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  1. sluice

    Looking for my next guitar! Help! Suggestions ?

    So, lately I got rid of a bunch of guitars...and only have 3 in my possession. All 3 have floating bridges and I'm looking to get one with a hard tail. Most importantly, my #1 is a 6 strings Schecter Custom Shop from the Axe Palace. It has a Keith Merrow Neck Pattern. The neck is labeled as...
  2. sluice

    WTB : Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+

    Have the muneh! DRG head with 105PT preferred but open to HRG as well... Message me in private with what you have!
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    NAD : JFL Plexi Clone 100 watt, featuring a Luxxtone!

    Playing around with my new baby : a Plexi clone by JFL Amplification. This amp features top of the line NOS components, as well as a wonderful copy of old Marshall transformers by Merren Audio. elR497GPUNc Can it brown sound? beT6aylMgj8 :rock:
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    WTB : Diezel VH4

    Title. :rock:
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    Please school me on 70s Marshall cab

    Any year? Which speakers are more sought? How much I should expect to pay? What to look for? I'm looking at an all original '72 Marshall Cab, still waiting on pics of the speakers. But anyhow, not sure what to look for, to make sure it's not a fake/scam? Please school me! :D
  7. sluice

    Anyone tried G12M in a Front-Loaded Soldano 412b cab?

    Alright here's my thing. 1- I find the Soldano cab, currently loaded with Eminence Legends V1216, sounds too sterile and modern for my taste. 2- My Wizard Modern Classic Half Stack is on the way out. I wanted to keep the cabinet though because I love that cab (loaded with G12M) paired with my...
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    Wrong section.
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    Fender American Select Stratocaster Maple Fingerboard

    Reverb : ... burst-2011 Price : 1900 USD + Shipping This rare top of the line strat is in excellent condition, at least 9+/10. Minor playwear but always very well taken care of. Guitar was professionally setup with 9-42 strings. Plays wonderfully and...
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    Help me! Should I trade my Soldano SLO for this...

    So, just want to get some opinions from the community on if I should do this trade of not. Is it a fair trade in terms of value, etc. Note, there isn't any more wiggling room with this person. First of, why would I trade the Soldano that I love?.. 1. I have a Wizard MC that love just as much...
  15. sluice

    NGD Luxxtone El Machete

    I'm the proud owner of this beauty. Luxxtone El Machete NAMM 2019 Bone white aged copper Thanks to zuel69 for the painless and easy transaction. A+ Will post more thoughts on the guitar once I've got to play it more. But so far it plays and sounds great. The neck feels just like it looks ...
  16. sluice

    NPD Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded

    First impression : only got to use it in front of my Soldano SLO for an hour and wow! Can't wait to see what it will do in front of my Wizard MC (It's currently getting re-tolexed) Will post more of my thoughts once I have got to play with it more so far I'm very pleased!
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    WTB: VFE Standout

    Send me a private message if you are open to sell yours. Been searching for this baby on a daily basis for the past two months! Help a bro out! :rock:
  19. sluice

    G12M Greenback, G12H-30 Anniversary or V30s

    Ok, here is my thing. I have a 4x12 Wizard cab coming up in the next few days to go with my Wizard MC head . It has : -2x G12H-30 Anniversary -2x V30s My initial idea was to swap the speakers for 4x G12M But I'm also thinking of other combinations that I will now have at hands.. 1. 2x G12M...
  20. sluice

    Suggest me a bridge pickup for my '76 LP custom

    Hia folks, I swapped the pickups on my 76 Les Paul Custom for : Neck : Bareknuckle VHII Bridge : Bareknuckle Holy Diver I had these pickups laying around, for another project that never concur, so decided to put them in my custom. VHII Neck I love it. Might be my favorite neck pup on a fat...