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  1. Fusionbear

    My Aerosmith tribute rig

    A friend and I decided to start an Aerosmith tribute band. We are going to test out a few tunes on an upcoming gig this Sunday. This will be my rig; Guitar: MIK Mockingbird Amp: my 2204 build 1X12 cab loaded with a EMI V1218 Assorted pedals... Aerosmith tribute rig I'll report after the gig...
  2. Fusionbear

    FS 2007 MIK BC Rich Mockingbird

    $960.00 shipped to cont. US verified addresses Lots of upgrades on this bird. 1. Grover locking tuners 2. Tonepros locking bridge 3. Gotoh locking stop bar 4. 36th Ann. DiMarzio pups 5. CTS pots. Comes with generic hsc Condition is "good" as there are bumps and dings here and there 2007 B.C...
  3. Fusionbear

    ESP full thickness Eclipse?

    Talk to me about these. Do they get the LP tones with modern, usable ergonomics? I hate the ergonomics on LP's, that's why I don't play them...
  4. Fusionbear

    So how are the import EVH bumble bee guitars?

    Just curious about the quality, tone, etc... I'm building a simple EVH rig and would love a bumble bee replica of some sort... Pros, cons?
  5. Fusionbear

    PT15 I.R.

    Just got one and I'm very impressed. Get to try it this Wednesday and Sunday at church in silent mode. I have a rock gig coming up in September and I will see if it hangs....
  6. Fusionbear

    My SLO lead channel build

    I finally achieved what I believe to be the "holy grail" cloning of the SLO lead channel. I built this for myself and not to sell or build for others. I've built quite a few different SLO builds in the past, but they didn't quite cut it in one way or another. This one has done it. I love the...