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  1. geetarmikey

    Ballad backing track

    Glad you enjoyed!
  2. geetarmikey

    Ballad backing track

    A new slower one to have a go over, let me know what you think and give it a like and sub if you want! Thanks, Mike
  3. geetarmikey

    New Megadeth, Chapter II

    Musically really cool, but not into the military fetishism lyrics, kind of corny.
  4. geetarmikey

    Metal backing track in E Major

    Won't spam with every new one I do, just trying to get them a bit more attention. Let me know if it's good to jam over! Thanks, Mike
  5. geetarmikey

    Van Halen - Balance Tone - Don't Tell Me Cover

    Sounds spot on, I think this is EVH's best post-1984 tone.
  6. geetarmikey

    Pop Rock backing track in D

    Have a go over this! Thanks, Mike
  7. geetarmikey

    Megadeth - We'll Be Back

    It's really good I think, Kiko's leads are really clean and the production is nice and crisp.
  8. geetarmikey

    Different use for the EQ on a Boogie

    So I have a Boogie Mk5 25w and the way I use the EQ isn't to do the classic U-shaped mid scoop thing, I use it as an in-built boost for solos (Along with a Blues Driver), but also as a boost for the 2nd and 4th pickup positions which tend to be quieter on the clean channel which is really handy...
  9. geetarmikey

    NGD, first LP in over 10 years

    Thank you for listening!
  10. geetarmikey

    '78 Marshall JMP 50W Jose 3in1 Mod

    Love it, the Vai mod sounds great too!
  11. geetarmikey

    NGD, first LP in over 10 years

    That's brilliant, thank you 😊
  12. geetarmikey

    NGD, first LP in over 10 years

    Thanks, guys, and yes the fretboard is ebony I think. I'll be interested to know what the pickups are too eventually!
  13. geetarmikey

    NGD, first LP in over 10 years

    Don't ask about the specs haha, the shop I bought it from didn't have them, but it's a 2018 matte red finish and it sounds exactly like a LP should and plays like a dream! So excited to gig it soon! Oh and check out my original music and backing tracks - Mike
  14. geetarmikey

    Funk backing track wot I done

    Give it a go! Plus a like and sub if you're that way inclined :D Thanks, Mike
  15. geetarmikey

    Original track (Buckethead vibes)

    Hope you like it! Mike
  16. geetarmikey

    I have a YouTube channel now - instrumental rock/metal/jazz

    Here's one I recorded recently and there's more coming if you're into it, give me a like and subscribe! Thanks, Mike
  17. geetarmikey

    New original instrumental rock - Satriani-esque

    Thanks very much, appreciate you guys listening!
  18. geetarmikey

    New original instrumental rock - Satriani-esque

    If you like riffs, solos and cool parts then you might like my new one, let me know what you think! Cheers
  19. geetarmikey

    Useful/interesting pedals for function/party bands

    I play in a couple of wedding/function bands as the only guitarist and besides the usual delay/reverb/chorus that comes in handy can anyone think of any other pedals that might fill out the sound a bit when needed. Maybe something like a POG or one of those Electro Harmonix pedals that sound...