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    Trainwreck with Amperex..

    Strings are dead, but the character still comes through. Amperex!
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    How hot do you Bias your Amps??

    Inside my Fryettes it states that he recommends 70% Plate Dissipation, but also gives numbers to set it colder.. BTW, how cold do Mesa Amps ship?? I owned a MV, but never checked it and left it up to my Tube Vender to give me the right Power Tubes.. It's been said that they ship their Amps...
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    Another Fusion Collab..

    Mods PLZ scrap the other post.. I had to remix because I get excited.. I wish this was a real band. I grew up on 80's metal, but I love shit like this. This was an online collaboration.. All I did was add guitars. Enjoy!
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    Another fusiony collab..

    Not my Composition. I just added Guitars. Everyone has some good moments in here.. This was recorded with the Deliverance D120 plugged straight in..
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    Motley Crue Biting Eddie Van Halen Incident

    'Never heard about this.. It's pure comedy. :ROFLMAO:
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    Any of you ballers run the X1R Ribbon Mic??

    I'd like something a bit more practical to take out of the house for a Ribbon Mic. How does this thing compare to a R121?? Looking at the Freq graph, it takes a rolloff in the highend, but this would be just for the guitar cab. Will I miss that air...
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    Another attempt at Fusion

    This shit is new to me but I always wanted to jam with a keyboard player..
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    Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

    Perfectly mint. Comes with power supply.. $180 shipped to lower 48..
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    New Les Paul's now $200!

    Get that shit with prime to your door next day...
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    Satriani plays an Explorer..

    Chad Smith just grooves like a beast. Must be fun to jam with. Sammy still gets it done in his 70's.. Joe still shreds..
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    The Great White Fire was exacerbated by the Clubs cheap Sound Foam..

    It's come out the the Company hired by the CLub Owners to install Sound Deadening Foam skimped and used Packing Foam which helped the Club burn to the ground with a quickness.. 100 people died.. Damn...
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    Here's some Jazz Rock for ya..

    I collaborated on a Jam.. 'Some great players on this. Fish out of water, but I gave it a try.. Amp is a Sig:X. I like this amp a lot.. Check out the first Track SHALLOW WATERS <iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay"...
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    Sunday recording fuckery.. Sig-X

    Title stolen from ERRRRRRRRL.. LOL Juicy Tones plugged straight into the Amp with a Microphone on a Fane F70.. Playing to a Drum Track. I stole the Melody from somewhere.. It was in my head but it's not mine and then I made it lame with my uninspired groove.. I played a real Bass and it sounds...
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    Soldano Cold Clipper..

    So, I think what I don't like about this amp (JCA 50) is the fuzzy mega compressed gain caused by the 39K Cathode Resistor... The clearest I can get the amp with the right amount of distortion is with the Gain on 3.5.. LOL The amp lays over when I dig in and doesn't clean up with the guitar...
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    The Original Charvel Gang

    Oh yes, the Documentary is coming. Now you RT warriors can rack street cred with your OG axes..
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    This is overdrive..

    Meat only for the able.
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    Tech Talk.. New Toobs.

    Come in a get all nerd! So I picked up a pair of EH EL34's from Upscale Audio because they have the "Best Matching in the business" :ROFLMAO: for my Trainwreck Express build.. They burn in for 72 hours which is pretty cool. I use the Eurotubes Pro One Bias Probe for biasing. So what I'm seeing...
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    How do you like your Voodoo Labs Switcher??

    Seems like a good thing to control pedals..
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    Lets take the Wayback Machine way back..

    Diggin up some old dirt here.. Drum Machine and all. No computers on this. Recorded this with a TriAxis-2:90.. Speakers were G12M-70's.. Ibanez with EMG 707's on the leads. Charvel Model V with EMG 85/60 on the Cleans.