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  1. rbasaria

    NSD! Celestion Redback 4x12. 600W of Awesome.

    Oh really? That's interesting. I had a couple of H75s and didn't like them at all.
  2. rbasaria

    new Nickleback

    In the context of your post it does lol.
  3. rbasaria

    new Nickleback

    Re-read my post here. I said I never STARTED the name calling and "fuck you's".
  4. rbasaria

    NSD! Celestion Redback 4x12. 600W of Awesome.

    Nice! The Redback has become my favorite speaker. Just note, those plastic covers they put over the magnets may fall off. I've had 2 fall off and rattling around inside a cab so far lol. They're supposedly sort of a high wattage version of the GB, though I have no confirmation of that, I do hear...
  5. rbasaria

    EVH LBX-Stealth vs. MT15

    I had both, and liked both. They aren't THAT different. The LBX is a little drier and squishier feeling, while the MT15 essentially sounds like a boosted recto. Ultimately, I think I preferred the MT15, but I am playing modern metal, so consider that. I would tend to agree with the 50 watt...
  6. rbasaria

    new Nickleback

    I literally said you are the most irritating person on the board, went on to address your comments, then you flew off the handle lol. I never started with name calling and "fuck yous". Again, throwing your opinion around like its fact. Its all right here, plain as day lol. Then you told me I...
  7. rbasaria

    new Nickleback

    LOL the delusion is strong. You can literally see Steve calling you out in the damn thread! Hilarious. Anyway, I will keep playing at the Haven and other venues around town because we aren't trying to make money playing extreme metal. We're just trying to have a good time with our friends on...
  8. rbasaria

    WCR Godwood & MCP Second Degree Blackbelt

    Haven't tried either of these but I have tried a number of MCPs and the WCR Ironman, I think. Whatever his super high gain one is. I wasn't super into the WCR, but I have loved MCPs for years, now. The Nuke has been my #1 for a long time, but I recently tried a BKP Nailabomb, and it might be...
  9. rbasaria

    Reverb advice: Lost package

    Yeah, I've had this nonsense happen before, too. Nothing for weeks, then it suddenly shows up. So its a possibility. As a seller on Reverb, I ALWAYS buy Reverb protection if its something bigger. Pickups, pedals, etc. I don't really worry about and use USPS for most of that kind of stuff...
  10. rbasaria

    new Nickleback

    LOL You got ran off because you posted a clip of an Aborted song. Made it seem like you were playing. People asked over and over if it was you, and you kept leading on that it was. Then when you got called out for using DIs from a YouTube video that someone else played, you flipped out and rage...
  11. rbasaria

    Dilemma.. Testament/Exodus/Death Angel or LOG/Killswitch Engage playing same night!

    I decided on LoG/KSE. Also flying to Philly next Friday to see Meshuggah with a buddy on Saturday, and flying back Sunday to catch this show lol.
  12. rbasaria


    Yeah, that's why I'm getting rid of some haha. The Afwayu was so good in my LP, but I sold that guitar recently, too.
  13. rbasaria


    Yeah, he's awful about emails. I think he just ignores them entirely now. I have 3 Nukes right now, keeping 1. The Solution is pretty cool but not quite what I'm looking for. I just sold an Afwayu too.
  14. rbasaria


    Oh yeah, those are all mine!! His wait times are like 4-5 months now, and all of them were bought new.
  15. rbasaria

    Has anyone loaded a 4x12 with Celestion Redbacks?

    Hey! Sorry, I don't get on here much these days. I haven't used a TB5 in a while. Closest thing I have is a Duncan Solar. I've never played a Holy Diver or Norton, so I really can't say. But I haven't really liked anything I've tried from BKP. I liked the Dimarzio Dominion a lot. Its tight like...
  16. rbasaria

    Has anyone loaded a 4x12 with Celestion Redbacks?

    I've got 3 412w with all Redbacks. They are my favorite speakers. I don't find them too dark at all. The high end to me is a little rolled off but balanced. Doesn't get spikey like some speakers, and they don't have this washy high end that I found Legends to have. Awesome speakers.
  17. rbasaria

    Anyone try omega 4x12 cabs ?

    I have 2 Omega 412 cabs. I liked the first one so much, I bought a second. But I am not running the Omega speakers. I wasn't a big fan of those. Mine are loaded with Celestion Redbacks. They are great sounding, very balanced cabs. They have a punch to them where comparing against my Vader with...
  18. rbasaria

    NAD - Omega Granophyre To Match My Omega 4x12

    No, they were their OEM speakers.
  19. rbasaria


    I had a KSR Orthos a week...and had a Mark IV at the same time. Definitely preferred the Mark IV over the KSR. For me, the KSR didn't have the low end depth that I wanted. It sounded very clear, midrangey. Here's a video of the 2 compared. That said, I no longer have the Mark IVs...
  20. rbasaria

    People who love pick attack... wireless units you've been happy with.

    I used a Line 6 G50 for about 12 years, and it was great, but in the process of consolidating things, I just got a Shure GLXD16 a couple of days ago since it has a built in tuner, and so far its great.