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  1. RJF

    Question for you TC G system users

    I've become interested in the G system lately and have been reading up on it including the Liard Williams white paper document. The problem is there seems to be a lot of disagreement on the forums as far as how much "coloration" the G system adds when ran through the system but while staying...
  2. RJF

    NGD BC Rich Gunslinger

    I picked up this BC Rich Gunslinger NJ Series about a week ago. Thing is super clean for a 30 year old guitar. Took it apart and cleaned it all up and everything looks like it's in really good shape. I believe this one is too late to be Japanese built as it has a B serial number and is likely...
  3. RJF

    I need drums, but have NO idea what I'm doing (found a kit)

    I just finished building my studio, and well, no studio is complete without a drum set. I I right or what? I also want to obviously learn how to play the drums too. My questions are: 1. I am looking at either Pearl or Tama, no other brands unless someone can convince me otherwise. I...
  4. RJF

    NAMM show in L.A.?

    Peter, will you guys be at 2017 Anaheim NAMM this year?
  5. RJF

    NGD USA Jackson content....

    Just picked up this 2006 Jackson King V KV2 reverse lightning sky. I believe this is one of the guitars from a couple of runs Ed Roman got Jackson to do for him in small batches. It's almost completely mint, specifically all the pointy spots. I actually found this guitar 3 years ago in a small...
  6. RJF

    Do all the Bareknuckle pickups suck or just mine?

    Not trying to stir the pot with BK fans, but man..... I picked up a custom shop 7 string BCR a while back with a Warpig set in it and I just can't gel with them. They are so "clear" and lack compression that they sound like they lack gain, definition, and bottom end punch. Pretty sure there...
  7. RJF

    NGD. Need paint/body guys input, this is a project.

    I just picked up a 1985 San Dimas Jackson soloist, J code serial. It has a Kahler in the bridge and appears to be a Jeff Beck styled setup that he had in the 80's. The pink bridge pickup is a screamon demon and is coming out pronto, I hate SH12's. I bought it from the original owner and it's...
  8. RJF

    Just dropped $400 in tubes.

    A couple of my amps still have tubes in them that came with them with unknown hrs, and a couple amps that I knew they were simply getting old. I don't put very many hours on any of my amps, but figured I might as well get it done since some new quads should last me a decade, and a little piece...
  9. RJF

    Picked up a Rev 2 today... LAME POS!

    Aaaaaaaahh, gotchya... \:D/ Okay seriously yeah I picked up a rev 2 Uberschall #18X today. Very interesting amp, I found it to sound exactly like Lieb10's review on the revisions. Very dark, deep, bassy, and extremely heavy sounding. I pretty much found Lieb's settings to be pretty much where...
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  11. RJF


    YES! Diezel! :yes: I just picked up 2 more 412 cabs, both were at my local GC. I found the black FL412 on the website and ran to the store to confirm that it was a new style German built cab, the second cab which is a salt & pepper USA rear load that I initally didn't really want, but when...
  12. RJF

    JCM900 Dual Reverbs are junk? I thought so too.

    I acquired an older JCM900 4500 through a deal and figured I'd just fix it up and pawn it off, since I figured it would sound like garbage like my last Dual Reverb that was a 4100 with 5881's in it. But dang..... this little 50W kicks butt. It's a 1993 and had an original pair of "Marshall"...
  13. RJF

    Need help biasing JCM900

    I have been reading on "how to bias" amps that don't have bias points that are super easy. 3 pages of paragraphs on cathode, pentode, frog tode, blah blah. I need to know 2 things to bias my Marshall, as far as I know. 1. Plate voltage 2. Where to actually read the bias. I believe I get...
  14. RJF

    Damnit, I love Diezel amps!

    I know, cheesy, but I do. The more I play different amps, the more I keep coming back to Diezel as my favorite, and that gap keeps growing. The sub bass response is so much different than other amps, especially with the Herbert. So clean and hifi sounding, yet still so crunchy and brutal. Not...
  15. RJF

    I need a TC G Force owner to check in please

    I just got a TC G Force today and I'm getting the hang of it fairly well, except for one problem. I can't seem to get it to stay on user presets only. I hit recall, put it on "user" and can edit and store a preset to a patch. The problem is when I come back to that patch on my Ground Control...
  16. RJF


    Thats it, I want a Diezel hat and shirt, MUST HAVE! :lol: :LOL: Where and when will we be able to get our grubby hands on some Diezel apparel? :D
  17. RJF

    Mesa recto/Mk3 stereo rig completed.

    I had an extra dual head road case and decided to put together another stereo setup. Not considering the cost of the heads, right under $1000. 1993 Mesa Dual Rectifier rev F Mesa Mark III green stripe long head Furman M-8dx TC Electronic Gmajor 2 TS808 reissue GCX switcher GCX Ground Control...
  18. RJF

    higher end rack FX processors.

    Well, we covered el cheapo processors pretty well in this thread viewtopic.php?f=3&t=160389 and I am reconsidering on what to go with after buying a Lexicon mpx g2. The Lexicon g2 is actually pretty awesome, but I am learning I am not a fan of 4 cable method setups like this, and the G system...
  19. RJF

    More recto 2ch blackface fun (Kyle Rhodes content)

    I picked up a Triple recto early rev F blackface that has been modded by Kyle Rhodes. I picked it up from Ben Duncan, who picked it up from Hard & heavy. There is a couple of youtube clips featuring this exact head, one from Kyle himself featured below, so I'm not going to go over all of the...
  20. RJF

    el cheapo rack FX processors.(MPXG2 content)

    I'm putting together another dual head stereo rig and I want the effects to be very simple. So simple, that I DON'T want to use a bunch of pedals, just a simple rack unit that has everything I'd need in it, plus I want a wet/wet setup so it needs to be stereo. I have a G major 2 in my Diezel...