fever, back pain, fatige, dizziness, and a bunch of other stuff, and could only feel better with some pain reliever, but after the effect wore off I was back to feeling like shit...
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    Amps You Have Purchased More Than Once

    The only amp I've had more than once is the Mesa Mark IV. I'm on my 4th now, and I've regretted selling all the other ones, particularly the last one which sounded the best to me. I plan on keeping this one 'til I die though.
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    NPAD: Mesa Studio

    How much did you pay for it if you don't mind asking?
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    IIc+ pricing...worth 10k?

    Yeah, I'm out of the race of getting a IIC+. No way I'm paying those prices, even if it's my dream amp. I'll stay with my IV for life though.
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    Mesa Mark IV power tube suggestions

    My current Mark IV came with Mesa STR 430s. I went ahead and bought 440s since I was using them on my previous Mark IV. I prefer the 430s that came with it a lot more. The amp has more punch, warmth, and bigger low end.
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    I was offered one some months ago, money in hand, but for some reason the owner backed out two times. Great guy, posts here. Talked a lot with him through e-mails. If you'd like to sell your DRG, I'm ready! :devilish:
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    Hey, this has been me for the past 12 or so years hehehe. I've been GASing a IIC+ DRG for ages and I've had the chance to buy one for like 3 or 4 times, but something always happen and can't at the end. With the current prices it'll get even harder for me to keep pursuing buying one since they...
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    I actually liked Shred Mode, but never used it. The thing is that I needed very different settings with it on to sound awesome, so I never used it. To me it was designed to set the amp normally for a 6 string, and engage Shred Mode to chug on a 7 without changing settings. I don't play 7...
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    Well If you can afford the gear, just go for it. I'd never sell this IV. It's my 4th already, and everytime I regret selling them. The only way I could see myself selling it is if by any chance I need a little extra money to buy a IIC+ DRG when the chance presents itself. So I'd tell you...
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    Congrats! Looks great. Do McCarty's weight a ton too? Just asking, trying to compare to a CU24.
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    I owned both when the JP2C first came out. I sold the IV quickly after buying the JP2C, but found out that I liked the lead on the IV more, both in tone and feel, especially at low volumes. Loud, it was debatable, but the JP2C sounds more huge. I ended up selling the JP2C also, and now own a...
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    Just have to share my excitement for my new amp - IIC+

    I was really close to buying it. I have a cousin that lives close by to the seller that was going to do me the favor. At the end I didn't go through it because the seller didn't want to send pics of the insides of the amp, and my cousin doesn't know anything about it.
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    Just have to share my excitement for my new amp - IIC+

    Congrats!! Was this the one that was for sale in Sweden by any chance?
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    The Guitar Guru Network (The fake tracking number scam goes on)

    We should all comment on the video so that more people can see this, and stop them from getting scammed.
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    New Dream Theater: 👽 NUTS!

    I liked the music. This is the best Mangini has sound with DT, but still, like others said, I miss Portnoy's grooves. I also hate Labrie on this song. I can't stand him anymore, and I'd always defended him before. Loved JP's solo too.
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    I prefer my 3 channel Mesa Dual Rectifier to my MK III & MK IV

    What is this pot for?
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    Which rig would YOU choose to record your album with..?

    I liked guitar 2/amp 3 the best in the mix.
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    C+ Through Mark IV guys, do you use all 6l6's? or el34's in your outer slots?

    I mainly use 6L6s, but sometimes I change to EL34s to get different sounds. When using EL34s I use the triode and pull the presence on the lead to get close to the IIC+. The cleans are definitely fuller and more 3D sounding with 6L6s. Edit: I forgot to add that I'm talking about the Mark IV.
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    Mesa Mark IV rev A...

    This is also what I've found. I used to like the B more since it sounds a little bit more modern, but nowadays I'd fancy a rev A for sure.