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    im having a party today

    Badass jam room dood! Have fun!🤘🍻
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    2 years ago today………

    Hard to believe that was two yrs ago
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    Mesa Boogie Mark 2C+ SRGX / Mesa Strategy 400 clips

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    Does the circle of stupidity ruin this video for you?

    This is my tribe .. you RT guys. But as far as the OP , turn him off, and crank angel of death
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    first clip in a while, for the ladies

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    Skid Row Time Bomb

    I dig it, could do without the “tic tic tic tic”
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    Welp, looks like a hurricane is headed our way!

    Be safe southern brothers
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    new Les Paul day!!

    Gonna put a finish on it, or? Great score!
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    new Les Paul day!!

    That’s fucking awesome!! Sweet fiddle!!
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    Quick drumjam - Triple Rec + OD9

    Sounds evil errrrl
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    Quick drumjam - Triple Rec + OD9

    Lol me too! Fuck them power rangers
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    Allow myself to introduce…myself.

    Welcome aboard from a fellow Michigander
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    Dr.Dan amp/White Lion cover

    Sounds great man! Welcome aboard🤘
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    Dr.Dan amp/White Lion cover

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    Acceptance of reality

    This right here! Soo much more enjoyable, and inspiring to play music with others. Ideally a bud that can play drums. Writing original lyrics.. I’m lost
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    Rivera K-tree + Dirty Tree = F*CKYEAH!

    Fuckin errrrrl 4.0 sounds rippin🤘
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    Pretty damn funny!

    That’s fuckin great!🤣
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    NPUD - Fishman Will Adler in a PRS!?!

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    new Nickleback

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    Some late night silent recording! Recto + PS-100 + York Audio IRs

    You fucker errrl! Sounds badass!!