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  1. Khoi

    FS: Suhr Classic Antique NAMM Special - Seafoam Green / HSS

    For sale is an impeccable Suhr Classic Antique HSS setup with light relic. One of my favorite guitars I've ever owned. It was built for NAMM within the first years of the Classic Antique release with a special headstock. Stainless steel frets, all original electronics. Neck is in perfect...
  2. Khoi

    One NGD to Rule them all: Black Water Guitars 6-string DII

    Two years in the making, and it is finally here. I ordered this right after my Black Water 7-string in September of 2012, and it's just now arrived. Exactly 23 months of waiting, building, and numerous delays. Well, after two years, what do I get? . . . . . . . . . . Pure joy. Specs...
  3. Khoi

    Slap da guitar w/ Animals as Leaders! (My first lesson!)

    Hey guys, I just finished up my first ever video lesson on how to play that slap riff in The Woven Web by Animals as Leaders, along with the double thumping/slap technique. It's something great to learn if you've been feeling stagnant as a player (I know I was) It's actually a lot easier than...
  4. Khoi

    The most metal guitar I will ever own: Mayones Regius COPPER

    This guitar is crazy in all the best ways! The amount of detail that went into this is pretty ridiculous. I'll let the pictures do all the talking :thumbsup: Here it is in action :rock: X1D9N5H00iM
  5. Khoi

    My Axe-FX Ultra just crashed, and won't start back up now.

    I was just jamming through it, then all of a sudden noticed the signal just cutting out and giving me a weird tinny tone. Thought it was a cable issue, and changed a couple cables around, but nope. I look at the screen, and it's blank. Then I turn it off, and now, whenever I start it, it gives...
  6. Khoi

    EPIC NGD: Black Water Custom Guitars Custom 7-string

    IT IS FINALLY HERE. Some of you may have seen the build thread ( but I finally got it today, and oh boy is it as good as can be. Build took only 3 months and...
  7. Khoi

    Bare Knuckle Pickups: I'm a believer. Clip inside.

    my first set of Bare Knuckle pickups ever, a set of Cold Sweats (actually ordered just the bridge, but I ended up getting a set for the price of one!) that I dropped in my BFR JP6. Haven't installed the neck pickup yet actually. at first I wasn't sure how I felt about them, but once I started...
  8. Khoi

    Animals As Leaders/Tosin Abasi STOLEN GEAR ALERT!: LA Area

    I know a couple of you guys are in the LA area, especially Brad King and some bigger names, but a big heads up to keep your eyes open. These are some incredibly unique items, and I don't know what kind of low-life would steal from Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes... two incredibly talented and...
  9. Khoi

    Honest opionion on Parker guitars? More specifically Maxxfly

    Anyone have any experience with Parkers? I was never really interested in them before because I thought the Fly guitars were fugly, but I'm digging the newer MaxxFly models. They look like something I'd like to play at a decent price. I'm looking at the lower end one though, the DF422? I just...
  10. Khoi

    Seymour Duncan Zephy Pickups? Is this a joke? :confused:

    Anyone else see these...? Zephyr Silver Humbuckers Set: $1,195 Single: $595.95 :doh: :doh: :doh: really? what makes it so great that it's worth the price of an actual guitar?? ... ickups.php
  11. Khoi

    Andy Wood plays a Dumble.... and it doesn't explode

    posting this before he gets to! not gonna lie, it sounds pretty freakin amazing... just what I'd imagine a Dumble to sound like. But you can get that tone for <$2000 IMO! 0fdSU0R8f6U
  12. Khoi

    Splawn Quickrod - Who says it can't do metal? (with midz)

    Not enough gain? nope! too much mids? nope!! voiced only for 80's? nope!!! One last recording with my Quickrod before I head into Axe-FX territory! Sorry for the playing, it SUCKS , I only had 20 mins to record it while my pizza in the oven was baking. blahblahexcusesblahexcuses :D Did this...
  13. Khoi

    So.. I think I may have gotten scammed, what are my options?

    Alright, here's the deal. This may be a bit pre-mature, but the guy stopped contact well over a week ago, been calling him every day, and he won't pick up. He said he shipped the guitar about 2 weeks ago... and I haven't seen it yet, no tracking number or anything. I'd just like to have my...
  14. Khoi

    Anyone want a free grill cloth?

    I've had this roll laying around for a while after I used it to fix up an amp I got... and now I have no use for it, and I doubt I will in the future. I believe it's the Bluesbreaker grill cloth, looks great! here is it for size reference: and here is a close up and here it is on the JCM...
  15. Khoi

    OFFICIAL: Florida Ampfest 2010 - Orlando, Sat. May 1st

    **CENTRAL FLORIDA'S AMPFEST** May 1st, 12:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. at DMC Music Center in Orlando, FL 3301 Gardenia Avenue Orlando, FL 32805 Please RSVP here, and include any friends that may be coming, as well as gear We will be using Discount Music Center's (DMC) Rehearsal Room B as seen here...
  16. Khoi

    Cameron modded Marshall JMP CLIP - Low Gain Jose, AC/DC

    my second clip ever recording, got new headphone monitors so I wanted to give it a try! (AKG K271 MKII) figured I'd try something little more complex Used the low gain input and the master volume pulled to give it a more open sound Each of the guitar parts are double tracked Used the...
  17. Khoi

    So I just joined the Charvel club..... kinda......

    WAYNE CHARVEL THAT IS! Gat dayum, what did I just do, I probably shouldn't have bought it, but it was too much to resist I mean getting a real San Dimas from the real Charvel was too irresistable and the birds eye maple neck really sealed it for me. Should be coming soon, just sent the guy...
  18. Khoi

    Do I have an Original 1981 TS9? (Calling all TS9 experts!)

    so I've had this TS9 that I got in a trade, and I was bored (I actually should be studying for a final I have tomorrow!), but I decided to open her up to see what she looked like and to check out the ac adapter jack (it kinda shuts on/off, I need to wiggle it to get it right sometimes). Well...
  19. Khoi

    Egnater 1x12 Cab

    Whoo boy this cab sounds HUGE for a 1x12 cab! Even at VERY low volumes, you could still feel it thumpin. Hell, I had to turn the Bass to about 10:00 because I thought the people living under me would feel it! (I live in a dorm :lol: :LOL: ) I've A/Bed it with my other 1x12 cab and there was a...
  20. Khoi

    Fixing this Diezel Einstein?

    Hey guys, I have an opportunity to get a Diezel Einstein for a great price, but the owner says that the second channel is not working. I haven't gotten too much info so far, but he says that he's tried changing all the tubes and whatnot, but still can't get channel 2 to work. The first channel...