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  1. Terex

    Architects guitarists signature Fortin boost

    In the video posted yesterday from Andertons: 'Captain meets' this time with Architects guitarist Josh Middleton he said they're in the works with Fortin Amplification to create their signature boost pedal. It's different from the previous boosts as this one will have a more detailed EQ...
  2. Terex

    Sticky necks, what to do?

    Maybe it is the weather or humidity, but since a month or two all my guitars at home have a sticky neck. About three or four months ago I bought a Mayones Regius, it has the most awesome smooth neck ever, but now also that one is feeling sticky. Also my ESP Eclipse with a satin finish feels...
  3. Terex

    NGD!! (Mayones)

    After driving almost four hours yesterday evening I got home with one of my absolute dream guitars! A couple of years back I visited a guitarshop that stocked Mayones guitars. Once I saw and played those I knew I had to own one at some point. That point was yesterday evening! It's a Mayones...
  4. Terex

    James Hetfield has a new KL Explorer

    Anyone has more detailed pictures? The top looks interesting.
  5. Terex

    Blackat Guitars. About to order one. Any experience?

    I'm about the email my order form for a customshop guitar from Blackat guitars. They are handcrafted in Poland by a luthier from Warwick and a former masterbuilder from Mayones. Do you guys have played one? Any experience with the proces when ordering one? How many updates during the build can...
  6. Terex

    N(very Orange)CD!

    I moved to a new apartment a couple of weeks ago, and sadly I couldn't bring my trusty Mesa Roadking 4x12. So I looked for a nice 1x12 or 2x12, and ended up with this Orange half open back 2X12. It's a little more compact than the regular Orange 2x12, and for low volumes the open back is great...
  7. Terex

    Blacked out my ESP Eclipse I

    After two years of owning my Eclipse I with the original gold hardware I decieded to switch to all black hardware. I always wanted to do this but for some reason it took two years :) Now I only want to replace the EMG 81/60 with black brushed 57/66 :thumbsup: Before After
  8. Terex

    Did a Diezel VH4 pedal demo

    Recieved the pedal yesterday, and had my sony actioncam handy to film the unboxing and the first impression demo. I put it in the FX return of my '93 Mesa Triple Rectifier rev F into a Mesa Roadking 4x12. Sounded instantly absolutely crushing in the room, typical Diezel sound without effort. I...
  9. Terex

    Seymour Duncan pickup covers? Nazgul / Sentient

    I'm looking to replace the EMG's in my ESP Eclipse I with the Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient set. The thing is that I really like the look of the EMG's in the Eclipse, especially the metalworks. Now I have seen some people getting the Nazgul/Sentient set with metal pickupcovers, but I can't...
  10. Terex

    Tubes for Mesa Triple Rec Rev F (pics inside)

    I'm thinking about putting some fresh tubes in the good ol' Recto. I bought it about two and a half years ago with the tubes that are in it now. The previous owner said they were fairly new, so they're probably three years old. At least once a week I crank the amp realy loud for about three...
  11. Terex

    NGD!! First real ESP!

    So after my ESP ltd pre-lawsuit Explorer and ESP ltd ZH-7, I finally got my first real ESP! I always wanted the vintage black Eclipse, preferably with the 4 knob configuration and longer horn. The CTM model. Found one somewhat local in mint condition, the exact model I wanted. So, here is the...
  12. Terex

    NCD! Mesa content inside

    Finally bought a new cabinet, and this one I will not sell anytime soon! :) Before I had a Engl 4x12 with celestion V60's wich are pretty awesome, but I couldn't get it to sound how I wanted. Then I traded that for a Marshall Mode Four MF400, with the G12 K-100 speakers. Oddly I didn't like...
  13. Terex

    Volumepedal or attenuator?

    I'm thinking of picking up a attenuator to run along side my Triple Rectifier. The SPL Cabulator caught my attention, aswell as the Palmer pdi-03, so I can record silent. Now, I read somewhere somebody used a Ernie Ball volumepedal as a attenuator. He set the mastervolume high, while keeping...
  14. Terex

    NAD Mesa Triple Rectifier Rev F

    First post on the forum here! My name is Bas, 21 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. Today isn't really my NAD, but since it's my first post, and I recently got my dream amp, I figured I'd post it! It's a '92 Rev F blackface Triple Rectifier with the Mark III transformers, attached...