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  1. HellraiserJohnny

    Tiny Little 60 Tube Head - 1- 12ax7 Pre and 2x 6L6 Power tubes - 1 Bottle fine, one burning bright red? Smelled like it was burning????

    I purchased a cheap Chinese 60 Watt tube head to use at rehearsals. Today was the first day we tried it (brand new) and we where trying to see if it would stand up to a drum kit at practice. Everything was going fine until about 2 hours in. After that we smelled something cooking and we looked...
  2. HellraiserJohnny

    NGD Myasnikov Custom 50/50 Tube Power Amp

    It's Here. .From Russia with LOVE! A while back after I purchased my Superlead Tube Pre Amp. I started talking to Myasnikov Customs about building me a custom tube poweramp to match it. Going on the strength of how impressed I was at the workmanship and quality of the unit when I was asked...
  3. HellraiserJohnny

    Lexicon MPX 1 - MIDI program change issue - Need help

    I'm asking for help if some one knows how to resolve this issue programming MIDI patch changes. I just got a Lexicon MPX 1 (Ver. 1.10) and I love it but have an issue with MIDI Program change. I have built and modified several of my own FX but they willl only store in pre-sets 200-250. My MIDI...
  4. HellraiserJohnny

    FS: H&K Access - MIDI Tube Preamp - Software Ver 2.01

    H&K Access preamp with foot controller $450.00 Plus actual shipping to Continental US locations ONLY! (MSG me with your postal zip code). Excellent working condition for it's age and still light years ahead of it's time. Reproduces Fender, Vox and Marshall tones with ease through the use of 2...
  5. HellraiserJohnny

    H&K Access Preamp-Ver 2.01-Need MIDI help-Access Guru?

    I am using all 3 of the FX loops on my Access and everything is working perfectly. . . . with one exception I am using a Art X11 MIDI foot switch (not programmable). On the Access I have each processor on it's own MIDI Chanel and I can call up any combination of program # or presets on each...
  6. HellraiserJohnny

    GuitarHeads Pickups . . . . Blast Off!

    I picked up a set of these (Neck & Bridge) for a whopping $75.00 (shipping included) and thought, oh well, for that price if they suck I'll just chuck them. To my surprise, these things are downright NASTY! Suddenly my Les Paul cuts like a knife. Tight bottom end with screaming highs. The...
  7. HellraiserJohnny

    PU swap for Gibson Explorer?

    My 2014 Explorer really does have a tone unlike any other guitar I own and it does stand out in the crowd BUT. . . . the stock Burstbuckers really are not great with the de-tunings I use and high gain style. I love EMG's and SD Blackouts but with the Explorer set up, there is the issue with...
  8. HellraiserJohnny

    WTB: Shiva - The Wave - Rackmount Unit

    If anyone is selling one of these, please contact me.
  9. HellraiserJohnny

    Myasnikov Superlead Pre Amp (SLO-100 - 3rd Channel Clone)

    Been sharing on other posts here - I'm a Hard Rock\Metal guitarist and have owned most of the premier pre-amps out there and I want to share about my recent purchase. This is a mind boggling pre-amp with gain to spare, articulate punch and definition like nothing else I have ever owned. If Super...
  10. HellraiserJohnny

    m m mY MY . . . Myasnikov SuperLead! From Russia with Love

    Could not believe how smooth and fast this purchase went. from looking at a web page and emailing the owner of the company in Russia, to sending $$$$ via Western Union (big trust issues suppressed). To receiving this wonderful, customized and amazing pre amp. Oleg is a true force of nature and...
  11. HellraiserJohnny

    TC - G Major 2 - Distortion tones using Factory PS

    I started with a TC M300 in my rack rig and I could not get the Program mapping working with the other units in my rig so I found a G Major 2 which has much easier MIDI program mapping. So I get the thing and I absolutely love the factory pre-sets on any of my clean tones. Here's the rub...
  12. HellraiserJohnny


    Always looking to see what people are doing with old and new rack gear. I've recently got back to a Tube pre-Amp and my God! What a difference. I was one of those who convinced himself that all these modelers and emulators sound "just like tubes". Guess what. . . . THEY DONT. Once again I have...
  13. HellraiserJohnny

    Great transaction with gtrlw

    Purchase was smooth and pleasant, great communication. Shipping was fast and product was well packaged. On top of all that, Will gave me much more than I paid for and the rig was in excellent working condition when it arrived. Very happy with the deal :rock: :thumbsup: :rock: Hughes and...
  14. HellraiserJohnny

    Gibson 2014 - 120th Anniversary Edition Explorer

    So I saw a users Custom Explorer build which got me thinking I should look into getting myself one since Les Paul's are such a tragedy these days (played about 25 and found nothing I liked). I searched and found this 2014 120th Anniversary Explorer and . . . . . DAMN! This thing has everything I...
  15. HellraiserJohnny

    Swapping out Stock Gibson PAF with EMG 81-85?

    I have a 2012 Les Paul Standard Gold top I want to change pickups to EMG Actives (81-85). I've looked at quite a few conversions but it seems no one knows how to do it leaving the pick guard in place and if there are any special bezels needed. I have changed out a ton of stock PUs on...
  16. HellraiserJohnny

    High Power Solid State Amplifiers . . . . Discuss

    Ok, I know I'm gonna get kicked right in the nutz for this post but trust me. . . . When playing Pro I routinely played in front of large crowds (500-5,0000) and after blowing up every Marshall and Highwatt (a few Sound City 100watt also) Ampeg's and any other guitar amp you can think of, I...