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  1. rlord1974

    Interesting Wizard experience - yes I "altered" one

    So that folks convince themselves they need to “upgrade” to the new model. Marketing 201: “How to drive sales to existing customers.” 😉
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    WTB: Egnater M4 and Modules

    Anybody looking to sell an M4? I do have to make a decision in the next day or two as to whether to continue pursuing an M4 or pivot to a Synergy SYN-2, so if you are thinking you might want to move your M4 for some holiday cash, PM me!
  4. rlord1974

    WTB: Egnater M4 and Modules

    Hi all, I'm looking to track down an Egnater M4 preamp in fully functional and excellent physical condition. I am only interested in the dual channel version. I am also interested in some dual channel modules - specifically, the BMAN, VX, SL and SL2. If you have the preamp and some different...
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    SOLD: Fryette 2100 Power Amp

    All is well here! I'm a little surprised you're selling this unit but don't we all have wandering eyes (and ears)! ;-)
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    SOLD: Fryette 2100 Power Amp

    Nice one Bobby!
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    Anybody know of a half rack-sized loop / function switcher?

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone is aware of a company offering a half-rack sized midi-controller loop / function switcher, similar to the RJM Effect Gizmo, Voodoo Labs GCX, Rocktron Patchmate, etc.? I know the RJM Mini Effect Gizmo could be fit into a half-rack sized opening, but it isn't truly a...
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    Warning: There is a scammer working this forum

    I recently posted a WTB ad here in the Classifieds. Last night, I received an email (not a PM) from a user account here on Rig-Talk. The user is "Reece453". Here is a link to the member profile: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=27692 Note that the user just opened their Rig-Talk account...
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    WTB: Mr. Black Goodfella overdrive pedal

    I'm looking to purchase a Mr. Black Goodfella overdrive pedal that is in good condition. Please let me know if you have one sitting around not getting used that you would like to convert to cash! Thanks!
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    Mesa Rectoverb 25 Head: Yay or Nay?

    Thinking of grabbing one as a lightweight back up amp for club gigs (sick of carrying a second full size head to collect dust behind my rig during the show) and as a gran 'n go for quick rehearsals. What's the verdict on these? I've never seen one in a shop so would have to order without...
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    New Synergy Modules at NAMM ... ?t=1531909
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    Metal Grill Option?

    Is Bogner offering this again? If so, what's the up charge to get it? I thought for awhile they had discontinued this option? Thanks! :rock:
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    Mesa Mini Rec - Issues?

    The Mini Rec originally came with a toggle on the rear panel to take the FX loop out of the circuit. The newer versions no longer have this switch and it is my understanding that it was removed because there were issues with the early versions of the amps that had it. Is this true? What was...
  14. rlord1974

    Bruce: Any plans for another run of M4s in 2014?

    Or, will we need to wait until the "new" modular line you are working on is released? If it's a waiting game, are you able to share any idea of timing? Thanks!
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    Gsxrbusa is a .......

    ......great seller! Tom ships fast, packs well, and accurately describes the item. What more do you want? Thanks, Tom! :thumbsup:
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    Bogner Helios - A clip from NAMM 2014

    YwQT3VV97FI Granted, the sound quality is less than stellar.
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    Friedman Charveldan Signature Model

    Dave: Rumours have it that you and Rob have been working closely with Charveldan over the past few months on a new signature model. Will it be released at NAMM? What can you tell us about it? :confused:
  18. rlord1974

    Wizard MCII - Edge of Break Up Tones - FINALLY!

    Ask and ye shall receive. Many folks have often inquired whether the Wizard MCII has nice edge of break up tones, but no clips have been available demonstrating them.....until now. dDkDURBFUgs
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    He really was one hell of a child actor. Maybe the best ever. Just sayin'.
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    To be "blunt", it was time for a new amp. Found this on CL and pulled the trigger. The seller asked if I wanted help getting it to the car - I said "I roll my own, thanks". When I got it home, I lit it up and I can confirm: it smokes. Very smooth and leaves you wanting