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    Fsft 1976 Gibson les Paul standard

    1976 les Paul standard Pancake mahogany body Maple 3 piece neck Rosewood fingerboard Grover tuners Jb in the bridge ? Neck pickup Original frets Neck looks straight with my straight edge HEAVY AF!!! I just got this last week in a trade. If this doesn’t sell in a few weeks I already talked...
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    Fsft Marshall 4211 working chassis

    1986 marshall 4211 fully working chassis With reverb tank and footswitch I got this awhile ago with ideas of turning it into a head. I have to many projects so I’m letting it go. Everything works as it should although this year does have the channel bleed issue. There’s mods out there to fix...
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    Price check on a les paul

    Any ideas on a price for this les Paul? 1976 ,standard ,natural with case. Player condition. Not real beat up Original pickups are gone (looks like original pots) Original tuners swapped for Grover And someone drilled a hole for coil tapping Original frets Pickup rings are cracked
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    Boss re-202 issues

    First off here is the instructions So after two days of trying to get this this to work in my pedalboard setup I have these issues. 1) I can put this in my 5150iii loop and as soon as I turn the loop on,big volume drop...
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    FS mesa dual rectifier OFFER THE MARKET RIGHT NOW

    Used mesa dual rectifier 3 channel This is not a multiwatt!!! Plenty of small scuffs and cuts Velcro on footswitch Tubes show plenty of life left Works and sounds as it should. I’d prefer to not ship Will meet between Columbus Ohio to Cleveland Ohio. Going off current prices and the condition...
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    FSFT Tokai Ls129 goldtop SOLD

    2021 tokai ls129 goldtop Made in Japan ! Mint. I bought this back in November from Japan Not a mark on it. Mahogany body/neck Maple top Rosewood fretboard Gotoh hardware and pickup’s Comes with a really nice,super thick gig bag. Set up to Eb I’m selling because it’s. 50’s neck and I prefer...
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    FSFT Marshall jvm410h

    Looks new others than one tiny tear (see pics) Just back from local amp tech New quad of jj el34ii tubes And amp was looked over. $1500 ppff plus shipping (heavy sucker) Trades Looking for an older Marshall 5150 100w el34 Ask!
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    FSFT Evh 5150iii 50watt stealth

    Like new Played very little Comes with Evh box,pedal(used twice) cords and owners manual. $1150 ppff I’ll cover shipping in the lower 48 states. Trades Looking for an older Marshall
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    FSFT Wizard mc25 sold

    I just recently got this but I’m not bonding with it. I guess I’m more a Marshall guy. Looks brand new and works as it should. Come with footswitch! $old ppff,I’ll cover shipping to the lower 48 states. Trades Marshall’s Send me an offer!
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    FS Pickups prices lowered

    Bare knuckle rebel yell Zebra-50mm-4 conductor $110 ppff shipped Sd perpetual burn Zebra-53mm-4 conductor Pending payment ppff shipped Sd sh6 distortion Black-53mm-4 conductor $60 ppff shipped Sd perpetual burn Black-53mm-4 conductor $60 ppff...
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    FS Pedals. 805 and mxr chorus lowered prices

    Seymour duncan 805 A couple as it should. $95 ppff I’ll cover shipping. Mxr234 chorus. Same pedal as the zakk wylde chorus. Like new. Played a few times. Box and all the goodies. $70 ppff I’ll cover shipping.
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    FSFT Uk made celestion v30’s X4

    Celestion v30 8ohm quad Label says Ipswich England Not newer Chinese speakers! Broke it No issues No solder on tabs $450 for all four. Ppff I’ll ship them. Trades Looking for other celestions
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    FS Marshall sc20h. Sold

    Sc20h Not a mark on it. Original box and tag. I only have about five hours on this. $old ppff and I pay the shipping. I got a good deal so I’m passing it on.
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    FS/OT charvel San dimas mij sold

    Made in Japan San dimas. 59/Aldrich pickups Looking to sell or trade in ohio I’m near Columbus and will drive a few hours to meet if needed $old Trades Looking for a Marshall jvm410h I Will add cash
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    FS/OT mesa boogie mark v gone

    Mesa mark v. Looking to sell or trade in Ohio I’m Near Columbus but will drive to meet within a few hours drive. Gone Trades Marshall’s-prefer a jvm410h Les pauls Evh 5150 iii el34s 100watt
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    Wtb marshall jvm410h

    Looking for a nice condition jvm410h at a reasonable price.
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    Great guy. WAR_in_D

    “War in d” delivered a great guitar. It’s nice to receive a guitar that’s setup and packed well.
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    New fedex policy same fedex bullsh*t

    Just to let you guys know as I just got back from FedEx. Any package valued OVER $500 there now going to open your package and check the item inside. Yeah,I sold an amp and had it bubble wrapped and double boxed and they opened it. Then got pissy with me because I asked to watch them...
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    Wtb wizard mcii

    Looking for a wizard mcii 25-50-100 it doesn’t matter. Thanks
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    FSFT Kemper powered rack and set up

    Kemper powered rack Kemper foot switch and cable Power conditioner with lights Two rack space drawer to hold foot switch and cables. All in a Gator 6 space rack! The kemper doesn’t have a scratch on it The floor switch is dusty but not big scratches The drawer has a bent corner please see...