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  1. Mesa\Kramer

    Ritchie Blackmore doing Neo Classical shred in 1969

    Thought this was pretty amazing for 1969 6S_j_gwD8aE
  2. Mesa\Kramer

    Vinnie moore still gots it

    :D BCWSEz-B458
  3. Mesa\Kramer

    Vintage BC Rich
  4. Mesa\Kramer

    Soldano SLO Gain Vs. Hot Rod Gain

    For those who have owned or have had some playing time with both. Do both have similar gain structure? The reason I ask is that I recently got a Jet City 50 (Which is a Soldano designed HR 50 made over seas). The amount of gain on tap from the Jet City is considerably more than my SLO. The...
  5. Mesa\Kramer

    PSA: Bugera 1960 $229!

    Just pulled the trigger........ :rock: ... r-amp-head
  6. Mesa\Kramer

    "Mr. Big" Undertow or "Tool" Undertow?

    Well,what say you? :thumbsup: :thumbsdown: A46dVwpd71o mHGv5FCS2j8
  7. Mesa\Kramer

    How did Angus get such a horrible guitar sound with his gear

    Really bad sounding solo'd out. :confused: Almost sounds as if the recording input was set too high and clipping (Skip to 1:07 after the 21 sec mark) R6WLFwxbX-Y Malcom's tone is for sure better, but still not great 4dsq2lH20k4
  8. Mesa\Kramer

    NAD! (SLO content)

    Really loving it so far except for the POS effects loop
  9. Mesa\Kramer

    New Aerosmith

    I know what your all thinking who gives a shit. But Heard this on the radio the other day and it sounded nothing like any of the over produced stuff from the past 25 years. Guess they worked with the producer who did Toys in the attic and Rocks? Anyways, i think this sounds just like Mid-70's...