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  1. rbasaria

    FS: Sully Conspiracy Series Elita

    Sully Conspiracy Series Elita. This is Sully's Korean guitars made by World you kinda know what to expect. Mahogany body, flame maple veneer, maple neck, ebony board. Set neck, hipshot bridge, direct mount pickups, hipshot locking tuners, volume, tone, 3-way toggle. Carbon...
  2. rbasaria

    FS: Gutierrez Juggernaut

    This is Laura's Gutierrez Juggernaut. I bugged her for 7 years to sell it to me, and she finally did. Enjoyed it the last couple of years, but I have a couple of custom Vs, now, and another potentially coming, and its time to let it go. Maple neck through, mahogany body, quilted maple top...
  3. rbasaria


    So I got my second Bauer custom V yesterday and it has destroyed my entire house. There is nothing left but rubble and the guitar standing over the destruction, basking in its fucking brutal ass goddamn glory. Also, its wearing this Morgue Supplier shirt that he sent me, too. For those that...
  4. rbasaria

    NGD: ESP Standard Series SV-II urban camo

    2013 ESP Standard Series SV-II in urban camo. Loaded with Motor City Pickups Nukes. Straight into my PRS MT-15 into my Avatar Contemporary 212 cab with Eminence Legend V12s. Mic's with an ATM250DE into my Audient ID44 interface. Reaper on the software side. Solemn Tones Mjolnir drums. No EQ on...
  5. rbasaria

    5150II v MT15 v Mark IVa

    Someone asked me to do this before I went on vacation, but didn't have time. Had some time today, so threw these together super quick lol. One take per amp per side and done. Lots of flubs lol. Whatever lol. ... r_Nuke.mp3...
  6. rbasaria


    Got a new camera earlier this week...too much new shit. So I am playing around. Also got this 5150II and this PRS MT15 last night haha. Got the PRS dialed in pretty good. Been jamming it through my Avatar 112 cab. Sounds so damn good. Looking forward to cranking it up in the mountains soon...
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    keeping for now.
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  9. rbasaria

    FS: Pair of Celestion V30s

    2 brand new Celestion V30s for sale. Just got a new Avatar 212, ordered direct from Avatar, and ripped these out without even trying them LOLOL...16 ohms, $150 shipped for the pair. May consider trades for some an SM57 or PR30, some overhead condensers, Audix D6, I dunno...Let me...
  10. rbasaria

    NAD - Mark IVb

    So...I have a Mark IVa, and its had a lot of reliability issues. Within the first year of owning it, I had to send it back to Mesa twice to eventually get all of the Orange drop caps in the amp replaced. I have owned the amp less than 2 years total at this point, and currently it is having an...
  11. rbasaria

    FS: KSR Orthos

    Got this from Laura recently. Just not my thing. Works perfectly. Sounds great! Lights are awesome, and you can assign whatever colors you want to each channel and master. Comes with footswitch & cable, power cable, and amp cover. Killer amp. Asking $1900 shipped/ppd, which just gets me back...
  12. rbasaria

    NAD - KSR Orthos

    Got this amp from Laura yesterday. Need to give this some time. Its quite a bit different from the Mark IV, which I fucking LOVE, but I wanted something newer and more reliable, since this Mark IV has given me a lot of trouble. I am also considering just buying another Mark IV, but we will see...
  13. rbasaria

    Custom Vs?

    Mike, I know you have been poking around here a bit and answer questions. Recently got Laura's Juggernaut, and it is by far the best guitar I have played. Only problem is it makes me want another. Been thinking about a camo V, but its hard to tell from the pics how big the V is...Normal Gibson...
  14. rbasaria

    FS: Gibson Gothic V 1999

    Selling my Gibson Gothic V. This one was made in 1999. I had the output jack relocated to better facilitate playing while sitting. I am including a custom cover for this new cavity to keep it looking stock. I also have a custom pickguard and a custom cover for the original output jack cavity...
  15. rbasaria

    NAD!! - 5150 III 50 watt

    Well, first let me post this picture. I had this amp out of the box for about 15 minutes before I packed it up and returned it. Didn't like the way the low end responded at all I didn't post a NAD for it. This one, though, is fucking sweet...
  16. rbasaria


    The Carvin has landed. FUCK. ME. It is fucking beautiful. I went and picked it up about half an hour ago. Got it home, took a few pictures, played through it a bit. I bought some PW tuners for it, and some Loxx straplocks. Definitely gonna put the straplocks on pretty much immediately. Tuners I...
  17. rbasaria


    Fryette Memphis 30 watt 112 combo. Picked this up on Monday. Been rocking it all week, recording with it, and used it at band practice for the first time tonight. My drummer was shocked when I told him its only 30 watts. More than kept up with the band. My singer said it was the first time he...
  18. rbasaria

    clips, video and pics of toxic green horizon-iii

    Made this video and had a little photo shoot today. Video might take a while to show internet is being shitty. I ended up wiring it up with a push/pull volume pot for each pickup. Gets a lot of really cool sounds this way!! ... alue=15181...
  19. rbasaria


    Uh oh!! What's this?!?! This is the most resonant guitar I have ever played. Color looks great. Hardware is black nickel. Haven't plugged it in yet, but sanded the neck. Plays great, sounds great acoustically. Yup. Yup!!
  20. rbasaria

    duncan custom 5, custom vs BG hellabucker

    Any of you guys play the custom or custom 5 and a hellabucker? Been thinking about getting a hellabucker for my horizon, but I cant decide...Can any one compare them for me?