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  1. MarcoR

    Soundsculpture Studio equevilant

    Please re-release this in both 8 and 16 versions! You have the best routing product available but not supporting true line level is a major downfall! The 8B and GL have no headroom, fine for pedals but not for professional line level processors. I have both the 8F and 8B and the 8F (pedal...
  2. MarcoR

    WTB: Egnater Seminar Head

    But specifically, I'm looking for the one I built; it has my name on it.
  3. MarcoR

    Splawn Quick Rod Clip

    I was testing the levels for some recording and caught this moment; I didn't even know which amp I was playing at the time and then realized it was the Splawn. Kind had me feel'n it... Backing track is the Digitech Trio +, please excuse the double time in the beginning. PNHi-WM0ihg
  4. MarcoR

    Help me decide, CAB, LIVE or Studio

    This is part question and part thinking out loud… I’m considering either a CAB, LIVE or Studio to purchase. I would like to save a couple bucks and thinking about buying used (most likely that would be a CAB or Live as I have not seen many Studio’s come up used). Most of the time, I would be...
  5. MarcoR

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (pedalboard)

    Here is my latest Friedman-esque pedalboard setup. Dave must put a lot of thought into wiring these things because I know I did and it's not nearly as clean as his. Maybe more practice?
  6. MarcoR

    Anybody using tube preamps with GT1000fx

    I'd really like to hear from tube preamp users that have gone this route with a GT1000fx or GT800. I would likely be going with a GT1000fx with my Egnater M4. I've tried the M4 into other solid state power amps (crown PB2, QSC and EH Magnum44); it was passable but not ideal and not nearly as...
  7. MarcoR

    WTT: MOD50 for M4 + cash

    Just throwing it out there... The best price I've seen for a used MOD50 has been $999. M4s usually go for around 800ish empty. I'd be willing to pay $600 cash for one. Back in 2007 or 2008, Frank quoted me $400 for an M4 from the Amp Lounge (Oh how I wish I took that deal!). So based on that I...
  8. MarcoR

    Please delete this old thread

    Yea, horrible support, especially after Bruce personally replied to you in your other post. You probably could have just PMed him and got this resolved. Sounds like the issue was more with GC Pro Coverage anyway. Sorry your amp failed but these bash Egnater posts are tiresome.
  9. MarcoR

    E2 is up on Egnater site

    Happy April 1st :D
  10. MarcoR

    FS: SL2X (SOLD)

    SL2X modded by Jeff Hilligan 270.00 Shipped in the lower 48.
  11. MarcoR

    So I got my E2 and Mesa module

    Actually I pulled my old Mesa Boogie V-Twin pedal out of the closet and popped in some new tubes. It sounds fantastic in front of the B-man; both blue and red channels are very usable. The blue channel also sounds killer in front of the 3/4 A channel. Switching it all remotely via the G-System...
  12. MarcoR

    MOD50 tube configuration?

    Sorry to ask this again; I did search… Can someone tell me what tubes are what in the head (specifically which is the PI)? And looking at module with the knobs facing you, the tube on the left is V1 correct?
  13. MarcoR

    VX FS/FT

    Trade me your COD or SL for my VX. OR $320 paypal SOLD
  14. MarcoR

    Pickup Wiring help

    This is probably a dumb question but, I got a set of Afwayu's and I don’t know which is the neck and which is the bridge. :doh: I’m guessing they’re the same? Put screw poles on outside? It looks like the wire color is the same as SDs. Does anybody have a wiring diagram for 2 humbuckers, 1...
  15. MarcoR

    More pickup advice needed

    I didn’t want to hijack richedie’s thread so I’ll start a new one. I need recommendations for a strat with two humbuckers. I have two strats, one with a Suhr DSH+ bridge and SD59 neck. The other is the one I want new pups for. Currently it has 3 SD mini humbuckers; (Hotrail bridge, vintage...
  16. MarcoR

    FS: Custom Mod50 Road Case

    I'm selling my custom road case. The one I'm selling now is a replacment as described below and is the one in the bottom picture (The first 5 pictures are the original case, the new one looks the same except the depth is 11.5 inches instead of 14 inches). I’ve had this case for a few months and...
  17. MarcoR

    EG3/4 solo clip

    This is a solo I did last night for a friends demo CD I've been working on. This will probably suck to most of you.. but anyway the solo is the EG4, the left rhythm guitar is B'man channel 2, right rhythm is EG3 all through an ampeg 412 with vintage 30s miced with an SM57 > FF800 into Sonar...
  18. MarcoR

    Anybody want to trade?

    I have an E'rect and a COD that Frank just sent me. I'm looking to try a EG3/4, MHG, VX or DLX.
  19. MarcoR

    Using pedals in MOD50 loop w/pics

    I’ve been a midi guy for years. I always had a rack for my trusty intellifex and some kind of midi switcher for my amp and analog non-midi equipment. It made sense and being I’m a lead singer/guitar, I really don’t need to be tap dancing while singing the high note and switching to my lead tone...
  20. MarcoR

    Midi 7 pin DIN connectors

    Hi, I’m a new MOD50 owner. Does anyone know where I can get some 7 pin DIN connectors that fit the midi input on a MOD50? I use a custom snake for running all my cables from my pedalboard to my amp. The snake has 2 midi cables and 3 audio cables built in. One of the midi cables is for a 7 pin...