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  1. threadkiller

    6505 mini vs 5150iii lunchbox

    I have a couple of 212 cabs sitting around not being used. Sell the cabs? :confused: Hell no. Buy more amps. I have clean and classic marshall covered in spades with a Roland JC40, a Fargen miniplex combo, and a Friedman Smallbox. I don't have really high gainers. Was looking at the two...
  2. threadkiller

    Swapped pickups, not happy...Tone Zone the solution?

    I recently changed out the pickups and the pots in my Les Paul. Now, I absolutely love the Dimarzio Norton (not Air Norton) in the bridge on my Explorer so I figured with both guitars being mahogony why not. I put a PAF Pro in the neck and Norton in the bridge. The neck pickup sounds great...
  3. threadkiller

    Anybody know where to get LDPE packaging material

    I need to ship a power amp and want to get some of the foam corners like it was shipped to me in originally. Unfortunately can't seem to find the original box anymore. anyone know where to get some of that tough foam stuff. It's not brittle like styrofoam. I have some at home but not enough...
  4. threadkiller

    Def Leppard High'n' Dry

    What a great f*ckin album. I kinda missed out on it... I guess because I was 6 when it came out but I got hooked on pyromania when it was first released (at age 8) and remember Bringing on the Heartbreak from back then as well. I actually thought high 'n' dry was follow up to pyromania but it...
  5. threadkiller

    Floyd rose intonation help

    I have a guitar with a Floyd that I'm having trouble with setting the intonation on one string. I basically run out of adjustment. I have the screw in the third hole, the one closest to the fine tuners, and am able to get it intonated correctly but in doing so I am having to move the saddle...
  6. threadkiller

    Help with LP 498T neck pup, ? wiring issue

    Recently bought a 2011 LP which i think has the 498T in the neck. I love the guitar for all around playability and the bridge pup sounds good but the neck pup sounds absolutely awful. Thin and nasal but not in a good way. To the point I was wondering if something was wrong with the wiring. I...
  7. threadkiller

    Van Halen Let's Get Rockin' I late to the party

    WTF. this song is amazing and I never heard it until tonight. How did I miss out. Anyone know how I can get a copy. bLPVPn0OcKo
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    Guess I'll miss TGP

    Wanted to copy my post before they delete it over there Quote: Originally Posted by dillingerescaped View Post I think Jugs is referring to ...well Dolly Parton and a certain....pair.......of body parts...and chugs was referring to Richie Sambora and his alcohol problems. Not Racist, yes a...
  9. threadkiller

    NGD Charvel Content

    This came in 2 days ago. Bought it from forum member Padre Bonic. I think he had it on the classifieds for about 30 seconds before I pulled the trigger :lol: :LOL: It's a USA ProMod but has a lot of upgrades, including the kick ass paint job. I basically plugged it in Monday and made sure...
  10. threadkiller

    Floyd Rose Special ?

    What's your take on the Floyd Rose Special. I was looking at a guitar and asked the seller and apparently the Floyd is a Floyd Rose Special, made in South Korea. Any good or is it garbage? Is it going to stay in tune and will the knife edge wear easily or saddles strip out with typical use. I...
  11. threadkiller

    Help with Dance the Night Away

    How can I get the tapped harmonics during the choruses to ring out more? I don't think more gain is the answer. Is there a trick to this or do I just need to work on my technique? I suspect if anything what I need is volume. Not really ringing out at moderate to low volumes. Feels like I...
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    Charvel Dinky?

    Was at a gig last weekend and a dude shows me one of his guitars. It's an old Charvel model 6 but was a 24 fret model but was set to the scale length of a regular Charvel 22 fret. Seems like a perfect guitar to me. I've gone 24 fretters in the past because I have trouble with upper fret...
  13. threadkiller

    sgill72 Great seller

    bought an amp from sgill72 and the amp was shipped out same day and arrived packed well and was exactly as described. Smooth deal all around. Buy with confidence.
  14. threadkiller

    Simple effects unit for reverb/delay in loop

    I don't really keep up with the effects world some i'm not up to speed. I still have an alesis quadraverb in my rack rig and I'm still happy with it :jo Anyway, I have two amps with passive effects loops. I have a carbon copy up front that I use sometimes and sounds good for clean to crunchy...
  15. threadkiller

    Does a 412 greenback cab have enough power handling...

    for a 100 W head? I always thought you needed more power handing from your speakers than your amp can dish out. I would think a single 412 Greenback cab (4 x 25 W speakers) would be able to handle 100W but with no "safety" factor built in. I realize a 100 W head might transiently push more...
  16. threadkiller

    Mic Mars live tone

    Watched a concert last night on VH1 classic and thought Mic's live tone was great. That is all.
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    The ugly old Boss DS-1 distortion

    Who use's one and how? Started rebuilding a pedal board after years of just plugging straight in. I got a DS-1 to punch my crunchy marshallish amp into 80's metal territory. I was pretty pleased at the sound from this mundane pedal, but was really surprised at how it ended up being set...
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    So when you retube and amp....

    Do you normally change out the preamp tubes as well or just the power? How do you know when the preamp tubes need changing? I was thinking my fryette 2502 needed a retube but wasn't sure. Stuck some power tubes in and my God did it make a difference. Didn't realize how anemic it had gotten...
  19. threadkiller

    Anybody installed a pickup in a carvin guitar before?

    I got a Dimarzio AT-1 to install my carvin DC 125 and replace the not so great sounding stock pickup. Went to install it and the pickup mounting ring has this weird one screw on one side but two one the other to hold the pickup. WTF? So I'm looking at getting a mounting ring. The stock...
  20. threadkiller

    someone acquaint me with Clapton

    I have to admit, after 20 years of playing, i've never really listened to any Clapton other tham what's on the radio routinely. Someone point me at some good Clapton listening. Is there a "boxed set" or something that is pretty comprehensive from his yardbirds days up through more current stuff?