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  1. Del Rei

    (Video) Msrshall Studio Vintage - Dynamics Test \o/

    Hi, there. :) Just recorded today this video... Trying some dynamics with the SV20. And I think it works really great. Used my Les Paul (Brazilian handmade and also pickups), my isobox (Creamback65 + SM57 + P170) + Two Notes Captor (-20dB). Added some reverb in Reaper. \o/
  2. Del Rei

    (Video) Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini - Demo

    Hey! \o/ Just recorded this one. Love this little amp!! :) (Actually, I think there's too much camera movement...)
  3. Del Rei

    (Fast Video) Smallbox + Les Paul = ❤️

    Just a fast recording... I miss playing alive....
  4. Del Rei

    Marshall JCM800 20W Playthrough (Cranking \o/)

    Hey! :) :) I had a nice day today, playing this little beast! \o/ Used my Two Notes Captor for attenuation! Creamback65 inside my isobox. SM57 + AKG P170. Les Paul Traditional I did some random settings and also cranked sometimes... But I should say: I never liked very much cranked amps...
  5. Del Rei

    Friedman Smallbox 20W (Custom) vs Marshall JCM800 Studio 20W

    Hi there!! :) Quick comparison... Important: I can't use same EQ in both amps. Marshall is much more bright. So, different EQ was used. \o/
  6. Del Rei

    (VIDEO) Marshall vs Friedman (JCM800 SC20H vs Dirty Shirley Mini)

    Hi there!! :) Just recorded a fast clip comparing these 2 20W amps... Important note: Couldn't use same EQ. These amps sounds VERY different when using same EQ. Marshall is much more bright. So, I tried to make both amps sound the same EQ, using my "preferred" tone as a reference. Hope it's...
  7. Del Rei

    Two Notes Captor 8 + Marshall JCM800 (20W) Cranked

    Hi there. Just recorded this track these days. Used the -20dB attenuation. Marshall is an amp that should always be pushed... \m/
  8. Del Rei

    (Video) SC20H - My "official" demo LOL (JCM800 20W)

    Hi there. Just recorded this one. Great amp, classic tones! :rock: Used my Isobox + Celestion Creamback65 + SM57 + e906. Some parts I used a boost (as indicated in the video) Some reverb from reaper! \o/ v1mGgjOpea8
  9. Del Rei

    Marshall SC20 - Full test for volume drop using loop fx

    Hi, there. :rock: I have just recorded this video to show how the loop works in the SC20 (JCM800 20W). We know there is a HUGE volume drop when using the loop at low volumes... But it get's normalized as you increase volume, and not everybody know that. Anyway... I tested Volumes 1 - 2 - 3 -...
  10. Del Rei

    (Video) Rockett .45 Caliber - Demo & Playthrough

    Hi, there. :rock: Just recorded this one... A good pedal for a MIAB. I found this one very similar to the Animal, with some small differences. Both excellent pedals for Marshall tones! :) Used a Les Paul + AC15 + isobox + Creamback65 + SM57. kRtI-Nr2Zi4 :) :)
  11. Del Rei

    Messing around with Plexi Channel of Friedman Smallbox

    Just messing with the Plexi Channel. After a long time in this quarantine not touching the guitar, today I decided to have some fun.... Now my fingers are on fire... LOL xOfVKrFT0Rg
  12. Del Rei

    (Video) Celestion Creamback65 vs Vintage30

    Hey... :rock: Once again... New record, \o/ All EQ at noon. Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini + isobox. Hope its useful for someone! :D :D zdWwO1J1CAc
  13. Del Rei

    (Video) Creamback65 vs Creamback75

    Hi, there! :rock: Just recorded this video today. I was considering changing my C75 and two months ago I bought a C65. Hope this help someone! \o/ fnBmvDbUhDs
  14. Del Rei

    (Video) Speaker Comparison: Brand New vs Broken In

    Hi there! :rock: I bought a brand new Creamback65 two months ago and decided to make this comparison. I recorded some samples when I received the speaker. And after 2 months using the speaker, I recorded same samples with same gear conditions/settings. And I would say I used a lot this...
  15. Del Rei

    (Video) EFX Crunch - Demo & Playthrough (Brazilian Handmade)

    Hi, there! :rock: Just recorded this one! It's a Brazilian handmade, EFX Custom Effects. The pedal (Crunch) is a kind of Marshall in a Box! Hope you like it \o/ BqHvYLK4D7I
  16. Del Rei

    (Video) TC Electronic Spark Booster - Demo & Playthrough

    Hi there! :D Just recorded this video today! :rock: Used the pedal in a clean amp and in a dirty amp for boosting (input + loop fx). Hope it's useful for someone! :) JKDDHcq16G0
  17. Del Rei

    (Video) JHS Morning Glory vs Rockett .45 vs TC Electronic Sp

    Hi there! :rock: :rock: Just recorded this video... If anyone is interested about these pedals... Hope its useful for someone! :thumbsup: Used my Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini and recorded 4 tests: 1) Pedals in the input. Amp in low gain settings. 2) Pedals in the input. Amp in high gain...
  18. Del Rei

    ::VIDEO:: Rockett Animal (MIAB) Demo & Playthrough

    Hey, guys... :rock: Just recorded this video today to show how this pedal works... MIAB style, that I love. Used my Vox AC15C1 with isobox (Creamback75 inside + SM57 + AKG P170). Hope it's useful for someone! :thumbsup: lUJxVYWUxCk
  19. Del Rei

    (Vídeo) Wampler Plexi Drive vs Rockett.45

    Hi, there. :) Just recorded this today. Both pedals are MIAB style... But it’s a bit hard to compare them because they have different knobs controls, but I tried my best. Hope it’s useful for someone. _ed1UbJZB78
  20. Del Rei

    ::VIDEO:: Friedman Baby Smallbox 20W (Custom amp) Some Test!

    Hi, there! :rock: Just recorded it these days to test this custom amp... Hope you like it. Used a EHX Canyon and Oceans 11 in the loop agqRpMOewqc