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  1. dm426

    What is your preferred speaker for use with Wizard amps?

    For use with a 4x12 cab. Hard rock, metal.
  2. dm426

    Plugging A 9 String Into A DROP Pedal?

    Don't listen to this on your mobile device. Instead, check it out with something with decent audio. Hilarious. :D
  3. dm426

    Metal heads -- what kind of metal music do you listen to?

    What is your preference? Vintage metal, thrash, death metal, doom metal, metalcore, etc. Favorite band?
  4. dm426

    Mesa Boogie Mark IV vs. Mark V

    I've not owned one, but I've played around on an older Mark V just enough to get an idea what the amp is about. I managed to get some pretty interesting sounds out of it, but it's obviously an amp which requires some time to get familiar with before one could even begin to know what it's really...
  5. dm426

    Rammstein: Richard Kruspe's Mesa Dual Rectifier rig

    Okay, there's a lot of chatter on the Internet about Kruspe using rev C "pre 500" Mesa Dual Rectifiers, and those old heads being such a big part of Rammstein's signature tone. But these don't look like old Rectifiers to me. So I guess a Rectifier is a Rectifier...
  6. dm426

    Which high-end high-gain amp would you choose?

    My current amp is a Super Lead. The SL does really well with a tube screamer in front, but just for a change of pace I thought I would add a second amp, perhaps something with a bit more aggressive character for very hard rock and metal tones. What I'm looking for are your thoughts on the...
  7. dm426

    Diezel with a loadbox

    I'm seriously considering buying a Diezel, and I'm currently looking at the Herbert and the VH4. So far I really like what I'm hearing in the Herbert clips on Youtube. However, I'm running my amps through a Boss Waza TAE so I can record and listen to the sound with studio monitors (or even...